74 Chapter 74- Monster Stampede (Part 3)

"This is really bad," Acht muttered as he started retreating slowly while keeping eye contact with the orc.

It was most likely the dungeon boss and for his bad luck, it ended up in front of him.

What are the chances of meeting this exact creature by coincidence in a place the size of a country? Well, not that high except if Acht was involved, then the chances wouldn't be the same.

But, he didn't care about luck at the moment since he was in a very dire situation. A confrontation with such a beast will be extremely dangerous if not lethal.

'I can't fucking run!' he looked behind him and hordes of creatures moving on the other intersection he will have to pass in order to escape.

The orc lord looked at Acht with its huge red eyes that were filled with anger. It saw how this small human killed a lot of its subordinates.

So, it was now eager to shred that human to pieces and swallow him whole like a fish.


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