Lal the Lolita Over Lord

Author: ButterBooks
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What is Lal the Lolita Over Lord

Read ‘Lal the Lolita Over Lord’ Online for Free, written by the author ButterBooks, This book is a Horror&Thriller Novel, covering SCARY Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Ohhhhh no


Ohhhhh no

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{BOOK TWO OF THE ‘DIFFERENT’ SERIES} {BOOK ONE : Disowned [1] } If you thought being disowned, heartbroken, and losing three of your best friends was enough, well, apparently fate wasn't finished just yet. ••• A universe where Sirius's name is cleared, Dumbledore doesn't always get his way, a world where Harry has a godmother, and most of all, some place where Peter isn't completely Dark. With Peter having escaped from Azkaban, Sirius is more wary than ever, while Athena is the most alert she's ever been. Going through ups and downs in family and friendship drama, while trying so hard not to completely lose it at your nephew, it isn't exactly easy for Athena to balance things out with her godmother duties. Something is wrong with Alastor Moody. And it's not the Imperius Curse. Secrets of the past come back to haunt Athena, but is this really all that there is to go through this year? How many people have to die this time? Will a Second Wizarding War break out? ••• I REGRET TO INFORM YOU ALL THIS IS DIDCONTINUED! I just lost the motivation to continue this and honestly I dont think disowned was meant to become a series. I just feel like everyone's a ghost reader and this story progresses too slow. If anyone wants chapters, I could upload those. However, I will also be uploading oneshots of what-ifs and excerpts from the books that could've been published. If you have a suggestion, don't hesitate to comment it on the last chapter. However, this is discontinued meaning there won't be a book three, four, or five. But I'm making a cedric diggory fanfic series, and currently im on book one. In the meantime I will try rewriting Disowned after I finish Truths Untold. Let's just hope I don't lose the motivation to wrie that too. Also I might be asking for pairing advice as I don't write romance so pairings may be a little tricky. Sincerely, - OOF_LasagnaPotter

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Call Me "James"

Every hour, billions of grief and despair are delivered to the universe. The uncountable ungratefulness of the prosperous, the hopelessness of those whose prayers are never answered, the grief of loneliness from those who are sick of living in their own bodies. The sky shifted from blue to black, clouds whose color were white to gray, from the sun until the moon. They all testified to the owner of the universe about the complaints and despair of humans under their auspices, eavesdropping on every weep from the voiceless one until the one that was screaming over the sound of thunder. Among these people Some are begging God to just take their lives away, some waited for the death angel to come and live miserably, and some are brave enough to defy by doing it themselves. James is one of them, he feels like a hero who has saved himself from his cowardice to move on. Without him knowing, destiny is the strongest energy in the world, a force that creates millions of injustices. He neither understood anything about death nor the life after it. James wandered solely in the realm of spirit finding his way home to heaven. A place he’s been dreaming about while he was alive. Instead, he’s facing the reality of how anyone who dares to step over destiny, will not be able to easily return to the heavens. Suicide not only is it the most cowardly way to give up but also a selfish option for abandoning the pain of those who are left behind. The only option he has is either to stay in the realm of spirit Eternally or commit himself to a deadly covenant with the universe and James chose the 2nd option cluelessly. He starts his journey in the human world looking for someone who wants to accomplish the mission of bringing him back to heaven to achieve an everlasting peacefulness. Turns Out this covenant brings him into a despair of seeing the death of so many innocent people. This horror continuously haunted him as he wandered for many years without success until he accidently found Alika whose life are threaten by a murder they have an deep conversation that makes he decide to save her away from death and get her stuck with him for the rest of her life. Alika is just an ordinary woman who was as desperate as James during her lifetime yet warm hearted and fear nothing at all, not even death. As James keeps being the part of her day, he starts to feel Alika is part of his unfinished destiny and regrets his past decision to take away his ownlife. He is ready to trade everything just to go back into his life and wait for the day they meet each other as two humans in love while Alika agrees to help him reach the heaven, even though that requires her to enter the realm of spirit where she finds out that James is actually her soulmate. But because he ended his life, Alika has no choice but to live alone forever as her soulmate chose to give up on her. Both break down while seeing the beautiful future that should have happened between the two of them which now they know will never happen. Alika starts to blame James for how cowardly he is and for his selfishness of making her life even more miserable. Once again, fate is the most powerful force on earth. No human being has the right to oppose his path. Will Alika still help James to reach heaven?

rismala_sari · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
8 Chs
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