Leman Stark

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What is Leman Stark

Read ‘Leman Stark’ Online for Free, written by the author Daoist0kxr4h, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: The MC gets the chance to go again and chooses to go to the world of ASOIAF/GOT but with the powers and abilities of Lem...


The MC gets the chance to go again and chooses to go to the world of ASOIAF/GOT but with the powers and abilities of Leman Russ from Warhammer 40k. He chooses to take the position of an OC Stark and change the sad and stupid fate of House Stark. What could go wrong when House Stark gains a Primarch-level powerhouse ... nothing right? ... right? Well, not for House Stark at least. This is a wish fulfilment and yes, the MC is pretty much OP from the get-go, but hey, that's the premise of the story. It can still be interesting ... I hope. No harem, single FML and I bet you won't know who it is.

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Genius, the author has a good writing method and interesting idea but has difficulty progressing the story despite doing a great job with the setting, other works of his have few chapters before


When’s the next bleach update mannnn[img=update]


the author is great at setting and writing and does it in a captivating way but he has no history of moving forward with works besides a few chapters


A fantastic start to a amazing fanfic a definite must read for fans of interesting crossovers 😁😁😁


nice one. good read....................


Really appreciate the effort, keep going man.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Author can i ask you a question? its really important. i hope you answer it okay


i need more chapters, the history is so good.


friend, for years I have been looking for a story of a transmigrated SI like Leman Russ but like Stark this story will be epic keep making you reach high bro


I will only say this it's awesome . The idea is very good ,I only hope he complete the story


More More More More More !!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please more! very good fanfic I hope his love interest will be Ashara Dayne, it would be cool if you added the warging ability to him since it is very useful + green vision is only partial. If there were more animals, here is an approximate list and approximate names: 1. Direwolf - Shadow, black with red eyes 2. Twilight Cat - Diego 3. Polar bear - Albert or Bjorn 4. Orca - Wave or Typhoon (honestly I didn’t think much) 5. Mouse - Jerry 6. Ice Snake - Ace I hope my recommendations will be useful and interesting to you, I'm looking forward to new chapters, please don't give up this fanfic.




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