Legacy of the Virtual Realm Book

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Legacy of the Virtual Realm


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The Chinese video game novel "Legacy of the Virtual Realm" follows the story of a young man named Chen Wu who gets trapped inside a new virtual reality game. As he begins his adventure in the game, Chen Wu quickly realizes that it is much more dangerous and complex than he ever imagined. In the game, players can choose their class, level up, and gain skills and abilities. The game also has a unique system where players can unlock powerful "Inheritances" that grant them immense power and abilities. Throughout the novel, Chen Wu meets various other players and forms alliances with them to overcome the challenges and enemies they face. Together, they must navigate through dangerous dungeons, battle powerful bosses and rival teams, uncover hidden plots, and ultimately save the game world from destruction. With each chapter having its own cliffhanger, the novel is a thrilling and engaging adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.


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