Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game

------------------------------------------------- MC: I am a dragon? Cool! Also, MC: Wait, most of the dragons died after centuries of being hunted for their expensive materials, and when beings called players descended with their powerful systems and immortality, they hunted down rest of them ... and I am the last one... I am fucked!!! ------------------------------------------------- Join our MC, a former player on his journey not to become a legendary rank item, in a world of the game that he used to play. ------------------------------- Release schedule: 1 chapter each day Bonus chapter goals: 500, 800, 1111 ----------------------------------------- Official discord: https://discord.gg/pWfgFHwvh4

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An Unbeatable Foe

POV Alesia:

The young elven girl Alesia stood in a lit-up cave chamber. Her long blonder hair was falling down her back like a golden waterfall.

She was hunching over tables overflowing with different instruments and materials.

A small group of people stood behind her, everyone keeping a safe distance from the small girl as if they were scared of her.

She wanted to punch these ignorants behind her for being too blind to understand the great power that her transformation brought her.

'Nah, the mortals always feared those with a greater power than themself, calling them monsters.'

Still, they kept leaning forward, peaking over at the table, making Alesia faintly smile as she knew they were passionate about their work and would put effort into her small project ignoring their personal issues.

Still, she knew that it wasn't enough, 'I need them not just to work hard; I need them to put all of their soul into their work. My master only needs the best of the best.'