Leon Greyrat: The Second Son - Mushoku Tensei OC - OmegaLul1234

One day in the six-faced world, a newborn child, completely conscious of his surroundings, is taken in by a certain party of adventurers... the Fangs of the Black Wolf. But not two years later, the party splits, and our main character, Leon, is greeted with the pleasant surprise of a younger brother, in the form of Rudeus Greyrat. Embark on a riveting journey alongside Leon as he navigates the uncharted territories of a world brimming with magic, swords, and imminent danger. In the face of tumultuous times, Leon strives to carve out his identity and grapple with the enigmatic memories that haunt his consciousness. As destinies intertwine and fates are reshaped, witness the unfolding of a divergent narrative in this tale teeming with action, romance, and adventure. Join Leon in unravelling the mysteries that lie ahead and shaping the course of his destiny in this enthralling saga. This is not my work. This belongs to OmegaLul1234 and is being shared on Webnovel #action #adventure,anime #fanfiction #fantasy #harem #joblessreincarnation #magic #mushokutensei #ocxeris #ocxroxy #ocxsylphiette #originalcharacter #polyamory #reincarnation #romance #rudeusxsara #sliceoflife #sword #swordsmanship

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Chapter 5 - Brother

—-- Leon Greyrat —--

A few months had passed since our arrival in Buena village, and in that time, we had entered the year K407 of the Armored Dragon Calendar, which meant that I was now two years old. 

Since I had no record of what day I was born, going off by the start of the year was an easy resolution.

Anyway, other than getting settled into our new rural lifestyle, not much had changed. 

Well, apart from one thing, that is.

"Young Master Leon, are you sure you don't need anything to eat?"

Our family had grown by one, in the form of our new maid, Lilia.

She was a beautiful woman with violet-purple eyes and reddish-brown hair that she tied up in a half bun, with hair strands resting on either side of her shoulders, much like Mama's hairstyle. She also had a slender and voluptuous body and wore oval-shaped glasses and a maid outfit.

I was a bit worried that she was a little too beautiful, as with her large breasts and pretty face, she was exactly the type of girl that would cause Paul to make a mistake, but I suppose I had to trust in the man until he proved himself untrustworthy.

I just hoped he could keep it in his pants until I was old enough to take care of Mama.

Anyway, Lilia, while beautiful, was quite cold, at least on the outside. But once you got to know her, she opened up a bit. Especially with me.

Though that might just be due to my childish charms.

"I'm fine, Lilia! And didn't I tell you to just call me Leon? We're living in the same house after all," I say while kicking my feet in the air.

I was currently lying down on the bed and going through one of the books Mama and Paul got. Specifically, Wandering the World , a reference guide to the various countries and places in the world.

This was a good way to increase my reading comprehension while also expanding my worldview.

After all, while I had adventured with the Fangs of the Black Wolf for a year, we only travelled around the Southern region of the Kingdom of Asura, where I just so happened to be born. And even then, I was asleep most of the time, so I didn't learn much about what was happening.

"I am but a maid, Young Master Leon. It would be presumptuous to forgo my manners," she says, shaking her head.

"Yeah, but we aren't like those petty nobles, you know? Plus, you're not just a maid. At least not to me. We're probably going to be together for a while, so we're more like family, right?" I respond with a smile. 

If anyone knew that blood didn't need to be shared to be considered family, it was me.

"...I suppose so. You're a good child, Leon," she says while affectionately rubbing my head.

Closing my eyes at the pleasant feeling, I then feel the pressure of her hand increase.

"Make sure you don't turn out like your father."

"I-I got it, Lilia! I'll never turn out like that guy!" I whine.

"Good," she says.

"Fufu! You two sure get along, don't you?" Mama laughs.

Lifting my head, I looked over to Mama who was sitting next to the fireplace.

With the harvest season starting up with the arrival of spring, she was now almost nine months into her pregnancy, and her belly had grown to show as much.

I hoped my new brother or sister would come out nice and easy, but even if they didn't, I would be right next to her with my healing magic in case anything went wrong.

I mean, seventeen was supposed to be the prime time for a woman to give birth, and Mama had an active, resilient body from adventuring, so she should be safe.

"Indeed. The Young Master-"

"Lilia," I interrupt.

"Ahem. Leon is a good child, so it's only natural I look at him fondly," Lilia says affectionately.

"And I'm better at calculations than Paul!" I add happily.

"Yes, you are," Lilia chuckles. "At this point-"

"Agh!" Mama shouts, cutting Lilia off.

Clutching her stomach, Mama gets to her wobbly legs before Lilia steps forward and supports her.

"L-Lilia! I… I think-!"

"Don't worry, Miss, we've prepared for this. Let's move to the bedroom. Leon, can you call Master Paul over? And stay outside the room until I call you, alright?" Lilia says, taking charge of the situation.

Nodding my head, I then start making my way outside to where Paul was training his swordsmanship.

So it was finally happening, huh?

It seems like I will be meeting my new sibling very soon.

—-- Information on the Six-Faced World —--

Paul Greyrat

A tall, muscular, and handsome man with sandy light-brown hair, that he keeps cut short save for his long ponytail and bright green eyes.

Born in the year K388 to Amarant and Valentina Notos Greyrat.

His personality is bold, confident, playful, and lustful, with a particular attraction for women with large breasts.

Paul was the leader of the S-ranked party 'Fangs of the Black Wolf' and is an Advanced-ranked swordsman in the Sword God, Water God, and North God styles.

He is currently the knight assigned to Buena Village of the Fittoa Region of the Asura Kingdom.

—-- Leon Greyrat —--

Looking down at the sleeping form of my new baby brother, I couldn't help but cast another healing spell on the baby, ensuring that nothing was truly wrong with him.

The birth itself went without any issues, and I only needed to help Mama recover from the pain, but what was odd, was the fact that throughout the whole process… he didn't cry.

And babies were supposed to cry, right?

Well… I suppose it doesn't matter as long as he and Mama are healthy.

Anyway, yes. It was a boy.

Rudeus Greyrat, my new baby brother.

With light brown hair and emerald green eyes, he looked like an exact copy of Paul, though that might change as he grew older and matured. But for now, his chubby cheeks, large eyes, and small, button nose simply aroused the instincts of protection.

Yeah… while I didn't know exactly what the future held, I promise I'd make sure Rudy grew up happy and healthy, just like a good big brother should.

"Leon? Is something wrong?" Mama asks from behind me.

I shake my head in denial while getting off the stool.

"No. Just checking on Rudy," I answer.

"I see… Leon, you know that you're still my son, right?" she says gently.

Seeing her holding her hands out to me, I climb onto the bed and into her arms before snuggling into her chest.

"Yes. Don't worry, Mama. I understand you'll be a bit busy with Rudy for a while," I answer.

"Hmm, that's true. Not every baby is as good as you were. But don't worry, they also sleep a lot, so we can still spend lots of time together," she reassures, resting her chin on my head.

I always liked it when she held me like this, at it made me feel both warm and secure. Perhaps knowing I would soon be too big to do this also played a part.

"Mmm… I want to learn intermediate healing magic, too," I say with expectation.

I was pretty sure I had enough mana to cast it, and I was wondering what different spells of different ranks did with the mana. 

Hopefully, with enough practice, I could make my own spells and take full advantage of my chantless casting.

But for now…

"Mama… can I take a nap here?"

"Mhmm! Mama's a bit tired too, so let's take a nice, relaxing rest. Okay, sweetie?"

Nodding my head, I shut my eyes, letting the crackles and hisses of the fireplace lull me to sleep.

—-- Rudeus Greyrat —--

It had been a month since I had been reborn, and the reality of the situation had finally set in… I was a baby.

Gone was the fat, disgusting body of a 34-year-old shut-in NEET, replaced with the uncontrollable body of a newborn.

Reincarnation was not an unfamiliar setting for an anime guru like me, but I was wondering exactly how this came to be.

No goddess. No summoning. I was just… here.

Anyway, the first two people I saw after being born, the handsome man and the beautiful woman, were my parents. Or at least, I think they are.

If I had to guess, they were both in their early twenties, younger than I had been in my past life.

Haa… and they already had a baby at their age? Lucky…

Actually, that wasn't quite right, as they already had another kid, who looked to be around two.

He was cute. With choppy golden hair and dark brown eyes, his face was already charming enough to make any shotacons' mouth water, and he was likely to get even more charming as he grew older.

And no, I was not jealous. Not one bit.

Anyway, I quickly realized that I was no longer in Japan, as the language they spoke, and the little parts of the culture I've picked up were completely different.

And considering how they used a fireplace for heating, and the furniture and tableware being made out of wood… I was probably in some undeveloped nation, right? Actually, I've heard of a group of people in America that live without technology like this, so I might be closer to normal civilization than I thought.

Or maybe it was even something crazier, like being transported back in time or something.

Well… I wouldn't really be able to find out much more like this, so I suppose I'll just have to wait until I'm able to crawl.

—-- Leon Greyrat —--

A couple of seasons had passed since the birth of my brother, and the air was now beginning to chill as winter reared its ugly head on the land.

Don't get me wrong, I truly loved the sight of the landscape, blanketed in snow. But the cold was dangerous.

Not necessarily for me and the adults, but for Rudy.

The first winter is always the first trial every child goes through in life, and it's due to this instability in the early years that one's birthday isn't celebrated until they reach five years old.

But hopefully, with enough snuggles and naps beside the fireplace, my baby brother would easily survive the winter.

Anyway, speaking of the little guy, he had recently discovered how to crawl.

"Rudy!" Mama shouts before placing her hands on her hips. "Jeez. As soon as you take your eyes off him, he slips off somewhere."

"Hey, as long as he's healthy, it's fine, right? I was a little worried when he didn't cry when he was born," Paul responds with a shrug, watching Rudy crawl around the floor with amusement.

"He still doesn't cry though… He only babbles when he's hungry or dirtied his diaper," Mama says worriedly.

"Well… it's better that way, right?" Paul says.

Leaning down, I scoop up Rudy, who was hiding under the chair, into my arms.

"That's not something you say about your kid, Father. And Rudy… just what are you doing with those?" I say with disappointment.

Releasing a sigh, I then try to take off the pair of panties my little brother had decided to wear over his face, but he was quite adamant about keeping them on, gripping the edge of the fabric with his small hands.

"...You really like those, huh?"

"Gah!" he responds happily.


At first, with his good behaviour and quiet demeanour, I thought he was like me. A Miko of some sort.

But unlike me, he didn't have any aversion to breastfeeding, rather, he relished it. 

And it didn't take long for his natural childishness to show in more… perverted ways.

Squeezing Mama and Lilia's breasts, burying his head in said breasts, constantly leering at those breasts… a lot of breasts. And also the panty thing like right now, it was obvious that Rudy was a little… weird.

Paul's genes, perhaps?

Anyway, I passed Rudy over to Mama before grabbing my coat and making my way outside.

"I'm gonna go try elemental magic, okay Mama?" I say.

"Okay! Tell me if you need any help, and don't stay out there too long! It's getting cold, after all," she answers.

"Got it!"

A couple of days ago, I graduated from Mama's teachings, as I had learned how to read, showed off my already stellar arithmetic skills, and became an Intermediate-rank healing and detoxification magician.

I still wasn't at the level of Mama, as I still lacked the practice and experience, but I was sure I would eventually reach her level. 

Besides, with my chantless casting abilities, rather than training to complete spells, I was practicing my control of mana in general. Building up the basics, one could call it.

I also discovered that Intermediate-rank magic was actually quite difficult.

The Beginner rank was mostly about innate skill, along with some level of concentration to maintain the spell, but going past that required the user to help guide the mana flow alongside the chant.

If I were to explain it… the incantation showed you the path but wasn't able to follow through on its own like with Beginner spells, so it needed a little push from the magician.

This was also why Intermediate-rank mages were seen as extremely skilled compared to Beginner-rank ones.

Anyway, with all that said, my schooling had finished, yet I was still eager to learn. Which brought me to now.

Watching my magic power reserves grow this past year, I had come to a conclusion.

Childhood was key.

From how the common belief was set, that kids should only learn magic at five, and there is little hope to grow magic reserves, I guessed that this rate of growth slowed down at five, and by ten, it stopped altogether.

So that meant that right now was the prime time to grow my reserves. 

And since I wouldn't have to harm myself or anyone to use the magic, elemental magic should be a much more efficient way to expand it.

Initially, I was worried that Mama still wouldn't let me practice, but now that I was older and we had a large yard for me to practice in, there were no worries about making a mess.

I just had to be sure not to aim for the plants.

Pulling out A Textbook of Magic , I slowly go over the contents, searching for where the things I already knew ended, and the new information started.

Most of the basics of magic I had already covered with Mama's lessons, and considering I was a bit of an anomaly with my chantless casting and mana reserve growth, I didn't know how much I could trust it anyway.

Ah! There we are!

Waterball . The most basic of Beginner water spells. 

As its simple name implies, it summons a ball of water that is then launched at an enemy.

Well… no time like the present.

Let the vast and blessed waters converge where thou wilt and issue forth a single pure stream thereof- Waterball ."

Extending my hand while casting the magic, I focus on the sensation of my mana moving through my body, and similar to healing, it cycled through my arm toward my hand.

But different from Healing where the mana radiated outward, this time it concentrated on my hand before being released at once, forming a floating sphere of water about the size of my fist that hovered over my palm.

Hmm… I was still unsure what exactly in these chants changed the element and effect of the mana, but I hoped to discover it with enough practice.

As my thoughts trailed off, the sphere of water collapsed on itself before falling to the ground with a splash.

…Seems like I'll need concentration to maintain elemental spells too.

Tuning out the world, I spurred the mana in my body to follow the path toward my hand as I focused on the image.

Compared to healing and detoxification, water was quite easy to picture.

Flowing streams… vast oceans… coursing rivers… and going deeper than that, a water molecule. With two hydrogen atoms connected to an oxygen one at the centre.

Keeping the image of water in my head, I release the mana that was concentrated in my palm, and as expected, a ball of water soon formed just like with the incantation.

But, unlike what the spell description said, it didn't launch forward.

Maybe I needed to add that part myself?

Picturing adding velocity to the water, the ball then shoots forward.

Well… 'shoot' would be a bit of a hyperbole.

It flew about a meter, before abruptly falling to the ground. As if it had simply jumped from my hand.

…Yeah, definitely still needed some work.

But this was a part of learning, right?

For the moment, it would be much more useful to just use an incantation, as the spell would actually, you know… launch as it's intended. But in the future, the control I had over the spell would vastly increase, and the time it took to cast would shorten, as I had already learned from my experience in healing magic.

And even then, the control and usefulness part could come later. 

What I needed to focus on in these early years was the amount of mana I used up so that my reserves grew larger. Everything else could come after that.

But luckily, growing my control and mana reserves both used the same method, so there was no need to prioritize one over the other.

I just needed to cast a lot of spells!

Ah, but… I should cast my last spell inside, so I don't freeze to death after passing out. 

Fortunately, I could now roughly tell when my reserves were low, so I wouldn't- no, shouldn't mess anything up.

So let's do this, Leon!

—-- Leon Greyrat —--

It's been around three months since I began my journey with elemental magic, and I was now a Beginner-rank magician in all four schools. Them being fire, water, wind, and earth.

Interestingly, for elemental magic, the difference between different Beginner spells was staggering, both in the required skill and the mana amount needed.

I also discovered that elemental magic followed a set process for each spell: the creation of the spell or generation of the element, setting the size of the magic, setting the speed, and then activation. With incantations, it was a bit harder to change the settings of the magic, but it was still doable.

Healing magic, on the other hand, simply… happened. Radiating from your hand like a fire. 

Of course, you would need to pump more mana into it depending on how much you needed to heal and focus the spell on the injured parts, but that was quite easy.

Though… that might just be due to my experience with it.

Personally, I found the process a bit too rigid for my liking. In fact, the whole concept of spells was too rigid for me.

For instance, for the water spell Water Arrow , it was simply generating Waterball before moulding it into an arrow and launching it. And Ice Smash was just creating a Waterball before freezing it into a ball of ice.

So I was hoping that with enough control, I could simply use the elements as I saw fit without being shackled by the concept of spell creation and the theory behind it.

But I suppose that would have to wait until I grew my skills a bit more.

"Hey, Mama! I'm back," I say, taking my soggy boots to dry near the fireplace.

Unfortunately, I was not yet good enough fire and wind magic to dry them myself without ruining them, so for now I would be using the natural method.

"Hey, sweetie! Dinner's almost ready, so don't get started on anything yet," Mama says from the kitchen.

"Ooh! What are we having?" I ask.

"Boiled pork and some veggies. But what took you so long out there? I thought you were just going to practice a little because of the cold?" Mama asks.

"Yeah, but then Father asked me to help him clear the snow with fire magic," I answer.

Both Lilia and Mama sigh simultaneously at this.

"That husband of mine… I'll have to give him a stern talking to when he comes back."

"It's fine, Mama. I'm casting magic anyway, so I might as well put it to good use," I say with a shrug.

"If you're sure…" 

Making my way over to the two ladies, I take in the pleasant scent of the nearly-finished meal before sitting down with my magic book.

"Besides, I should get on his good side since he'll be teaching me swordsmanship after winter ends," I say.

"Oh, that idiot would be happy to teach you regardless," Mama says.

"Yeah, I guess so," I say, remembering how giddy Paul seemed to pass on his skills. "But… are you sure he wouldn't make fun of me during it?"

Not even attempting to refute my point, Mama turns her head back to the pot before silently stirring.

Well, I guess that answers my question.

Unfortunately, Paul was definitely the kind of guy to make fun of his students. Even if it was his three-year-old kid, they wouldn't be spared. And I would rather not get talked down to by a guy who thought giving water to a baby was acceptable.

"Are you sure you want to though Leon?" Mama asks. "I know that he and Ghislaine kind of pressured you into it, but with you being so talented at magic…"

"It's fine, Mama. It's good to be multitalented, right?" I reassure her.

Plus, while magic was great and all, it was pretty bad for self-defence. Even if one used chantless magic.

"Haa… if you're certain, then I suppose I'll let him train you. But, Leon. Are you sure you don't want a magic tutor?" Mama asks.

I shake my head in response.

"No thanks, Mama. At least not yet."

I could say that we shouldn't spend our money carelessly, especially with a baby sibling, and likely more in the future if their nightly activities were to be any indication. But I knew my kind and giving Mama wouldn't accept that as an answer.

"I still need to try the Intermediate spells from the book, and even then, I need to focus on practicing what I already know rather than learning new things."

Mama still had a small pout on her face, so I guess I would need to ease her worries.

"But if I ever hit a roadblock, I'll ask you then, okay?"

That seems to do the trick, as she noticeably perks up with a smile.

"Good! And don't you forget that, okay?"

"Got it, Mama."

At least for now, I had no need for a tutor.

I mean… I don't know exactly how they would even teach me, considering how I likely went against the traditional way of learning, with chantless magic and all.

But when I aim to learn Saint-ranked spells, I'll need a teacher since the magic book only covers up to the Advanced rank, and spellbooks with Saint-rank magic are extremely difficult to find, if not impossible.

"But, Mama…" 

"Yes, Leon?"

"...Where is Rudy?" I ask.

She instantly lifts her head before her eyes begin darting around the kitchen.

"Dammit. Rudy! Where did you crawl off to this time!"