In an ordinary village of arc continent situated in the country of azeroth came a new member,a new villager in the form of a child ,yes today the village head's wife has given birth to a new life.

All the villagers were very happy since the new child was the hope of the village.The arc continent was not a peaceful world in this world evil spirits roamed fearlessly, the monsters rampaged, the bandits pillaged the villages ,plagues taking countless lives,the nobles oppression and heavy taxes

but all this can be avoided if the villages have the protection of powerful mages or warriors.

There were no mages in the village only a warrior which was the head of village hence villagers had great expectations towards their new young master.At midnight the cry of new hero rang in the entire village,as if celebrating his birth the stars in the milky way started shining brightly as if wanted to blind the villagers ,it seemed the starts didn't want the villagers to see the face of new member.

At a distance of hundred miles from the village a beautiful woman opened her eyes in the direction of the village suddenly a flame appeared besides her shining in form of symbols as if trying to communicate with her,she opened her beautiful lips and whispered where the symbol flickered"i know we need to hide young masters identity otherwise there will be big problems waiting for us ,not to mentioned others just remembering the person who gave us the job sends a chill down my spine".There came a voice from the the flame symbol "it is good you know what to do otherwise we really will be in shit,I do not know the identity of the boy,but i can tell you the person behind him is not simple".the woman replied "how do you know".A grieved voice came from the fire symbol "how do I know? Let me tell you little girl the birth of this child is not simple ,Do you know this child should already be given birth 3 months ago but here we guarding the village like a dog".

the woman said''how can be possible''.The flame symbol replies ''this matter is not simple,you should know that i am one of top ten diviners of azeroth country but even i cannot calculate who hid the child faith, but i know that the child is not that of village head ,heck i can even say that bastard village doesn't even known if he has even touched his wife''.woman''then how come he believes it is his child''.the flame replied ''i don't know,maybe some kind of hypnosis or mental manipulation magic,this case seems very fishy ,you better be careful and watch your back''.the woman replied ''ok bye ''.After that she muttered to herself'' time to work''.

After straightening herself the woman began to read incarntation and a hundred milos wide wide magic circle appeared which shot towards the sky and erased the shining stars reverting it back to normal.In an unknown location above an island an old man was sitting in meditation sudden his eyes opened ,there was a sharp glint in his eyes he thundered and said'' since you have came why not show yourself''. A chuckling came from the shadows like that a young woman in her twenties , she looked at the elderly and replied with a sultry voice''you don't need to be on your guard mister Gerald ,I just came here to give you a warning to please not look into that boys matter otherwise I may get angry".Gerald replied that woman if I don't comply.At this response the woman's face turned ice and she raised her hand and sudden blizzard blew towards Gerald.Gerald had quite confidence in his strength as he is one of the most powerful mages of azeroth continent and as well as powerful divination master and believed that he will be able to defeat this woman easily alas it resulted in his tragic defeat ,he was flung thousands of milos away into the sea.His conditioned was not good but he somehow managed to stand up but suddenly he felt cool air coming from behind ,he hastily turned backward there was the woman standing and smiling.She said ''now,now Mr Gerald don't need to be to anxious I didn't came here to kill you it was just a warning next time there will be no warning only death'' while saying this her expression remained the same and she vanished. Seeing that the woman was not there anymore Gerald exhaled a sigh of relief and burned a paper and said " all the investigation regarding the village boy is cancelled ,repeat all the investigations are cancelled''.After saying that Gerald couldn't stand anymore and sat there on the ground unknown to him the woman was still watching him.

After confirming his action she gently read an incarntation and spoke'' Mother the work is done''.There came a voice ''good job Olivia mother is very happy''.Olivia said ''mother when can i meet my brother ''.The voice replied ''It won't be long before my dear and we can be all together''.

Olivia''mother i can marry my brother right ''.The voice replied "yes dear not only you even your little sister and i will marry him so that all of us can be together''.Olivia''Mother what about Christine she won't get in our way right,She is playing the role of brother's mother right now so I am somewhat afraid".The voice replied ''you don't need to worry about that she knows what to do and she is just playing the role not real mother she is just there for my son to play with ,a present from my son to toy around and if forgets her role and tries to be over smart then there is no need for her even if she is my friend ".Olivia"I now feel relieved after hearing that bye mother''.

At this time in village no knows what was happening around and they all were partying ,drinking in the celebration of new son of village head.