66 Feeding

With a swift and calculated movement, Wuyi stepped forward, thrusting the end of his hand onto Li Jun's face. Before Li Jun could react, Wuyi's both bare hands had turned the deep red color of the Statue of Valor. The moment he touched Li Jun, Li Jun disappeared. The sudden disappearance of Li Jun left his dull companions shocked and bewildered.

One moment he was there, and the next, he was nowhere to be seen.

Swiftly retracting his red hand, Wuyi continued his assault, his hands now turned black. They caught CiXin's lower jaw with brutal force, then CiXin disappeared.

The third child witnessed the shocking events unfolding before him, his dull eyes widening as he observed the merciless disappearance of his group members. In a misguided attempt to get away from the range of Wuyi's hands, he hurled himself away.

Unperturbed, Wuyi followed. A Qi initiate can never outrun an adept.

Wuyi caught him without losing a breath - the third meal was consumed.


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