6 Part 6 - 272 AC (I)

272 AC

(Escanor POV)

My first year as Escanor Lannister was full of excitement. Although it was also somewhat hard for me. After my first week in this world, I got into a rhythm. A maid woke me up early in the morning, of course, that was Tywins idea, I would be washed and then brought to my mother who would feed me. After being fed, Joanna would be put in a crib inside her room to keep watch over me and just spend some time with me.

During that time she would knit, read or drink some tea which servants prepare for her. I would then either sleep or bask in the sun's rays whenever I could. After a few weeks, my mother knew that I seemed to enjoy lying in the sun or the sun in general.

There are also times when my mother told me stories or simply told me about her problems. It seems my warm aura made her relax around me and that led to some interesting truths. I got to understand that Joanna didn't have an easy life. It was not what she had always dreamt of and yet she was still thankful as she knew that there were way worse lifestyles in the world.

She told me about the strictness of Tywin. It seemed like she had developed some feelings about Tywin that allows her to tolerate her situation. But it's hard for her and she suffers under the cold treatment in Casterly Rock. The only warmth she experiences is from her children, Cersei, Jaime and me.

Joanna is sad though that the twins are growing up and keep to themselves most of the time and are more and more independent.

Knowing that I started to use very little amounts of my sun energy on her whenever she would spend time with me. That way Joanna started to relax more and enjoy our time together.

Sadly this was a double-edged sword. It would mean that she spent even more time with me and I had no time for myself except during the night. To counter this, I started to simply try and absorb more sunlight and energy.

This had massive benefits I realised. First, my reserves for magic and energy started to increase slightly. I tried to use all my energy and magic to have it refilled whilst I was sleeping in the sun or just enjoying the moment. My recovery speed increased, both magical and physical.

Another thing that I did was sleep ... a lot. It was the best thing in the world for me and my mother joined me most of the time when she had the time.


My father had to hold the stupid Anniversary Tourney in 272 AC for the 10th anniversary of King Aerys II Targaryen. Surprisingly at first, my father didn't want my mother and me to go because of our health. He said that due to the complicated birth, she or I might not be healthy enough to attend.

Ever the dutiful lady-in-waiting and also the Lady of Casterly Rock, my mother convinced Tywin to go along with his plans and not to worry about her or me. There was no way that she leaves me in Casterly Rock and go without me. She had started to develop some sort of dependence on me.

As long as I was close by, she was able to relax and otherwise, she'd be slightly worried all the time. It was quite a bit weird. She was my mother though, so I didn't think much of it.

Travelling to King's Landing was a drag. While the journey itself was not that bad, there were multiple things I was not happy about. First was the carriage the family travelled in. You could feel EVERY SINGLE BUMP in the road. The smallest stones could be felt underneath your bum. Thank f*cking crass we had enough furs to make it comfortable.

Second, was the time it took to get to King's Landing. I mean it wasn't a long way to go. I was just too used to the transportation from my past life.

But the worst thing on this trip was definitely my siblings. Cersei couldn't wait to see knights in shining armour, but she acted as though she didn't really care. It was obvious though as she asked many questions to mother. She wanted to know about the Queen, the King, the Prince, what they'd do when they get there, how long it would take till they get there, how long it would take till they get there, how long it takes, how long it takes, .....

My goodness. It takes as long as it takes child. Why must you ask a thousand times? Are you a broken recorder? What is wrong with you?

Jaime was a different breed altogether. He didn't ask many questions but just talked so much. He talked and talked and talked and talked and talked some more. And it wasn't even interesting things he said. Just the strange and confusing rambling of a six-name day-old child.

I was sooo happy when they told us that we had FINALLY arrived in King's Landing...... for whole two minutes ... then I used my nose and from then on I just wanted to die.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Why must you do this to me medieval world? The smell was sooo bad I retched. I just wanted to leave this shit hole and come back in a few years so I can use a 'Cruel Sun' and destroy all evidence of this pile of trash.

It took a few days for me to get somewhat used to the smell. Why would anyone allow the city to smell like this? Why does no one say anything? Does the King really not care? Is this a statement from the King that he shit's on other's opinions? Or was it just a joke from RR Martin that his rule as a King was shit?

Everything became clearer when my mother took me into the Red Keep. The smell was far less prominent and I understood that the King just didn't care because he couldn't smell it from his 'high throne'.


What an asshole King Aerys II Targaryen was, like seriously. The man lusted after every pretty lady like they were some meat. He was a bitter, angry, sadistic prick and I could see that craziness he was famed for in the books showing.

There is no way I'd ever fight for someone like him. If possible I was going to make sure that Jaime won't go to become a Kingsguard. Protecting this f*cktard and that by one of my flesh and blood ... no sir. Thankfully I was still so small, otherwise, I might have punched him in the face to wipe off that lustful look when he looked at my mother.

Better watch your back sisterf*cker, I will break you ... literally.

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