Legendary Shelter Survival Guide

Once upon a time, everything was awesome on planet Earth. People were chilling with their families, tech was super advanced, and they could even travel way out into space. Animals taking care of the food chain like they always do. But then, bam! Something crazy happened, and everyone got zapped to this super-dangerous place along with some weird alien folks of many types. Follow Lucas, a regular dude, as he tries not to get wrecked in this crazy new world. Some folks got cool skills to survive, but all Lucas got was the power to build a fancy shelter that could level up. Sounds lame, right? But turns out, it might be his ticket to not getting squashed. So, get ready for Lucas's wild ride as he figures out how to survive in a place that's basically a nightmare. While others are doing ninja moves or casting spells, Lucas is just trying not to get eaten. Little does he know, his so-called bad luck might just be the thing that saves his sorry butt. Join Lucas in this epic adventure full of surprises, where he builds his shelter, faces crazy challenges, and learns that sometimes, what seems like the worst luck ever can turn out to be a total game-changer. It's a story of survival, discovery, and how even the simplest guy can rock a world that's turned upside down.

sahejRocks · Fantasy
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291 Chs

Not Alone Anymore

Lucas learned that Sarah had been doing nothing but running since she arrived here, and the messages had disappeared until she woke up.

He needed to explain to her how to view the messages and everything else. Inwardly, he hoped that she would be able to see them too. He didn't want to be labeled as crazy or delusional.

But it was his lucky day, Sarah first saw all the starting messages that she missed before, she was surprised and rubbed her eyes various times. Lucas only chuckled seeing her acting like a small child finding a new toy

"Now, try thinking of how strong you are." He said. Sarah was confused at first but when a screen came in front of her, she froze looking at all the descriptions about her. Lucas tried various times but he could not look at her status, it only seemed that she was looking straight in a daze.

"Now... In the skills section, what is written?"

"Uh… first is an uncommon, fireball. Then... extremely common, sprint." Sarah said, she clicked on something in the air and her gaze went a little left. Lucas was surprised by hearing her say 'fireball'.

"Wait! You have the skill fireball? Try using it, but not in here. Let's go outside," said Lucas.

Together, Sarah and Lucas stepped outside, and Sarah began to concentrate on using her fireball skill. As she closed her eyes and focused, a small flame materialized in her hand. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see the flame and looked at Lucas, who was equally astonished.

"Wow, you really do have a fireball skill," Lucas said, impressed.

Sarah tried to control the flame, making it bigger and smaller, and even throwing it upward in the air like a ball. She was amazed by her newly found ability and couldn't stop smiling.

"Does it burn?" Lucas asked with curiosity to which Sarah only shook her head. A few seconds later, her eyes started twitching, and sweat fell from her forehead profusely.

The fireball was the size of a baseball, it was a little uneven due to being literal fire, suddenly, it started getting small and eventually vanished.

Lucas asked "What happened?" and reached out to grab her shoulder, but she was so unsteady on her feet that she almost fell over.

"I feel very exhausted… Using this is very difficult…" Sarah said. Beads of sweat were falling off her forehead.

Lucas placed his hand on Sarah's knees and shoulder, lifting her up in a princess carry.

"Waaa!!" Sarah shrieked with what little strength she had left, her face turned bright red with embarrassment.

Lucas didn't have a problem with it; in fact, he felt great about assisting a young woman in her 20s even though he was only 19 years old.

Lucas placed her inside the shelter, the floor was made of soil but it was finely furnished. There was no grass, no rocks, no misalignment, a perfect floor if one left out that it was still made of soil.

He was wearing a cotton shirt over his half-sleeved t-shirt so it was better to give it to her. He placed it on the ground and she finally lay down on the ground. Her eyes twitched various times but they closed from exhaustion after just a few seconds.

Lucas only sighed and went out of the shelter, his stomach growled in hunger which made him look around but the trees had nothing but leaves and branches on them.

'Should I use that Vixenox? It had red blood anyway…' He thought and started bringing small twigs of wood together. When a substantial pile was collected. He took some dry grass that he found near a tree and placed it over a small twig that had a big surface area.

He didn't know what he was doing, just the things he had seen on discovery channel when he was a kid.

He took hold of another lengthy stick and began moving it back and forth in a vertical motion over the withered grass.

"Fucking hell…"

Lucas couldn't believe it, he was moving the stick so fast that it had taken a hard time for him to think it was real. The thought of his strength that increased in stat came to his mind which made him grin mildly.

The difficult part was over when some smoke started coming out of the dry grass.

"Yess!!" He shouted but realized again that he was inside an unknown forest with dangers he didn't know about.

He blew some air from his mouth on the dry grass slowly until the smoke increased. With haste, he placed it inside the pile of twigs he had collected.

And with a little more effort, the work was finally finished. Lucas had made his first-ever fire, it was a menial task yet it was a very proud moment for him. Living in a society where people make others do all their bidding had made their survival instincts and skills weak.

But when Lucas was making a fire leisurely, around a million outsiders like him had already died with him being oblivious of it.

The fire started burning and making crackling sounds, Lucas went for the corpse, and then realization hit his mind.

"How will I get the flesh out?"

The Vixenox's body was not harmed from the outside, so there was no wound on it. Lucas had kicked and made its insides all battered but he didn't have a way to cut it open.

He inspected the whole thing and finally found something he could work with. The left gut, where he had kicked the damn thing, had a little pointy skin which usually is not the case but because he didn't know the anatomy and had never seen the creature before all this, he inspected some more.

Turned out, when he kicked the Vixenox, many of its bones broke and one came a little out trying to cut the skin.

Lucas knew what he had to do for survival, killing the thing did not have much of an effect on his conscience because he had consoled himself that the creature had tried to kill him first. But being the man who had never even cut a single tomato, doing something like this was more like skipping some important steps while climbing the stairs.

He pressed the fur of the creature to get the bone out but it was not so easy, the skin of the Vixenox was a little tough and elastic. If not for Lucas hitting all his weak vitals by mistake. First the brain, then the ribs, it would have not died so easily.

With a little more strength in the pushing and teeth gritted tightly. A somewhat white-red colored pointy rib came out of the skin. Lucas was very happy, he had achieved something again. But if Sarah had watched what Lucas did and then became happy, she would have fled right away.

What he did was actually a double-edged sword, the blood started pouring out like an open water tap, Lucas didn't want to dirty his hands as there was not a single sign of water near him

But the situation was urgent, he brought the blood-leaking corpse near the fire and made the blood fall on it. He didn't know what he was doing but what more choice did he have?

The already highly lit fire sizzled with every batch of blood that fell on it.

Whenever the fire was going to exhaust, Lucas retracted the corpse and let it settle down. The process went on for around four minutes, and the blood that was falling had become less as compared to before.

He looked back and saw Sarah just sleeping soundly, at one hand, he was annoyed feeling like he was the one doing all the work yet on another, he remembered that she ran for all that time he was here in some safety. Her sleeping like this was legible.

All this time, Lucas was smelling and having a bad metallic taste in his mouth. He was only continuing this process because the smell was a little mild compared to the previous time.

His whole body was sweaty from being so close to the fire, after another five minutes, the blood stopped coming out, the Vixenox was only the size of a cat. Lucas thought that enough blood had come out, so he kept the corpse near the fire.

"A little more blood is left inside, but I don't know which part to take out and which to eat…"

Lucas pondered while saying aloud. His gaze went to Sarah who had been sleeping for more than an hour now.

It was only Lucas's presumption with nowhere to look for the time there.

Lucas crept over to where Sarah was sleeping, her face peaceful and untroubled. Despite the chaos that surrounded them, she seemed to have found a moment of respite, a brief escape from the fear and uncertainty that plagued their every move. He jerked her shoulder mildly.

"Mhmmm" A long hum came out of her mouth as she moved her face to the side. Lucas's eyes twitched a little, the girl was sleeping so deeply in a dangerous situation like this.

"Well…. Fuck it." He felt a little annoyed and flicked his finger with a little strength on her forehead.

Sarah's eyes opened wide as she got up straight on her back. She looked more dumbfounded than scared.

As she moved her hand away from her forehead, a pained expression crossed her face and she let out a soft "Oww...". It was then that Lucas noticed a small bruise.

His face became pale as he bowed down with his head a little above ground.

"Sorry! I didn't think it would hurt this much!" He said.

Lucas was helped up by Sarah as she protested, "No no! It's alright! What are you doing? Get up." Despite his slightly baggy t-shirt, Sarah couldn't help but notice the well-defined muscles in his arms as she gripped them. She was momentarily dazed until she heard Lucas utter a confused "Hm?" in response.

She averted her gaze feeling embarrassed. Lucas couldn't tell what just happened, as dense as he could be. He got up from the ground and gave Sarah a helping hand. Her condition had improved from before.

"Can you check your strength again, tell me if something has changed.." Lucas said while waving his hand at her to come out.

Sarah nodded and looked at her status while moving out, her gaze went from up and down until it stopped.

"This 'mana', it shows that I have only five left out of the eleven I had," Sarah said, her face formed in a frown.

"That means that this 'mana', that we both have depleted when you used that abnormal skill. Let me try something too."

Lucas said and thought about using his 'Military Power' skill.

He flicked his wrist, causing a bright white light to emanate from his body and stretch out to the limits of the shelter's territory. As the light subsided, a shimmering, transparent barrier emerge encircling the whole shelter.

Intrigued, Sarah stepped towards the barrier, her eyes widening in wonder as she stretched out her hand to touch it. To her surprise, it felt solid and unyielding, like an impenetrable wall. She couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the power Lucas possessed.

Sarah expressed her observation, "It feels like an impenetrable wall. Are you able to maintain this level of security indefinitely? Having this extra layer of protection would be greatly appreciated... but hold on." As she spoke about the need for protection, Sarah couldn't shake the feeling that she was asking for too much from a complete stranger who had assisted her in the time of need by allowing her inside his house, and whose background was completely unknown to her.

"I can only use it for 2 minutes, and it used five of my mana's points," Lucas said while still fiddling with his system.

Sarah came near him, her hands in her short's back pockets.

"Uh… I want to thank you properly this time, it seems I have asked too much from you, first I slept all on my own, and… I just want to thank you for helping me in this unreasonable situation we are in." She said. Lucas could tell from her face that she was saying all that earnestly. He had seen his big sister with that face various times.

"You can stay as much as you want, this house of mine is my skill, I generated it from scratch. And it's not like there is no space, things had been pretty boring before you came." Lucas said while chuckling, his hand on his nape.

When Sarah heard the last part, she realized that at the time when she was running for her life around, Lucas had been In the shelter trying to survive his own way.


Before they could start talking again, a howl resounded very close to them. Lucas went on guard while Sarah had a pale expression. She was not like Lucas, I mean, almost no one was like Lucas. He had changed his mentality very quickly. In his mind, he had only one thought.

'I have to survive and meet my family.'

With a slight rustling of the bushes, the source of the knocking revealed itself. The creature before them was completely covered in black fur, and had striking grey eyes. At a mere glance, Lucas identified the creature for what it was.

"A wolf!"

The wolf was around three feet in height, it had a calm expression on its face. While Lucas was on the guard, his gaze went to the wolf's back leg. The fur had a red color even when the fur's color was black meaning the creature was wounded.


Normal Wolf

Sex- Female

Level 0

Origin- Planet Earth


"It's a normal wolf from Earth!" Lucas exclaimed, he knew the wolf's breed because they were found near his town in the forest.

'If this wolf is near me, then that means my parents too?' He thought, a new hope formed.

"Lucas… I think it is just hungry." Sarah said while looking at the wolf with pity.

"Hm?" Lucas looked at it again, the wolf's gaze was only at the animal corpse near the fire. He was first thinking of using the liability of the wolf's wound to his advantage but it was not wise to do it in front of Sarah.

As Lucas pondered, he came to a realization. "The howl it gave earlier didn't sound like a sign of aggression. It didn't growl at us, it simply wanted to reunite with its pack," he said, with an observatory gaze.

Lucas went to the Vixenox's corpse with slow steps, he didn't want the wolf to get away. He crouched down at the corpse and tore a little piece of flesh with his hands, it still had the fur with it. He threw the small piece of flesh at the wolf in the air, it's ears perked up, and its eyes didn't leave the flying flesh coming toward it.

The wolf came a little closer with staggering legs, it caught the food that was mid-air with its mouth and chewed on it profusely while wagging its tail.

Lucas felt like he did something good, the wolf chewed the whole chunk of flesh with the fur for a few seconds until it gulped the flesh whole.

It looked at Lucas again with its tail still wagging, he chuckled and gave it yet another piece.

The Vixenox may have been a little small but it was still enough. He wasn't thinking that he might have to look for food again when it becomes bad or finished.

"I feel like she was the one howling all day since the start, the pack of hers may have scattered like us. I have to find my big brother too." Sarah said, her face became a little sad.

Lucas was going to talk about how he wanted the wolf to stay but refrained as Sarah had just stepped on a sensitive topic.

"Don't worry, we will be able to talk with them soon, I think."

Sarah made a confused face, so while he gave the wolf some small chunks of flesh to eat until a whole leg was gone, he told her the things he knew, Lucas was the type to trust others real quick.

It had never been his demise before and as he had not been in the dog-eat-dog economy ever because of being rich and just out of high school i.e he was young, but now, the situation was different and he had not realized it till now.