Lesbian Dungeon Mistress 18+

This is SMUT, Harrem, and Raunchy/full of sex and debauchery. I can't get the tags to work but don't read if you have a problem with sex with strangers and nonmonogamous relationships. Also will have relations with monsters and inanimate objects. Hedone is a young woman who put her all into running throughout her school life. However she was never the best and after graduating highschool she felt a lack of motivation. Not only that but her perfect mother has always made her feel inferior. In the end she becomes a shut in like her sister for a year only going out to run in the morning every day. As she wallows in stagnation she finds adult art and revels in women being humiliated imagining that those who seem to have their lives together being brought down. However Hedone can't even sink in the temptations of lust as her body rejects all sexual pleasure. Hedone's mother worrying about her daughters shut in ways decides to move out to a small town surrounded by forests. After exploring the forest near their new home Hedone find's a dungeon seed. Her envy and desires activate the seed opening up a new world to the young woman. Not only that she finds out about gods, other worlds, and even that she was cursed. Accepting to become the Mistress of the dungeon Hedone's life is now tied to the success and continuation of the dungeon! Why was she cursed? What will she do with her power? How will she manage the dungeon? Please read on to see the answers to these questions!

Untolddead · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
86 Chs

Exploring the Forest

  I follow the two women into the visitor center. The place looks worn down but clean. There's a small desk with knickknacks and a variety of time-wasting games and items. Scattered around are a few dioramas assumedly showing exciting things about the area.

  "Things used to be a lot busier around here," the woman with pants states. "In the 60s, legend hunting became popular. We ended up in a book listing the legends across the US. I don't know how they came up with it, but we would have people from all over the country come and search the area," she explains while gesturing to a plastic-looking gem.

  The woman in the skirt points up at the wall where a map of the area has pinholes all over it. "We used to have to use this to avoid fights. They'd choose their search locations and camp out there. Well, I remember the men hated it because the cool city folk would make all the young girls swoon."

  The woman in pants laughs, "Yeah, I remember the fight to work here, not like now where we are lucky to have a few visitors a year."

  I look at the purple pinkish pillar that's about a foot long and ask, "what is it exactly, some extremely valuable gem?"

  "Hmm, well, it's basically like a genie or something? If you find it, you'll get anything you want, is basically what I've been told. But everyone who came in had their own thoughts on it," the woman in the skirt explains while tilting her head quizzically.

  "Yeah, everyone had their own origin story for it. Well, some people said they found it, but they didn't pass a test or something. No one could confirm it, though," the woman in pants expands.

  I look at the map and think maybe I should look for it while hiking, kind of like a treasure hunt. It's a bit ridiculous, but it gives me something to do, I guess. I look around at some of the other things as the two women explain them to me. Well, the fact that there are two famous martial artists in the area is interesting, but it has nothing to do with me.

  After looking around, I finally extract myself from the two women. It's not that I dislike them, but I can only stand listening to old women reminisce for so long. After leaving, I reset my ponytail and jog back home.

  I enter the house, "I'm back!"

  "Welcome back," mom responds as I enter the kitchen. There, my sister, Brigit, is eating her breakfast even though it's already noon. She's wearing a long stretchy cloth dress made for pajamas. The dress stretches to contain her chest and once again on her hips. She definitely got more of mom's genes than me.

  I walk over to the fridge and open it. I grab some lunch meat, tomatoes, and lettuce to make a sandwich. As I'm preparing, Brigit says, "Hey, I finished a new doll! It has a cute, gothic dress." I reply without looking up, "That's great."

  Brigit then shuffles about and exclaims, "Yeah, I'll go grab it so you can see!" However, before she can go anywhere, mom reprimands her, "Finish your meal first. You can show her later." Brigit pauses in the position of standing up and sits back down. "Fine."

  I finish making the sandwich and put them in a bag. "Alright, I'm heading out to look around the forest," I say while heading for the door.

  "Hedone! Wait," my mom calls out.

  "What?" I say as I pause.

  "If you go out like that, you're legs and arms are going to get scratched up," mom explains.

  I rub my head in frustration, "I don't have anything else to wear, though."

  "What, you still haven't unpacked yet?" Mom scolds.

  "Even still, they're a bit tight now…" I explain.

  "Did you gain weight?" Brigit teases.

  "No! I just haven't bought any new jeans in a long time! I don't wear them often," I retort.

  Mom smiles and says, "Now, now, why don't you go check anyways?"

  "Fine," I say reluctantly and walk upstairs.

   After digging through some boxes and throwing stuff everywhere, I find a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve plaid button-down shirt. I strip down and sit on my bed before pulling up the jeans. They are a bit tight on the legs but not too bad. However, they are a bit short now, ending well above my ankles. But worst of all, my hips are too wide, so I can't button or even zip up. I throw on some long socks to cover my exposed legs and grab the shirt.

  The shirt is also tiny. Well, I think I bought this in my freshman year. My arms fit better than my legs, but it's even shorter, only covering a third of my arm. As for buttoning it up. Well that's impossible.

  I walk downstairs to show off the disaster. As I enter the room, I hold out my arms and say, "See."

  "Hmm," mom hums in a contemplative way leaning her head to the side.

  Brigit claps her hands, "It's not that bad. Just wait there!" She then scurries off to her room. A few minutes later, she comes out with a belt and some elastic string. "Here, put on this belt while I deal with your shirt."

  I put on the belt as Brigit loops the elastic string through the buttonholes. She then ties it. She then loops the other end and ties it into a noose. She hooks the noose on a few buttons, at least keeping the shirt more in place.

  Mom nods, "It looks better. It's not like you'll meet anyone. It's about safety."

  "Is it really ok?" I ask worriedly.

  Brigit jumps up, causing her chest to bounce. "It looks great. Well, it'd be better if you weren't wearing sports underwear. I'll have to make a doll like this! It'll definitely sell well."

  "What's the point in wearing sexy underwear for squirrels?" I complain.

  Mom jumps in, "It's good enough for today. This weekend we'll have to go clothes shopping, I guess."

  "Alright, I get it. I'm heading out!" I say in frustration. I go out the door, ready to explore the forest behind the house.

  I walk through the forest, climbing over tree roots and fallen trees. It seems this area doesn't get much clean up. For now, my goal is a stream I saw on the map earlier. It didn't look that far, but in the end, it still took me almost an hour to reach it. I was almost worried I was heading the wrong way.

  The stream gurgles gently across a rocky beach. I walk over, take off my shoes and socks, then stick my feet into the cool water and shiver. It feels nice on this hot summer day. I lay down and just let the stream carry my mind away for a while.

  Eventually, I pull out my phone and prepare to watch a video. However, there isn't a signal out here. I sigh and open a hidden folder on my phone. It's where I store my secret stash of hentai. I hadn't had time for such things before. Well, I'm a bit unfortunate when it comes to sex, so that was another reason.

  One of my friends introduced me when I complained about being bored after the last track and field tournament. She was into BL, so at first, I wasn't interested. Still, it wasn't like I had anything better to do.

  Eventually, I found out there were all sorts of genres humiliation, ahegao, moral degeneration, etc. I love seeing other girls fall to their lust. I like to picture the strong women I know kneeling before me, begging me to let them cum.

  Perhaps it's just jealousy, though, since I'm incapable of orgasming. Even if my mind is willing, my body is numb to the pleasures of the flesh. It's so frustrating that it makes me want to scream! "AHHH!" I end up crying for real.

  As I relax after letting out my frustrations, I hear a cracking sound come from down the stream. Did someone listen to me? I'm not dressed for the public, I worry. I look over and see a significant boulder fall away, revealing a cave. I walk over and glance in. I'm curious, but it's getting late, I think as I glance at the setting sun. I decide to come back and explore it tomorrow.

I'm a bit worried about whether this will be too spicy for webnovel. But we will see. There are some pretty lewd novels on here.

This is my first novel in first person. So it's very different from my other novels.

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