1 First Debriefing

In a spacious training room, well lit, and well equipped with martial art training gear, gear which would make any great martial artist master jealous.

Two boys both with black hair and black eyes were sparring in the middle of the room with martial art techniques never seen before, by any martial arts grand master.

Moving at quick speeds, both moved like experts, as neither of them could make the other tap out, they both bowed, after going on for a few more minutes. When they finished, both were barely sweating

"You seem to have gotten better Sengis." Said the taller of the two.

"Of course, I don't slack like you bro. I stay strong, and I only have one goal brother Escanor."

Cheekily replied the other boy

"I never slack bro, it's just too easy so I kind of, you know, watch T.V." the Escanor boy replied shamelessly. Turning serious, "But that's beside the point, today we get our first mission, and like the old man promised, its duos, debriefing is in 20 minutes."

"Hmm, bro, why you are lying? You gained 10kg in two weeks, and it took you 2 months to lose 5 kg when we were both 12. Never slack. Get that lie outta here bro." Replied Sengis.

The moment they got through the exit door, they were greeted by a great hall, one that looked to go on forever.

"Hey bro, you know where the room is?" Said the Escanor boy energetically

"We have been living here since we were born, how shouldn't I know? "Said Sengis feeling odd.

"Cool bro, race you there for 2k points." Said Escanor smugly. The points in question were contribution points they get from helping around the base, 2k points was a lot to bet on.

"This seems quite unbelievable… you know that I'm basically light years faster than you, yet you want to bet on a race? Oh ho, this looks like a profit session for me. Ill take the bet gladly Sir." Replied Sengis with a smug look.

Escanor shrugs and looks away with a smile on his face.

"3….2...1, GOO!!!" Yelled both boys in unison.

At first, the Escanor boy held first place, but unsurprisingly, the read eyed boy quickly caught up, and started to get ahead, like way ahead, then abruptly, the Escanor boy stopped, Sengis already being ahead, didn't see this cheap move.

'Ha does he think I'm crazy to race him fairly? They switched the debriefing room yesterday, I just need to walk down two more doors, and bam, 2k points for me. Sorry brother Sengis, but I Escanor am a legend.' thought Escanor smugly.

He then walked 2 doors down and arrived in front of a door which was more secure than any other room in the entire facility. As Escanor opened the door, after looking at the retinal eye scanner. He saw his uncle who turned and smiled at him.

"Nice prank, but this mission is of importance, we've played u*o before, I'm pulling out a reverse card." said the uncle with a straight face

"But uncle Sebas, please, this is 2k points we are talking about, I'll do anything." Said Escanor with his most pitiful face. But unfortunate for him, his uncle was a battle-hardened man.

"You are in no place to negotiate young man, as this mission is important." Said Uncle Sebas

Escanor took that in well, but he it didn't mean he was happy. It was an order, and orders are meant to be followed.

A couple of minutes later, Sengis entered the debriefing room.

"You cheating bastard!!! How dare you cheat me? I thought we were bros. Sigh, at least I play fair always, your code name must be associated with darkness.

"Sit down Sengis, as the earlier bet was basically rigged, Escanor owes you an apology and 2k points sounds like a sincere apology."

Escanor cries internally, 'Why oh why, I was supposed to get the 2k points, and then be given more for pulling that off, and then my bro should lose some for not finding anything fishy. He should've lost at least 7k today.'

"Today is your big day boys. This is your first mission. No mistakes. Your task is simple, there is a drug lord in Alaska, he's importing drugs into Canada which then goes to America, but there is no proof its him, or he has any connection to it. Your part in this is to infiltrate his home and get some sort of evidence. "

"Lucky for us he has two children one male the other female, both around the same age as you two. You will be given undercover identities, you will be going in with two FBI agents, as their children, how you both assimilate yourselves into the community is your problem... All you'll get is a piece of paper, that tells you of your undercover identities, and you must follow orders." explained the uncle.

When both boys heard female, their eyes lit up.

'Ha, easy clap, I'll be able to get the girl, I can think of a bullshit excuse, since my bro wants true love, it will be easy for me to tell him that, even if you love her, you will have to leave her, because its a mission, this is how you help your brother..' Thought Escanor, with the face of a noble man, but the thoughts of a horny animal, a true legend.

"This is a mission, not a play date, every single step you take must be careful, as one misstep may as well equal your last one, read these pieces of paper, as it contains all the info in detail, they are not to be taken with you, you have 12 hours to ingrain all of this, then we burn them. No mistakes boys. 'I don't want to lose the last memories of my brother.' I hope for your safe return" said the Uncle

The moment the uncle left the room, the two brothers looked at each other.

"Ah, brother Sengis." Started Escanor in a posh accent. "Your desire is to find true love, but you shouldn't go searching for it, that's what Big sis Miao tells us, let it come to you, don't force it, allow your brother to take the responsibility, because this isn't true love, it's like a prolonged one-night stand. Allow me to take the burden." Continued Escanor with a pure voice, like his intentions are 100% pure.

"=_=, bro? You think I don't know your true intentions?" Exclaimed Sengis. "But you are right, Big sis Miao knows what she's talking about, although the cover looks pure, the inside isn't. Thank you, Noah." Continued Sengis, already memorizing the paper.

"No problem, Josiah, I always like to help." Replied Escanor smugly.

As the two boys finished their small banter, they moved on to memorize the entire paper slip, well, they understood the mission very well, but they burned the new names into their minds, because a small misstep, can lead to the last step, and they still haven't explored the world yet.

This is the step, the one that will decide their espionage career, will they succeed, or will they be screwed over, only time (My emotions) will tell.