Leap of Faith Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Leap of Faith

Mags Hayward

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Abseiling? How did Anika persuade her to do that? When Lauren set out to start her life over -- new job, new city, new friends -- she never dreamed she’d be clinging to a rope, dangling off a ninety-foot railway viaduct. Then again, she’d never expected to meet someone like Anika.<br><br>Determined to rebuild her confidence and regain independence after the devastation of a shattering break-up, Lauren was surprised to be drawn to Anika. Headstrong and daring, Anika was fascinating and yet, intimidating -- not Lauren’s usual type. Their unexpected friendship was like a breath of fresh air ... Could it be more? With the painful past still raw, was it too soon to love again? Was Lauren merely rebounding?<br><br>In the midst of bravely tackling the challenging abseil, Lauren had a decision to make. Play safe or throw caution to the wind? Is she prepared to take a leap of faith?