Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game

------------------------------------------------- MC: I am a dragon? Cool! Also, MC: Wait, most of the dragons died after centuries of being hunted for their expensive materials, and when beings called players descended with their powerful systems and immortality, they hunted down rest of them ... and I am the last one... I am fucked!!! ------------------------------------------------- Join our MC, a former player on his journey not to become a legendary rank item, in a world of the game that he used to play. ------------------------------- Release schedule: 1 chapter each day Bonus chapter goals: 500, 800, 1111 ----------------------------------------- Official discord: https://discord.gg/pWfgFHwvh4

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Bandit Camp 2/2 (Re-Re-Edited)

Two bandits were standing guard at the entrance to their camp, but they spent most time chatting and not paying much attention to their surroundings.

Suddenly the small dragon jumped from the tree at the two guards; he immediately swung his clawed front limbs cutting off the bandit's heads. Two geysers of blood erupted from their necks as their heads rolled on the ground.





The bandits around the fireplace grabbed their weapons and prepared to fight.

"Kill it and skin it! Drake's skin is expensive!" The bandit in the chainmail shouted, spitting saliva around him.

The bandits split up, with the two equipped with swords moving to the side, trying to attack the small dragon from his blind side. In the meantime, their leader remained facing the dragon from the front head-on.

Vesuvius launched himself like a tiger at the leader, but the leader quickly rolled out of the dragon's way. Two bandits with swords rushed to help, swinging their swords simultaneously at the dragon from both sides. He swung his wing, swatting away one of them. However, the second sword struck him only to harmlessly bounce off the dragon's scales.

"Hahaha, fools, your cheap weapons can't hurt my majestic scales!" Vesuvius shouted without any control. Then he pressed on with his attack on their leader, violently swinging his clawed limb.

The leader ducked, narrowly avoiding the dragon's claws. Bandit, with a sword, struck at the Vesuvius again, his sword chipping at the hard dragon scales. Annoyed by such impudence, Vesuvius changed his target, rapidly turning towards the bandit with a sword, swinging his claws. Bandit dodged by sidestepping; however, the dragon pressed, opening his massive mouth and biting the surprised bandit. His teeth easily passed through the gambeson, crushing bandits' bones and tearing a massive hole in his side.

"AAA!" the bandit cried as a massive amount of blood gushed out of his wound.


Three more bandits rushed out of their tents wielding spears and daggers.

"Quickly surround that drake!" The leader shouted as he took a few steps back to catch his breath.

The bandits quickly rushed toward the dragon. However, the dragon didn't let them as he spread his wings, launching himself into the air. He immediately put his wing into the sharp shape, increasing his speed as he darted towards the bandit with a sword that was still coughing up blood after getting swatted away by the dragon.

"He.." surprised, the bandit didn't get to say what he wanted as Vesuvius already landed at him, crushing him with his weight.


"Quickly, you idiots! Surround it! Don't give it space to spread its wings and fly again!"

"Grrr!" Vesuvius mindlessly growled, taunting the bandits to attack him. Three bandits attacked him simultaneously. Two spears stabbed at him, and the bandit with a dagger ran to get behind the dragon. Vesuvius swung his front limb towards one of the incoming spears. The Pole of the spear met with his arm.

"Crack!" the spear handle cracked, breaking into two parts. Bandit immediately retreated with quick backsteps. Then the dragon swung his tail towards the bandit that was trying to attack him from behind. The bandit with a dagger jumped up, making a flip over the tail that was moving towards him.

Vesuvius rushed up to the unarmed bandit, ignoring the attacks of the two attacking bandits. The unarmed bandit's eyes widened in terror as he turned back, trying to run away. Vesuvius quickly caught up to him biting his head off from behind.


The bandit leader waiting outside the fight quickly rushed Vesuvius from the side, his mace glowing in orange light as mysterious energy flowed through the muscles of the bandit leader. He swung his mace, hitting the dragon to its left side. Dragon's scales easily deflected the attack, but just a sheer strength behind the strike passed through the scales damaging flesh under it.

"Graaa!" Vesuvius cried in pain and staggered.

"Hahaha, you monster! I will make a bag out of your skin!" the bandit leader shouted, and two remaining bandits cheered up!

Vesuvius shook his head, calming himself down, 'I can't lose my nerves, or I will make stupid decisions. The other two bandits aren't any danger to me. I only need to rush that one with a mace.'

The dragon immediately threw himself at the bandit leader that already prepared to swing his mace again. The two other bandits had already caught up to them and started pestering the dragon with their weapons.

The dragon ignored them as he swung his clawed limb at their leader. The leader immediately rolled out of the strike's trajectory, but Vesuvius attacked again and again, swinging his massive claws. The leader kept dodging. Vesuvius gave him no space to counterattack as he kept attacking him. Then he suddenly swung his tail, surprising the bandit leader and hitting him in his stomach. He bent as he was sent flying back, coughing up blood.

The dragon pressed again, ignoring the other two bandits swinging their weapons at his scaled body. Before the leader could stand up, the dragon reached him and swung at him with his clawed front limb. The leader swung his mace at the clawed limb coming at him. Vesuvius expected the pain and flinched a little bit, grinding his teeth, but his attack didn't stop. The massive claws easily skewered a massive hole into the bandit's chest.




You are now level 5

All stats increased!

+5 stat points

+1 ability point

Your skill [Claw] reached level 2

Your skill [Bite] reached level 2


The two remaining bandits dropped their weapons as they turned to run away. Vesuvius quickly caught up to them, cutting them apart with his claws.



He looked at the bandit's corpses, but he didn't feel like eating them, 'It is one thing to kill them, but I will not eat humanoids.'

However, his eyes glowed as he carefully took the pouch from the bandit belt with his claws with blood still dripping out from them. He sniffed the pouch, and the beautiful smell of gold caused a wave of euphoria to explode inside of him, 'Hahaha, this dragon's emotions are really something.'

Then he limped a little bit as he felt pain in places where the mace hit him, 'I need to be careful about bludgeoning weapons. Even if they are cheap, the force behind them can still cause damage to me... Hmm, maybe if I had earth affinity, I wouldn't have to care about something like this.'