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Yellow Springs Road

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Ling Tian was filled with the thrill from revenge; the moment he saw the hopeless expressions on Ling Xue’er, Ling Chao, Ling Han and everyone else during the explosion, he was completely overjoyed! It was just too bad that he did not have the time to enjoy the sweet feeling of revenge.

Following the heaven-shaking explosion, Ling Tian felt his body turn light as he saw a bright road appear before him. Ling Tian was extremely puzzled as he wondered if he had really survived from such an explosion. After checking his body, he realized that he was completely uninjured and could not help but be perplexed.

He involuntarily walked along the road of light. As he moved, he immediately felt that there was something different in his body. His body was actually floating as he moved forward...

Ling Tian could not help but laugh bitterly. So, I did indeed die! This road must be the famous Yellow Springs Road. When I was alive, I have thought about this road for so many times and wanted to tread this path. At this moment, my wish can be said to have come true… Ling Tian thought while mocking himself.

This road was different from what he had thought; to his sides and behind were all dark, except for the direction he was heading, which was shining with a dim light. The road seemed to be extremely stable and he could not tell what was beneath it. Was it made of rock or mud? Ling Tian could not help but be curious.

Ling Tian tried to move backward but his body just wouldn’t move! Then, he tried to walk to the side but was unable to do so either. It was as though there was an invisible barrier present preventing him from doing so. It seemed that one could only walk forward on this road; it was impossible to walk sideways or backwards.

As Ling Tian floated forward, he felt an unexplainable carefreeness in his heart despite his death. Hahaha, Yellow Springs Road and grandmother Meng’s soup; I, Ling Tian, have been looking forward to it! The faster I drink grandmother Meng’s soup, the faster I can forget all of the memories from my past life! Ling Tian prayed in his heart. [1]

Ling Tian suddenly realized that he was not alone on this road. After observing carefully, he realized that there was a continuous stream of people with bitter faces behind him. As they walked, they began to complain and purposefully moved slowly. Every few steps they took, they took a look back as though they had some regrets in their lives.

Ling Tian could not help giggling secretly, thinking, it seems that I am the only one who is able to walk on this road happily! Thinking about this, Ling Tian could not help but have a sense of pride in his heart as he laughed with delight.

The moment he began to laugh, Ling Tian became the center of everyone’s focus! There is actually someone who is so happy to be dead! Those who were trying to slow down their footsteps instinctively gazed at him.

"Dammit, so it is that sicko. This daddy here will beat you to death!" A spirit dashed forward angrily as he grabbed Ling Tian. Just when Ling Tian wanted to avoid him, he realized that the right hand of the spirit actually passed through his body. Ling Tian could not help but laugh to himself: So, I can’t get injured as a spirit.

Seeing that he was unable to catch Ling Tian, the spirit didn’t bother wasting his effort and only scolded, "This daddy here does not have any enmity with you. It doesn’t matter if you want to seek revenge with the Ling family. Why do you have to drag me down?" The moment this person made a move, more and more people found Ling Tian and soon, a crowd of more than ten spirits began to flock around him, attacking him with obscenities.

As Ling Tian thought about it for a moment, he immediately understood that these people must have been guests at the wedding who never imagined that they would die even before getting to enjoy the wedding banquet.

Ling Tian did not have a shred of guilt at all. Having been a part of the Ling family before, he was educated about how society was a man-eat-man world. He was no longer concerned about things like life and death. He was completely unconcerned about the death of an ordinary person. It was merely the survival of the fittest. Everyone had the chance to be an unparalleled expert; it was all a matter of how much effort one put in. If you were not hardworking and threw away your life, who do you have to blame? The heavens gave all humans an equal chance. If you were not hardworking and became a cannon fodder, then don’t complain!

Seeing the faces of all these angry people, Ling Tian suddenly thought about Ling Xue’er and gang and wondered if they were all on this road as well. The moment Ling Tian thought about that, he automatically stopped by the side of the road to wait for them. He wanted to see the expressions on those heartless individuals who could harm their own family.

A short while later, there was another large batch of people who emerged from the darkness. These people walked even more slowly and were cursing incessantly! The one who was walking right at the front was that old man, Ling Jing! Behind him was Ling Chao, Ling Han and Ling Hu... HAHAHA, not a single one of them is missing! Seeing the agitated looks on their faces, Ling Tian was completely overjoyed.

Ling Jing and all present were completely down, not realizing that the very person who caused their deaths was right beside them, and continued cursing as they walked.

Ling Tian could not help but laugh to himself. Just when he wanted to continue walking behind them, he saw a lonely and beautiful white figure appear in front of him. She was still dressed in a white wedding gown. She was Ling Xue’er!

Ling Tian walked forward with a smile and said, "Little sister Xue’er, just like the saying ‘we will definitely have a chance to meet again’, we meet again."

Looking at Ling Xue’er, Ling Tian did not see the expected resentment in her. She only smiled at him and passed by him.

Extremely puzzled, Ling Tian asked, "You don’t hate me? Don’t you blame me for destroying you during the most blissful time of your life?"

Ling Xue’er then stopped and faced him calmly. Then, she said with a sneer, "Most blissful time of my life? Hahaha, Ling Tian, what a joke. Do you know? Not only do I not hate you, but also, in fact, I am extremely grateful for you!"

Ling Tian rubbed his head and frowned, "I don’t understand what you mean."

A mesmerizing smile appeared on Ling Xue’er’s face as she said, "Brother Tian, do you know? After framing you back then, I had a whole year of nightmares. I dreamt that you were right in front of me regardless whether I was awake or not. Do you know? I was almost tortured by you till I went crazy. I secretly ran out to see you a few times but just did not have the guts to appear in front of you. I was afraid, afraid of the look of disdain on your face. Now, I am extremely relaxed. I have returned to you everything I owed you and I do not have to have nightmares anymore. Such a feeling is really great!" As she said that, a relaxed smile appeared on her face.

Ling Tian was stunned for a moment and only replied after a while, "So, you also know how to feel guilty."

Ling Xue’er replied with contentment, "You don’t have to be so sarcastic. Now, we are all the same. Despite repaying that debt, I still owe you right now. Hahaha…" Ling Xue’er then continued with a smile, "Do you know how unwilling I was and how annoyed I felt towards that marriage? Do you know how much I hate that Huang JiaYun? Now, I am finally free of all these things! I am really happy, really happy!"

Ling Tian revealed a thoughtful look and asked, "If you were unwilling and disliked him, why did you agree to marry him?"

As though Ling Xue’er was surprised that Ling Tian would ask that, she looked at him with questioning eyes as she complained, "Why? For my family! For the ambitions of the family! Being a daughter in the family, my destiny was predestined; I would definitely have to sacrifice myself for the family! I do not have the courage to betray the family!" She continued with a mischievous smile, "Thankfully, you blew all my troubles away with a bomb! Haha, if I were to have a second life, I would rather stay in the mountains and be a humble hunter’s daughter. I would definitely not want to be born in such a family again."

Ling Tian became quiet as the both of them stood opposite each other in silence. After a moment, Ling Xue’er lifted her head up and said, "Brother Tian, thank you. If we have a second life and are born in the same family, I would definitely be your most caring sister. I’ll... leave first." She then turned and walked away. After a few steps, she suddenly stopped and said softly to Ling Tian with her back facing him, "Brother Tian, I’m sorry!"

Ling Tian immediately lifted up his head but realized that Ling Xue’er could no longer be seen. From afar, the crowd was still flowing continuously but Ling Tian only stood there with heartache.

Perhaps, if he were to see things from Ling Xue’er’s perspective, although the methods used to frame him might have been a little despicable, how could a direct descendant like her let authority and power fall into the hands of one from the side branch? The moment they lose authority, they would definitely suffer oppression from the whole family. Such a result was something which the proud direct descendants would not be able to endure for sure.

In that instant, the bone-piercing hatred which Ling Tian felt towards Ling Xue’er disappeared. This lady suffered a bad name throughout half her lifetime for the sake of her family. For her family, she sacrificed the most precious marriage. However, the only thing he gave her was a heaven-shaking explosion! At that moment, the hatred in his heart turned into tenderness.

Younger sister Xue’er, if we have a next life, I hope that you will be born in an ordinary family. Enjoy a freedom to love, freedom to marry, freedom to enjoy the free life. Facing the direction which Xue’er had gone in, Ling Tian sent out his blessings.

For the first time, Ling Tian began to question if his decision to take revenge was right or wrong. He could not help but think about Ling Xue’er’s final words, Brother Tian, thank you. If we have a second life and are born in the same family, I would definitely be your most caring sister!

Ling Tian felt bitterness in his heart as he said to himself: Xue’er, if we have a second life and are born in the same family, I will definitely be a good brother and protect you from all grievances.

The next life! Ling Tian suddenly remembered these words. Since there is really a Yellow Springs Road and a Bridge of Helplessness [2], then there must be a next life! Thinking about this, Ling Tian became agitated as he ran towards the direction which Ling Xue’er headed and shouted, "Xue’er, wait for me, let us go together! In the next life, I will still be your brother!"

The moment Ling Tian sprinted, he was faster than all of the floating spirits. In the blink of an eye, he had already sprinted a long way but just could not find Ling Xue’er. At that moment, he could not help but be disappointed and frustrated. Ahead was a white arch bridge with a misty light, which was surely the Bridge of Helplessness. By the side of the bridge, there was a large rock pavilion with the people on it staring at it with sorrow. That was certainly the Home-Viewing Pavilion [3].

Ling Tian was anxious as he knew that once he walked pass the Bridge of Helplessness, he had to drink grandmother Meng’s soup for sure. He wanted to find where Ling Xue’er was. However, he was completely unable to take a step back.

What Ling Tian did not know was that when he sprinted forward while shouting, there was a tender figure by the side of the road weeping, and she was Ling Xue’er. Seeing Ling Tian shout out as he passed her, Ling Xue’er was extremely moved. She wanted to cry out to him, but was unable to say anything because of her tears of joy. She was completely elated, thinking, Brother Tian has forgiven me! Brother Tian has forgiven me! Excitement bubbling in her, she could not help but burst out into tears. Never did she expect that the knot in her heart which had been there for so many years would come undone in this cold and heartless Yellow Springs Road after she died.

Ling Tian vaguely heard the sounds of weeping from behind him and recognized that it was Ling Xue’er’s voice. Filled with joy, he turned behind and wanted to walk back with all his might. But he remained rooted to the ground. Anxious, he thought about the electric drill in the world, Since I am already without a form, I may be able to pass if I were to spin like an electric drill!

The moment he thought about it, he raised his hands to the skies and began spinning on the spot. The moment Ling Tian felt that he was able to generate winds by spinning, he spun towards the direction he came from without restrain. All of the spirits around him began to lose their balance from his actions and cursed him.

All of a sudden, all of the spirits around him suddenly disappeared because of a crazy brat who had suddenly started spinning in the middle of the road... It was as if their spirits were completely destroyed.

All of the spirits could not help but sigh; there were weird things every year, but not as many as this year! It didn’t matter if he was a maniac when he was alive. At least, there was a chance for them to reincarnate after death. But now, this brother here actually went crazy on Yellow Springs Road! It actually resulted in others’ spirits to be completely destroyed! Who knows what wrong they did in their past lives...

As Ling Tian continued to spin, he slowly advanced forward as he thought to himself, This method is useful indeed! Just when he was extremely satisfied and advanced a few steps, he saw a white figure in front of him which looked like Ling Xue’er, approaching him with open arms. With joy, Ling Tian began spinning even faster...

Feeling as though he had broken something, he suddenly felt extremely relaxed. His surroundings no longer had that sluggish feeling and he almost stumbled. He could not be bothered with anything as he stood up after staggering for a moment. Just when he wanted to say hi to Ling Xue’er, Ling Tian was completely dumbfounded as he opened his eyes, "My goodness! This... where is this darn place?"

[1]: It is a traditional Chinese belief that one will drink grandmother Meng’s soup when they are in hell to forget things from the past life before entering reincarnation.

[2]: The Bridge of Helplessness is a bridge where the spirits of the dead must pass on Yellow Springs Road to reach grandmother Meng before entering reincarnation.

[3]: The Home-Viewing Pavilion is a pavilion where the souls can see their loved ones in the living world. This is also where grandmother Meng is located at.

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