1 Summoning a Brick

World of Goppa

Finn Kingdom

Lorian Academy for Wizards

In the grand wizard academy was currently holding a class about familiar summoning.

"Now children, we all know that tomorrow's summoning ceremony will be the determining factor for the rest of your lives, so in accordance we will briefly go over everything about the summoning process and leave you to rest for the day"

Announced the teacher, before continuing "Now can anyone tell me how to maximize the magical energy in the ritual in order to increase the chances of a higher ranked familiar?"

The whole class raised their hands. The teacher, mister Kronwell pondered and picked a random student on the first roll.

"Yes teacher, the rank of the familiar depends on the summoner's strength, mana capacity and affinity. Besides these aspects reagents and sacrifices can be used to increase the potency of the ritual."

"Yes Silvia, very good. You may sit down now." The teacher replied. Before continuing.

"Now class it is very important for everyone to prepare suitably beforehand and not spare any effort, you're all elites, nobels and royalty. This concerns your futures, and the academy only provides the minimum mandary necessities for the ritual. The rest will depend on your own luck, power and finances."

"Now" The teacher yelled.

"Everyone come and pick up your ritual equipment" Said teacher Kronwell, on a table behind him stood 46 pouches filled with basic ritual support items, a Mana reagent, Demon blood, 10s Sacrificial Soul Orb. Which greatly boosted the Mana, Vitality and Soul aspect for the ritual.

Having picked up all the pouches from the table the children returned to their seats.

"Now class dissmissed" said the teacher, having everyone leave the room and proceed to their dorms.

While everyone was going out of the room. Sylvia looked around. She was an upstanding student and would do anything to boost her chances.

The ritual was like a frog leaping through the dragon's gate. A new realm of existance. Everyone in the academy was given 1 chance at the end of First Year.

Everyone had a chance, but not everyone could be successful in the summoning. This was an academy for the upper class. Naturally the people inside didn't all posses talent for the arts.

But the academy let in all the students for political reasons and to satisfy the upper class. Of course for a hefty price. But everyone wants and hopes their children to achieve success, and become a powerful summoner, no matter how small the chances. In some cases even powerful empires have fallen trying to support the future successors in the ritual.

The exchange rate between magic items and ordinary possession is hefty. For instance just the 10s Sacrificial Soul Orb can already cost a noble title in the Kingdom, yet it is freely provided here for everyone.

Looking around all the students Sylvia frowned. She only had an average talent in the arts. Not too low, not too high. Just another common cog in the world, no matter where she went. She wasn't too pretty, too strong or too rich. Coming from an ordinary noble family, which was the lowest requirement to enter the academy, besides having outstanding talent.

"But still, this will do. The academy rules do not forbid any foreplay before the ritual. Meaning all the items they were given can be stolen before the aaid ritual" I'll need to be careful, but this is also an opportunity. If I want to rise above the rest I'll need to gather as many resources as possible. Once the summoning is over and I have my familiar no one will think about getting revenge.

Furthermore outside help was not forbidden. Rich royalties and nobles would often invest in their offspring additional resources. And elites would be given an offer for joining a household and becoming guardians for additional resources.

Finally coming back to the dorm Sylvia looks at the package in her room. A wooden box radiating fain magical energy.

Opening it inside were 1s Sacraficial Soul Orb and a potion of Gentle Mana Rivergrass. Her noble household couldn't provide too much. Looking at the items she knew they had already expended most of their finances for these items.

Clenching her fists Sylvia swore she would do anything to repay her family and get more powerful.

At night the door of Sylvia's room creaked open. And a dark shadow roamed across the halls. Entering a room of a lower ranked student beside her own.

Armed with a knife and dagger in both hands, magic was still inefficient compared to combat arts at this early stage. Inside stood another girl, wide awake holding a spear and protecting a chest behind her.

"Rose you know why I'm here, give up and give me what I want." Sylvia wasn't surprised that her target was awake. This robbery was far too common on the day before the ritual. In fact she wasn't the only shadow roaming the corridors this night.

Yes, this was the cleansing. A night where everyone fought and robbed each other for resources. Some ran depp into the woods. Others grouped together forming alliances. And some lurked in the shadows preying on the weak. One thing for sure, no one in the freshman's dorm slept that night.

"No, Sylvia you're just a bit higher ranked than me. I have formed.an alliance and they will be here soon. So just leave, I don't wish to fight you." Ha, this play. Obviously Rose knew she could be killed before her allies came and during the chaos it was uncertain if they'll meet any difficulties during the way. If she was stronger she definitely wouldn't try to negotiate.

"I've come for the items, enough talking I won't leave empty handed tonight. But I can exchange the Soul Orb for leaving you." The Sacraficial Soul Orb was the most important component of the ritual and Sylvia also wanted to save her strength for the rest of the night.

"Alright, I'll give you the orb. But I want you to leave immediately afterwards." said Rose knowing she was outmatched.

Sylvia moved forward reaching out for the offered Soul Orb. But the moment she put her hand on it with a twist of her wrist appeared a dagger and quickly went for Rose's throat.


In one clean motion Rose's body fell to the groud, eyes wide open in disbelief.

Sylvia would never miss an opportunity to take more resources. Her only goal was to minimize her losses and end the fight as quickly as possible. She never intended to negotiate.

Packing all the resources she prepared to leave through the door just before a knock came from it.

"Rose, we're here. Open up" came a man's voice from the other side.

Realizing her predicament Sylvia in a rush ran towards the window and jumped out while reciting the Feather Spell to slow down her fall.

When the party outside the door heard the hurried steps they quickly bust down the door coming inside. They first saw Rose's body still bleeding out on the floor, before hearing the sound of a breaking window.

Not even seeing the assailant. He had already disappeared into the night leaving only the cold breeze and sound of rustling curtains.

Sylvia decided to head to the woods the moment she touched the ground. Just as she ran up the dorm garden she noticed 3 shadows by the dorm gates. Countless students were unconscious on the floor. The only thing forbidden in the academy was killing fellow students outside the Arena.

Sylvia stopped in her tracks. Most of the students whi escaped into the woods had done so right after class. The 3 guarding the exit were the student council, formed from elites and royalties.

Not only had they received amble support from their backings, but also robbed as many other students as possible, there were no rules preventing them from doing so.

Looking up Sylvia despaired, there was no escape. She had to stay trapped inside and reap as many benefits as possible.

She chose to hide in the bushes and trying to stag as still as possible. At that moment a group of students came rushing out, they amounted to 13 people and quickly came to the gate.

"Student Council we will not forgive you for stealing from our alliance members. Give us all your resources or prepare to fight." Even if the council only had 3 people they had 70-80% of all the resources of the class. Considering it was no wonder they had organized a troop against them.

Hiding in the bushes Sylvia witnesses the clash of magic. The Student Council had a lot of secret magical items to help them in battle. But as their magic was still weak and were outnumbered it was hard won.

The council had 2 members standing, royalty. And 1 had fallen in the battle, the elite. The royalty had many more treasures and life saving items than anyone else at this stage. Even as elites were stronger in magic it was too early for them to shine. And even with their support from contracts their backers would not invest too heavily until after the summoning.

Even as elites there was always a certain chance to summon something useless as it all depended on affinity. Let's say you had an affinity to dragons. You can summon an Egg that will hatch in 1000 years. You'll probably be dead before your familiar is born. A Wyvern, Quarter-Blooded Dragon, Half-Blooded Dragon, Mix-Breed Dragon, Pure-Blooded Youngling and so on.

That's why a lot of families had inter marriage arrangements, so they could continue their affinities. Like the royal family of the Finn Kingdom had a Phoenix linage affinity. But such acts would gradually wear down the affinity and they would need to add fresh blood to the family line, often looking for outsiders with potential.

The two standing royalties were exhausted. Sylvia needed to make a choice should she come out of hiding and try her luck or play it safe and protect what she already had.

She chose the latter and prepared to jump out. Just then a rustle came from the forest and a lone figure came walking toward the dorms. A man covered in blood from head to toe carrying a heavy sack, dragging behind him.

The council turned around ready to fight and cast a few long range spells. They used various items like Insect swarm bettle and magic cannon fireball thrower.

The figure dissapeared in the night avoiding all the spells and appeared before the student council. Eith a loud shriek one was instantly knocked out and the other soon followed. Then man then looted everything and proceeded to the dorm.

While passing the bushes he stopped and gave a stare at them. A bag full of items popped out so fast as if by magic. The man took it and continued on gis way.

Sylvia was so scared at that moment that she had wet herself. Almost frozen from fear. That stare was horrifying. That strength was unbelievable, he was a true monster. She recognized him, he was Adam. An elite who joined the class late, he didn't have any backing refusing any and all contracts.

Sylvia could do nothing but lament her loss and return to her dorm having a restless night.

In the morning of the ritual all 46 students assembled in the courtyard. Looking around everyone looked pitiful, except Adam who was carrying a huge bag of resources that made even the teacher Kronwell wince.

One after another they went up summoning their familiars. All kind of creatures appeared. Giant Lizards, Snakes, Insects, Swords&Shields even a lucky fellow got a Wyrm.

When Adam came up he took out all the items he had gathered, spilled a sea of blood onto the magic circle, made a mountain of reagents next to him for the ritual and placed dozens of Soul Orbs all around. Everyone looked at rhe scene pitifully, even Sylvia. But they all wanted to see what will come out as well.

The summoning began, a bright light came out as if connecting the Earth and the Heavens. Adam quickly took one reagent after another having his mana sucked out as if trying to fill an endless pit.

And Just as he took the final reagent the light disappeared and a brick stood in the middle of the circle. Sylvia had her mouth wide open in disbelief.

Adam as well was shocked almost fainting. The students were shocked. The teachers were shocked.

This merciless, cold blooded elite full of potential, using countless resources was only capable of summoning a b... brick.

"Wh. . .What is this toy!!!" Everyone was shocked. Was this toy even worth anything. I can buy with from the mansory with a few copper coins. How much did the academy and families sacrafice for those resources. 'Ahhhh. Ahhhh. What a waste'

Everyone thought while crying on the inside.

Adam stood there rooted and turned around without sealing a contract. This was considered a drastic measure in which the summoner would repeat a year and be given another chance. But he would need to pay the academy for the ceremony and not be given any resources. Few chose to do so.

But considering the summoning and the way he could gather resources, everyone was aware that this genius would be held back a year and were secretly happy.

Sylvia went up front. It was finally her turn. Taking a breath in and out. She began the summoning. A gate appeared and fierce claws smashed through opening the doors. A monsterous scaled monster came out. A half blooded dragon. This was considered a rank 7 summon that could be upgraded to an 11th ranked monster with unknown potential.

Everyone stared in doubt. With one though in mind 'Is this for real'. Sylvia's eyes went red with excitement and quickly hurried to seal the contract. At that moment Adam quickly stepped forward.

"Stop" Adam ordered. "Guve me that dragon!" The contract was yet to be sealed which allowed for the familiar to be stolen, but this came at a cost. For one the summoner who had his familiar stolen needed to bind another familiar or face death. This was more akin to familiar exchance than a contract refusal, because the ceremony for the binding had already started, the summoner must place the binding on another person himself.

Sylvia stood there rooted not knowing what to do."Are you insane the ritual has already started, what can you do?"

"Bind the Dragon to me or I will kill you." saying so he stepped behind her with a knife on her neck. The teacher too late to stop him, could do nothing. If she sealed the contract she would die and no one would offend a prodigy. If she gave up the contract he would have tamed a rank 7 dragon. No one would go against a strong summoner.

"But If I contract him to you, who will I bind to myself. I'll just die either way". Refuted Sylvia trying to play on her opponents pity and find a way out.

"You can take my familiar" At this everyone turned to the side where a brick stood quietly. A passing wind passed by and everyone thought at the same time. 'This is messed up. This is cruel. You're a monster'

But no one stopped him, no one dared to do so. Sylvia looked around at everyone trying to see their reactions, pleading them with her eyes.

But alas no one moved.


It was a soft, quick reply. Almost inaudible and filled with misery.

Sylvia quickly changed the incantation and placed the seal of the contract on Adam. Then with a few extra sentences from her and Adam a sela was also placed on Sylvia. Adam being merciful enough to at least spare her life.

Sylvia stood there and looked at her familiar. A brick. Even after everything she went through. Even after luck smiled upon her after failing to keep her resources. She still " Ahhh, it's too painful to think about" Like this everyone stayed silent. Sylvia took her brick/familiar and went to her dorm room to sleep away the misery and sad future ahead.

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