27 Part 27 - Tysha

(Omni POV)

(Flashback to early 286 AC)

"What do you mean, you got married?", Escanor asked Tyrion after the latter visited him in the evening. They were currently in Escanor's private chamber he uses in the headquarters of the 7DS a bit outside of Casterly Rock.

"It is as I told you, I got married today. Her name is Tysha and she is the most loving and beautiful girl I have ever met. I tell you brother there is no one like her. Her smile and the way she sings for me and ..."

Tyrion went on and on about the virtues of Tyrion's wife, Tysha. Escanor knew about Tysha of course. It was a very sick topic in his opinion. He hadn't ever met the girl and he was unsure whether she truly loved Tyrion as the story said, or if she was only acting like Tywin thought.

After all, this was not a story ... this was now real. And as Tyrion's bigger brother, Escanor wanted to make sure.

Escanor listened to Tyrion talking about his lovely wife. It was always useful to listen to what others tell you about a person. You understand for one what said person believes to know and also whether they seem blinded by a lie or other emotions such as love.

It was an interesting story Tyrion told him. How he and Jaime rescued Tysha from some bandits near Casterly Rock and Tyrion took care of her. How she seemed to like him a lot and they eventually made love to each other.

It was obvious that Tyrion was enamoured by Tysha. So much so that he bribed a drunken Septon and married the girl in secret. Tyrion told Escanor about their daily 'activities' of staying in bed and doing all kinds of things newlyweds do.

But Escanor knew that this would not last.

"When did you marry brother?", Escanor asked.

"Close to a fortnight ago. Why?", Tyrion answered.

"Sigh ... "

Escanor sighed. He knew what this meant. It had been two weeks since their marriage and it was about this time that the septon would sober up and snitch to Tywin. It meant the end of their happiness in the story and a lifetime of psychological scars for Tyrion.

Escanor did not know what happened to Tysha after the whole 'cleansing' of the Lannister name ... but he knew that it would not happen in this life, not on his watch.

His father had lost a lot of respect in Escanors eyes. He was ... angry ... yes ... for the first time in almost 14 years, Escanor was angry.

The reason for his anger? Tywin f*cking Lannister, would commit the greatest sin there was ... he was about to toy with Tyrion's and Tysha's hearts. And that was unforgivable.


A knock is heard in Tywin's solar. He absentmindedly says: "Enter!"

In comes the very same drunk Septon that wed Tysha and Tyrion.

"My Lord I have come to confess something I believe would be of great interest to you.", the Septon starts.

"What would that be, Septon?", Tywin asks without looking up from his work.

"My lord, about a fortnight ago I was bribed by Lord Tyrion to have him married."

"WHAT?! Who is the bride?", Tywin asked, not he was looking at the Septon.

"A commoner girl that Ser Jaime and Tyrion apparently saved from Bandits. I believe they are truly in love, my lord."


Tywin didn't say anything. He was thinking right now. His abomination of a son married without his consent and then a lowborn wench? He was livid and almost couldn't contain himself.

He was thinking of somehow salvaging this. After a while, he thought of something. He called for Jaime to come to his solar after dismissing the Septon.

"Father, you called for me?"

"Yes ... your ... brother, the disappointment that he is married a commoner girl without my consent and behind my back. You will spread the rumours that the girl is a whore and was hired by you to take Tyrion's virginity and make him a man.

You will tell him that she is after the Lannister gold and only married him because of that."

"... b-but Father... a-re yo-you sure about t-that? He ..."

"You will do as I say. Escanor is out right now and he would never do it, I know him too well. Be quick now, I will tell the guards to do some things to this girl and you will tell Tyrion about her 'true motives' and take him to her."

"... uh, y-yes Father. As you wish.", Jaime said like the pussy he was and left to do as his Father said.


Rumours spread about the reward Tywin Lannister would give everyone who r*pes a particular prostitute in front of everyone. All the guards were ecstatic and more than willing to go through with it.

Jaime had found Tyrion who had come back from Escanor and was about to go back to the little cottage he lived in with Tysha. He told Tyrion what his Father told him to say and brought him to the open square where Tysha was brought to.

The guards were beyond saving at that point. Their eyes showed their lust and greed whilst they groped Tysha and ripped her clothes.

"Ahh, so you're the whore Lord Tywin promised to give one silver coin to whoever f*cks you. Come we'll get right to it. Who knows you might enjoy it..."

Tysha was pushed to the ground and many men held her in place. She was crying and her eyes expressed her despair.

As the first guard lowered his breeches and took his cock out someone finally acted.


A big hand, like a big paw, grabbed the head of the guard who was just about to do the deed and lifted him into the air. The guard let go of Tysha and tried to pull the arm or hand off of his head whilst his legs were kicking in the air.

"So over twenty guards think it correct to not only r*ape an underaged girl who is already married but to also do it out in the open ... You don't understand how much you just f*cked up."

Escanor had arrived. The reason why he was only here now was that he told the other 'sins' to be ready for an extraction and protection job. He knew that he could not just save Tysha now and then leave her. He would have to make sure she was safe after Tywin finds out about his interference.

Everyone who was close and watching the scene unfold had shocked looks on their faces. A grown man was just lifted with one hand by Escanor and that was seemingly without difficulty.

Escanor looked at all the guards who were there at the moment and then let his gaze wander over everyone currently on the plaza this scene took place. His gaze landed on Tyrion and Jaime ...

He didn't say a word and just shook his head. Then he turned back to the guards and addressed them.

"For your actions and the greatest sin there is, for toying with a human's heart ... I sentence you all ... to death...


What followed was similar to what Omni-Man did to the pilot Mark saved only for Omni-Man to then crush his head like it was made of paper.

The guard's head popped like a balloon. It took no effort at all and all the blood and gore splashed on the ground and on other guards in front of him.

A collective gasp and screams were heard. No one had expected this... Escanor was not widely known for his ruthlessness. He was known for his lack of talent concerning swordsmanship and his seemingly impassive face. But this ... this was beyond anything anyone had expected.

Escanor's expression did not change in the slightest. He dropped the body and approached the next guard. Still in shock, they didn't manage to flee yet and he grabbed two by their necks.

Like small, old and dry twigs their necks were broken and then dropped to the ground. Escanor didn't stop though. He walked to the girl and the guards who were holding her.

With a casual swing of his arm, he cut open the bodies of all the guards around her. Blood spilt all around and would have splattered on Tysha, had Escanor not shielded her.

He took her in his arms and brought her to Sandor, who had arrived a moment ago. He laid her in his arms and said: "Take care of her and make sure NO ONE gets their hands on her."

Needless to say that what followed was a gore fest à la carte. Blood and innards were lying and spilt all around the area. Every single one of the guards who were participating had been killed.


After it was over, Escanor turned towards his brothers who had shocked expressions on their faces. He looked at Jaime and said: "You are a disappointment Jaime Lannister. I hope you will never need my help because you lost your right to ask me for it."

Escanor walked very close to Jaime until he was right in front of him. He was taller than Jaime and therefore looked down on him. He lowered his voice and said menacingly.

"Should something like this ever happen again ... I will pull you in half from head to scrotum. Are we clear ... brother?"

Jaime was unable to respond but managed to somewhat nod his head while he shook like a leaf.




The aftermath of this bloody scene, which resulted in the area looking like a Jackson Pollock painting, was complicated.

House Lannister's reputation did not improve. More people became terrified by what Escanor did. Escanor got the nickname the bloody lion. And the 'event' would be known as the bloody painting henceforth.

Tywin Lannister exploded for the first time in his life. He was so mad that he actually hit his son ... only to break his hand ...

This made him even more angry and he banished Escanor from Casterly Rock.

He banished him to Castamere and told him to have it restored and functioning in a maximum of five years. He was not allowed to take anything with him. No money, personnel, guards, weapons, clothes, nothing.

Only what he had on his person at that moment was allowed. He didn't even allow him to take his horse with him.

Escanor only looked down on his father without saying a word. The tension at that moment was sky-high. And Tywin was actually scared then.

In the end, Escanor left Casterly Rock. Why should he care about his father? He would kill him the next time he pulled something like that and he told him that ... to his face.

Escanor Lannister threatened his father and told him that he would kill him the moment he would do something similar to the Tysha case ever again.


That was quite a few seasons ago and Escanor managed to accomplish a LOT since then. He proved to not need his father or anyone really. He had Mary and the rest of the 7DS come and help him with restoring Castamere and setting the gold and silver mines back on track.

And now he was planning on opening his own businesses. His sight was on Essos ... new adventures awaited him. Actually, his first adventures awaited him ... hah what do you know ...

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