legend of white eye douluo

this is the strory of shaolin master and also naruto fans who died because of accident and reincarnated to soul land world. PS: this story is belong to original author of DD and cover also belong to original creator in google.

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42 Chs


holy spirit village, this village is located south of Fasinuo province's Nuoding City. a very domineering name, it's said that this village is named after spirit sage who is born in this village. "ahh, it has been 6 years since I came to this world. what a nostalgia" said a 6 years old kid with melancholy. yeah, this kid is sun Jian a traverser from the blue star who reincarnated to this world. It's said that 6 years ago, the old village head jack found him at the outskirt of holy spirit village.

"xiao Jian! xiao Jian! hurry today is your wuhun awakening don't be late!" "okay grandpa!". then he runs out of the home toward the old jack. "say grandpa, do you think I will become spirit master?" ask sun Jian. "of course! in our village who doesn't know your diligent and genius head, don't worry xiao Jian you will become spirit master" said old jack with a smile.

then not long after, they arrive at the building in the center of this village. this building is the largest in holy spirit village, this place is used by villagers for discussion for high levels in the village and the awakening of wuhun for kids in this village. there are at least 5 other kids besides sun Jian who also want to awaken their wuhun today. "hey qing, has the spirit master come?" asked old jack to the kind father. "yes he is inside, he said that he needs to make a preparation a bit" "okay". soon not long after that, a handsome young man with a white suit out of the building. "okay Hello everyone, my name is Yao ming. I am spirit master level 31 wuhun black panther, today here I will help children of fellow villagers to awaken their wuhun, and before that, I request for fellow villagers to out of the building for a while because I want to start the awakening ritual".

then all the kids' parents including old jack out of the building, waiting for the result of the children's awakening ceremony from Yao ming.

(to be continued)