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Legendary Hero System


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The tree of life, Yggdrasil, is the bedrock on which time and space exist. It is fueled by everlasting myths, legends, and glorious acts of heroism. The First Gods built the LEGENDARY HERO SYSTEM to ensure that Yggdrasil has eternal life. Chosen champions from the mortal world are made to recreate epic stories from the ROSTER OF LEGENDARY HEROES. The loops generate abundant glory and acclaim to keep the tree of life flourishing. In its absence, Yggdrasil would perish and the First Gods would descend to reset creation. The systems of Robin Hood, King Arthur, and many other heroes from the roster await the chosen ones. However, one requirement remains, that the hero must stay true to the main storyline. +++++++++ Peter Harrington, a spoiled and obese kid, is reincarnated into the life of his favorite mythical hero. However, he is unfit for the task and does more damage than good. The Legendary Hero Council, which governs allotments of chosen ones to the roster, goes into a state of panic. when they discover that there are no more surrogate heroes. Pete is the last choice of Yggdrasil, and they must convince him to work in their favor. But Pete has other ideas for the newfound system and abilities. Join him in an epic rollercoaster journey through myth, lore, and legend. The universe's very existence is at stake, and there are primordial forces that would like everything annihilated. The last chosen one has to become the greatest hero of all time to counter the wrath of the First Gods. -------------------------------------------------------- Read this: If you are a fan of high fantasy, folklore, isekai, system, and reincarnation. You can expect crossover of fantasy elements from other tropes. If this description is appealing to you, Bon-Appetit! -------------------------------------------------------- This is my 2nd story on WN. My first, GOD FORMULA, was a WPC winner. You can find free chapters on this account or search for GOD FORMULA to find the full story.