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Mr. Dayal, an investigation officer is trying hard to solve his very last case as he'll soon retire from his service. It was not only the last mission for him but also a sort of justice to his daughters culprit that he tells about at the end. Everything seemed to end as he got no information or clues against the culprit until one day he coincidentally collided with Jake who has connections with this politician that Mr. Dayal assumed to be the main culprit.Jake promised to help him along with the other 3 officers who were selected for the team. *** "I'm planning on switching sides. Again! " Mr. Hussain and his brother widened their eyes. "Did you just.. " Mr. Hussain, the politician asks. "Yes you heard it right" Jake smirks. "Then tell us what they are exactly planning? Tell us everything. " Mr. Hussain asked. "You just need to go meet them and the rest,you guess!" "Huh! As if I'm going to blurt everything out to them. I never thought Dayal could be this naive."The politician laughed. *** Will they be able to last as a team till the end? Will they succeed in the last mission? Find out more about this last mission by reading the story further. Find me: Discord: Juman12#1675 Join my discord server for more updates!! https://discord.gg/k4muFv2P


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