3 Part 3

On the evening of October 10th, Natsuki's 6th birthday, Hisagi and Yugao had sat down with Natsuki and Hisagi started "Natsuki, you remember that daddy promised to tell you about your other mommy when you were 6 and a big girl?" to which she nodded "Un, Natsuki remembers, daddy!" she said in her childish voice, and he nodded before continuing "Yes, and daddy is going to tell you everything. You see, Natsuki is special, she has 2 daddies and 2 mommies. Now, before I continue, I have to tell you, that no matter what, Natsuki will always be my daughter and I love her more than anything, and the same with mommy", here Yugao nodded in agreement "Your biological parents were Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, what biological parents mean, is that they were your first parents, and they loved you very much, but died the day you were born. Daddy adopted you the day after. Do you understand?" he asked kindly, and Natsuki spent a bit thinking "Yeah daddy. Natsukis parents are no longer here but loved Natsuki, but daddy and mommy are here and also love Natsuki" she said full of conviction and pride as she figured it out.

"That's right" Hisagi said "You see, mommy Kushina held a super strong fox inside of her, but when Natsuki was born, someone did something bad and the fox got free. You remember the talk about Kyuubi attacking?" Natsuki nodded "Mommy Kushina held Kyuubi inside of her, and daddy Minato had to protect everyone in the village, so he used a super strong jutsu to put the fox inside of Natsuki, but to use that jutsu meant that daddy Minato died. And because the fox got out of mommy Kushina, she also died. But I know something suuuuper secret that not even mommy Yugao knows. Daddy Minato and mommy Kushina, when they put the fox into Natsuki, also put some of themselves into Natsuki, so they could meet her one day, because they wanted to meet Natsuki so much" when he said this, both Yugao and Natsuki went wide eyed in shock.

"Do you want to go meet them together with daddy and mommy?" Hisagi asked her.

"Uuuuhh.. I.. I don't know daddy. What if daddy Minato and mommy Kushina don't like Natsuki? What if they hate Natsuki?" she asked and was almost in tears at the end, and Hisagi grabbed her and put her on his lap so she was facing him "Don't worry, daddy Minato and mommy Kushina will definately like Natsuki. After all, Natsuki is their daughter, just like she is the daughter of me and mommy Yugao, neh?" he finished with a head tilt and she giggled slightly and repeated "Neh?" with a head tilt as well. Yugao just watched with a kind smile on her face, glad that her husband was such a good father for their daughter.

"I want to go meet them daddy. Can mommy come too? I want mommy there too" she said, and almost whispered the last part. Yugao and Natsuki had really grown close, almost inseperable in fact. Hisagi smiled at her and nodded "Of course mommy can come too. But first, lets go meet the big fox, okay? Many people think the fox is a big meanie, but actually... the big fox just wants a friend. Many people have hurt the fox" he told them, and held their hand, while slowly meditating, and they all entered Natsukis mindscape.

They appeared in a giant open meadow, full of life, and not far away there was a giant cave with bars in front of it and a paper on it.

"Let's go meet the fox, neh?" Hisagi asked Natsuki and she tentatively nodded, still slightly scared, she had after all been told that the fox was a big meanie, and she didn't like meanies!

Large red eyes opened behind the metal bars, looking at them approach, before a large yet distinctively female voice rang out from the cave "To what do I owe the pleasure of my warden and her guardians presence?" the voice slightly scared Natsuki, but that was mainly because it was so sudden. Hisagi looked down at Natsuki and with a calm and gentle smile asked her "Remember, when you meet new people, what are you supposed to do?"

Natsuki immediately perked up and turned her focus back to the cage "Uhm.. hello.. I'm Shuhei Natsuki, who are you?"

Slight surprise became visible in the fox' expression "I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, little girl. What do you want here?" Natsukis eyes brightened because the fox wanted to talk to her, before she put on her thinking face, which looked kind of funny, and after a bit she remembered what her daddy had said "I want to be your friend! Daddy said that people see you as a big meanie, but that you are not a meanie. And.. and.. and that people have hurt you" she started very happy, but finished very sadly, she didn't like when people got hurt, so knowing the fox was hurt she was sad.

The fox was surprised, no scratch that, she was VERY surprised. She looked at the two adults behind the little girl, and the first thing that stood out was that Yugao was visibly nervous but also very proud, and the man at her side just had a gentle expression on his face while watching the interaction, and when they locked eyes, he simply nodded at her while still having that kind expression on his face. He had nodded at her. HER. The Kyuubi no Kitsune, the mighty destroyer of everything living, the bane of all existence, said to level mounts and cause tsunamis with a single swipe of her soft glorious tails, and this man had simply given her a nod with a face of kindness. This was new for her. She had never experienced that before. She turned her focus back on the little girl before asking "Why do you want to be my friend?"

Natsuki, without even hesitating "Because daddy said you wanted a friend, and Natsuki likes friends!" a large happy smile on her face.

Once again, the fox found herself shocked. No hesitation. BAM. Right in the feels. The little girl hit right home by answering like that, and with no hesitation or doubt what so ever. She was about to speak again, but the little girl swept in once again.

"So, so, what's your name?" she looked up in the eyes of the fox full of expectations "I am the Kyuu-" a giggle cut her off "Nooooo silly! Your name! Kyuubi is just like Hokage for daddy! Daddy is daddy, and he is Hokage!" the little girl said, thrice in a row the little girl wormed her way right through her well put up defences. But she saw a chance to have some fun with the little girl

"So what is the name of your daddy then, if his name isn't Hokage?" the fox asked, and the prompt answer full of pride and honesty came back "Shuhei Daddy!" a giggle and a chuckle could be heard from behind the little girl, and drew the attention of said girl as well as fox.

"Actually sweetie, daddys name is Shuhei Hisagi, just like Hokage, daddy is a title, but only Natsuki can call daddy for daddy, that is until you get a little brother or little sister, then they too can call daddy for daddy. But daddy will tell you something super secret... Daddy likes the title daddy waaaaaaay more than he likes Hokage, because only Natsuki can use the title daddy" Hisagi explained to the little girl, while whispering the last part loud enough for the others present to hear as well, as if he was telling her some sort of secret conspiracy, and the look of shock on her face was priceless, it was like a veil was pulled in front of her "Mommy, is that true, daddy isn't named daddy?!" she asked Yugao in shock

"It's true Natsuki. Daddys name is Shuhei Hisagi. Like mommys name is Uzuki Yugao" the mother explained patiently, and after a while, the little girl turned back to the fox and once again full of confidence said to the fox "Okay! Daddys name is Shuhei Hisagi!" to which the fox actually felt happy. Seeing the little girl so excited over the fact that her daddy had a name and getting to tell her that name actually warmed the fox's heart a bit.

"Kurumi" the fox said

"Huh? What did you say?" Natsuki asked

"My name is Kurumi" Kurumi told the girl, as well as the two behind the girl. Natsuki lit up with a happy smile "Whoooah, that's a cool name! Natsuki is Natsuki! Neh, neh? Are we friends now? Will you be friends with Natsuki?" the little girl said and asked almost hyper in excitement.

The fox pondered for a bit "Un, I guess that means we are friends, Natsuki" and the little girl threw her hands up in the air with a loud cheer "Yaay! Another friend! Daddy! Natsuki has a new friend!" and ran over to her father and jumped up in his arms and told her all she knew about Kurumi, which was.. her name. He chuckled kindly while listening to his daughter talk about her new friend, and talking about all the adventures they would have. While this happened, Kurumi was just looking at the little girl in awe. She wanted.. to be her friend, and was telling her father all she knew about her new friend, which was that she was a super cool fox and had a super cool name, then she heard something that thoroughly shocked her to her core, when Natsuki asked her father a question "Daddy, can we get Kurumi-chan out of the cage? I don't want my friend in there. She should be out here with us."

The little girl wanted to let her out of her cage, because.. they were friends and wanted her, the feared Kyuubi.. by her side? Though Kurumi held little hope for it to happen, the man was obviously going to- "Sure, that is one of the reasons we're here after all, since Kurumi decided to be Natsukis friend we can't have her locked up in a cage, neh?" he asked kindly and gently while tilting his head slightly at Natsuki to which Natsuki just parroted the action, tilting her head and saying "Neh?" cutely while giggling.

Hisagi walked over to the seal, and knew that Minato would appear first. So he turned to Natsuki "Okay, daddy will remove this paper, and then daddy Minato will appear, he will try to stop daddy because he thinks Kurumi-chan is a meanie, but we know that Kurumi-chan isn't a meanie, after that, Natsuki has to come with daddy so daddy can open the gates. When that happens, mommy Kushina will come, and you need to bump fists with Kurumi-chan. Okay?" he asked, and after a bit Natsuki responded "Daddy removes paper, daddy Minato appears, will try to stop daddy because he thinks Kurumi-chan is a meanie, but Kurumi-chan is Natsuki's friend, then Natsuki goes to daddy and we open the gate and mommy Kushina comes and Natsuki fist bumps Kurumi-chan!" she explained proudly

"That's right. Daddy is proud, Natsuki is so smart" he said while gently running his hand down Natsukis bright red hair.

He walked over to the gates, and drifted upwards till he was in front of the seal, and started peeling it off till a hand grabbed his and stopped him "What do you think you're doing to my daughters seal?" a mans voice asked

Turning his head towards Minato "It's good to see you again, Minato-senpai. But since you have limited time, there is someone that wants to meet you" he turned back and gestured towards Yugao and Natsuki, who hid slightly behind Yugao looking at him expectantly and Minato couldn't help but smile "Don't worry, Minato. I know what I'm doing, go stand with Yugao and watch the show."

Deciding to trust the man for now, as he could see that Natsuki was here as well so it was definately something under control.

"Natsuki, come here. Next we get mommy Kushina, okay?" Hisagi asked her, and she nodded happily. So he ripped off the seal, and immediately turned to Natsuki and gently pulled up her shirt to see the seal, and applied the seal key he had configured so they didn't need the one that was with Jiraya. The 'keyhole' became visible, and he gently placed his fingers around the seal on Natsukis stomach before twisting, but not so it would hurt her. The gates opened, and Kushina appeared after the gates opened.

"Kurumi-chan!" Natsuki happily shouted while holding out her fist towards the giant fox with a large smile that showed just how happy she was that her friend wasn't locked up anymore and the fox returned the gesture, and they bumped fists, forming a connection. No longer could Natsuki be hurt. Normally, Jinchuuriki have to accept their darker side before doing something like this, but Hisagi had raised Natsuki in the ideal way for a Jinchuuriki. For example, like all parents, he had told her that it was bad to steal, but sometimes you might want something, then if you felt like you wanted to steal it to accept, okay, you want to steal it, but not to do it, because it is wrong. It is not wrong to want to steal something, but it is wrong to actually do the deed. Accepting that you want to do something bad is important, and then not doing it because it is wrong. That is the ideal way of raising a Jinchuuriki, because that way, there are no repressed negative emotions. And when Natsuki bumped fists with Kurumi, Kurumi could feel that. She could feel that Natsuki had some darkness in her, but instead of repressing it, she lived and accepted she had those dark thoughts sometimes, but never acted on them because she herself wouldn't be happy with it.

"Now Natsuki-chan, Kurumi-chan, let's go join the others so we can talk. I can see that daddy Minato and mommy Kushina really wants to meet you, so you run ahead Natsuki" Hisagi told them, but mainly Natsuki "Yeeees, daddy!" and she barreled off towards Yugao, Minato and Kushina who all stood there with smiles on their faces and as she ran there she shouteed "Daddy Minato, mommy Kushina!" and jumped up in a hug with them. Hisagi looked at Kurumi "Come on Kurumi" and said with a kind smile at her, and she nervously asked "Are you sure it's okay?" and he chuckled "Of course. You're part of the family now. Essentially, you can be considered the guardian angel.. or guardian fox? of my daughter. Now no more hesitation, after all that doesn't suit 'the all-mighty and fearsome Kyuubi no Kitsune', neh?" he tilted his head at the fox who just stared at him in awe before nodding.

When they got closer they could hear Natsuki talking to Minato and Kushina who was listening intently to the little girl while having kind smiles on their faces "... and then daddy was all like.. Natsuki. Is it okay that daddy marries mommy? and Natsuki was like Un! Daddy can marry mommy. And the wedding was one month later. Natsuki had this suuuuper pretty dress, but mommy looked so pretty too in her dress, like an angel! She was so beautiful, mommy Kushina!" when they got there, Hisagi just chuckled slightly at hearing her, and Kurumi had a happy feeling to her presence as she laid down next to them while listening to Natsuki ramble on "By the way mommy Kushina, is it true that you are a super strong kunoichi? Since Natsuki was 4 she wanted to be like mommy because daddy said that Natsuki had mommys pretty red hair and she was a suuuper strong and beautiful kunoichi!" to which Kushina actually blushed lightly and Minato chuckled before heading over to sit next to Hisagi to talk with him "It's hard to believe that the five year old boy I sent off a year before I died would come back the day after, a whole 19 years older, became Hokage and adopted my daughter. Thank you. Thank you for raising her. Thank you for making her happy." and before Hisagi could answer, they overheard Natsuki whisper loudly to Kurumi "I think daddy knew your name before we came here, but he didn't tell me. He seemed to know, don't you think?" in a manner that clearly hinted at blatant conspiracy, to which Yugao added fuel to the fire "Now that you say that, Natsuki-chan, you're right, daddy clearly knew more than he told us. We should punish him, don't you think? What about.. no morning hugs for a week?" to which Natsuki looked stricken, like someone just stole a cookie from her hand "Noo, mommy! I want my morning hugs! We will tickle him!" as soon as this was said, Yugao turned her head towards Hisagi "You hear that, dear? We're coming for you!" with a gentle and teasing smile on her lips and he let out a chuckle in response "I get it, I accept my punishment. I won't try to run. And I will explain everything" letting out a smile, and then a sigh, remembering everything.

"Where to start? Let's see.. Before I was Shuhei Hisagi, my name was Charles Davidson, I lived on a planet called Earth... ... ... so when I was 5, I went to talk with Minato, on October 11th, to make sure the timeline stayed the same. But things never go as planned, as you know. Originally, the plan was just to let things unfold as it did in the original timeline.. but one meeting with you, Minato, and then coming back seeing Natsuki.. It hurt. It hurt so much it was nearly unbearable. I hid it, while playing with her and caring for her, but it still hurt. It felt like I was the one that caused your deaths, Minato, Kushina. Had I left on the 9th of October, I could have changed the outcome of that day entirely, and knowing that it hurt that I caused Natsuki that pain. I just couldn't leave her to suffer like she did in the original timeline. I refused that. Yugao, do you remember that when I came back, the kanji tattoo on my face was red? It turned black in the council meeting when I decided to adopt Natsuki. The tattoo was made in a special way, that when what is inscribed is fulfilled, the color goes from red to black, or in other words, it locks in. The tattoo going from 'red' protect to 'black' protect, meant I locked in on protecting Natsuki, even if it meant going against the world. That is what that tattoo is about. And every day, every hour, every minute... every second I spent with Natsuki, was like the greatest gift I have ever gotten. Yugao, you were there when Natsuki said her first word and took her first step. You also remember my reaction seeing your chuckling. I was crying rivers and almost fainted from happiness. And even now, 5 years later, there are still snickers amongst the ANBU about it. And that leads us to today. Natsuki-chan's 6th birthday, also the day I promised her I would tell her about her mommy with the pretty red hair that was super strong. I decided to tell her everything, because I knew I raised a strong girl. I told her about daddy Minato and mommy Kushina, while also telling her that no matter what, daddy and mommy Yugao would always love her, no matter what. After telling her, I asked her if she wanted to meet you two, and knew about you sealing parts of yourselves in the seal while also knowing that to meet you two, she had to make friends with Kurumi-chan. Though, I can't force my little girl into doing anything, so I told her that people thought that the fox that daddy Minato and mommy Kushina put into her was a big meanie, but the fox was actually not a big meanie, as well as the fact that many people have hurt the fox, also the fact that the fox needed a friend. I gave Natsuki the pieces, but if she was not ready to put the pieces in place, then I was not going to force her. I decided to put my trust in my daughter, and let her handle it. So, Kurumi-chan, while I knew most, everything that happened with my daughter was 100% genuine and honest." Hisagi explained. It took a while, but he got through it all.

There was silence for a while, before Kushina broke it "You've done well, Hisagi. Thank you. For everything. For taking care of our daughter. For protecting the village we love. For being honest with us. I don't think we could have raised her any better" she said with a smile, while looking in his eyes, and he just couldn't take it anymore. Breaking down, crying, sobbing while apologizing for not saving them, while they just hugged him and kept saying it was okay. Natsuki was looking at him in wonder, before speaking up "Daddy, it's okay. Natsuki is okay. She is happy with you and mommy, and she even got to meet daddy Minato and mommy Kushina. Natsuki loves you daddy!" she too started crying, seeing her daddy cry "I love you too, Natsuki, more than you will ever know, more than words can ever say. I love you so much" while hugging her tightly to himself. Yugao was just looking on with a gentle smile, having been shocked at her husbands past earlier, but hearing the truth as well as seeing him break down and apologizing constantly, till seeing him hug their daughter like she was his lifeline, she couldn't stop the single tear running down her left cheek. She hadn't known of her husbands pain he strode through to make sure Natsuki became the happy little girl she was today. She admired that about him, as well as loved that about him. He threw himself into the proverbial emotional blender so that Natsuki wouldn't have to suffer. He took the responsibility on himself without ever saying a word about how much his choice had actually put an emotional burden on him, kept striding forward, remaining loyal not only to Natsuki, but also herself and the village. And now she sees that he had stayed loyal to Minato and Kushina as well. His choices and actions after returning had all been to improve everything, all because of his one choice seven years ago. She knew that she loved him before, that was a fact, if she didn't she wouldn't have married him. But now looking at him hugging their daughter like she was the greatest treasure from kami herself, she knew she LOVED the man. Forever. She was broken out of her thoughts when she heard Natsuki speak up "Mommy, daddy Minato, mommy Kushina, all hug!" and they gathered around her in a hug.

'Yes' Yugao thought 'I want it to be like this forever, my daughter, husband and myself. Maybe another child or two down the line.'

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