1 Lazy Heiress

2020, Magical City of Long


"Success is certainly not for the lazy."

Lyca Huang nodded at her cousin's words. She rested her elbows on the table and propped her chin on her palms. Her brown eyes that mirrored her cousin's sparkled with mischief as she smiled at her.

Lyca could tell her five reasons why lazy people were more likely to be successful.

However, she was too lazy to open her mouth and argue. "I agree," she answered. Besides mocking her, Huang Xiaoxuan actually had a point.

"Of course you would," her cousin sneered. "I am not being nosy. But… I think the fact that you are already twenty- one and have not even started with your college education is… crazy. What do you think will happen if you introduce yourself as my cousin?" Disgust clouded her gaze.

"I haven't tried it," Lyca shrugged.

"They will think I have a lazy cousin!" Huang Xiaoxuan's beautiful face morphed into a scowl.

Lyca nodded and didn't bother to correct her cousin's words. Why try to impress someone who she didn't like? "I agree," she said for the second time as her lips lifted into a mocking smile.

As expected, her cousin's face turned ugly. She glared at Lyca for a few seconds, her eyes narrowing on Lyca's red dress before she turned to talk to the person sitting next to her. Seeing this, Lyca chuckled.

Since the party began, everyone had been avoiding Lyca like a plague and yet this Huang Xiaoxuan still dared to sit next to her. She must have thought that she could provoke Lyca into talking to her. If this were her past life, Huang Xiaoxuan would already be dead, her throat slit from one of Lyca's daggers.

However, in this life, she was too lazy for such things. She would rather stay quiet and become an absolute wallflower than attract anyone's attention.

Lyca threw another grape into her mouth. She looked at the other Huang family member's socializing with each other as she tried to stop herself from yawning.

She immediately reminded herself not to think about her king-sized bed anymore.

She lowered her head and looked at the scarlet liquid in her wine glass. It sparkled under the light of the chandelier just above her, making it look like a part of the starlit night sky just outside of the mansion. She lifted the glass and held it in front of her nose. Smelling its aged aroma somehow made her more sleepy.

She stifled another yawn.

"I have an announcement to make," Huang Yi Cong, the patriarch of the Huang family, said in a room full of Huang's. His croaky voice was loud enough to interrupt the roaring conversation among the nearly twenty people in the dining room.

'This announcement must be big,' Lyca silently thought as she lazily leaned back on her velvet chair. After all, Huang Yi Cong would not have made this birthday party exclusive to their family if it wasn't. She looked at her grandfather, who just turned eighty years old today.

She tucked a loose strand of her ash-blond hair behind her ear as she looked at the various expressions of the other members of the Huang Family. Slowly, the conversations died down.

"Everyone… please take a seat," her grandfather gestured for everyone to take their seats at the long rectangular table in the room.

Lyca examined her grandfather. The old man's robust physique towered over everyone as he stood, holding his wineglass in his left hand. For a few seconds, her eyes darted toward the moon pendant on his neck. Memories- sad ones, clouded her gaze.

"Today… I turned eighty," her grandfather started. "Years ago, before my late wife passed, I promised her that I would never stop working for the company that we built together. I also promised her that once I turned eighty… I would announce the person that will inherit the company."

Gasps and murmurs immediately followed the old man's words. Judging from everyone's reaction, it seemed that no one really expected the old man to announce such matters now.

"Father… I have a question." Huang Ying, the Eldest daughter of Huang Yi Cong raised her hand.

"Hm? What is it?" her grandfather lifted an eyebrow.

"Are you saying that after today… you are going to leave the company?" For the second time, murmurs echoed inside the dining room. The old man had been working in this company for almost six decades! Was he finally leaving?

"No," The old man shook his head. He then looked at his three sons and his only daughter. Then slowly, his gaze roamed towards his grandchildren's faces. "My successor… needs training. I am not leaving the company until I am sure that this person can manage the business well," he uttered.

For a few seconds, Lyca thought that her grandfather's eyes had paused in her direction. However, she was quick to shrug the feeling off. Since transmigrating into this body, she had actually never recalled her grandfather being close to her.

"Alright then," a confident smile bloomed on her aunt's face. Hearing this, the old man cleared his throat and started talking about the history of the Huang Security Group.

She looked at her grandfather, pretending to listen to the story that she heard every family gathering. While she found all this boring, Lyca would also not miss seeing the drama that would come after this announcement.

She could not wait to find out who was the unlucky person who her grandfather would name as the person who would follow in his footsteps. Lyca absentmindedly propped another grape in her mouth as she pretended to comprehend her grandfather's words.

"This is why… with the happiest heart… I want to let everyone know that I chose my one and only… granddaughter, Lyca Huang, the daughter of my third son, as my successor and the future CEO of Huang Security Group."

Silence followed her grandfather's words as they echoed inside Lyca's ears. For a few minutes, not one person inside spoke a word as they awkwardly looked at Lyca, then back to the old man who this granddaughter clearly resembled.

"Father! What kind of madness is this!?"

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