'What was the topic back then? Maybe...'

"I will give you all three hours. Let yourself be the subject and express yourself through embroidery."

It was embroidery. As the subject exactly matched the one from the previous three years, Patrizia almost exhaled out loud. It felt weird, as she was expecting it to a certain extent, but it was amazing how it could be a perfect match. She wondered about what she would work on as she went to her assigned position. She was very good at embroidery, but she did not particularly enjoy it. Even more, she didn't have to show her talent in this position. Because this was a place that she had come to fail, and not to pass.

Excluding herself, the four Queeness seemed to have decided as they were busy with their needle threading. But Patrizia did not feel that urgent because she did not want to be chosen. She was thinking about what might not be a noticeable thing to do.


Then she accidentally made eye contact with the Emperor. The Emperor was not someone she would have been able to look straight at, but no one seemed to notice the fact since she was not close to him in distance.

Patrizia looked up at the Emperor who had ordered the deaths of herself and her family with a dazed look. With excellence radiating from his beautiful face, he might have been thinking of his hidden lover Rosemond, as he seemed to give off eyes of intrigue. Patrizia stared at him for some time, then slowly turned her head. Because she passed the judgment of what could be called a meaningless stare. Time continued to pass and she knew she had to have something for her embroidery. She gave a deep sigh internally, and with a careless expression began her stitching.

Three hours later, the maids collected the chutes from the five Queeness. Since the embroidery was done, all that was left was an announcement.

The beginning was in the order of each father's position, the Duke of Vashi was first, then the Count of Arzeldo, the Marquis of Divar, the Marquis of Grochester, and finally the Marquis of Bringston.

Lady Vashi chose to embroider a precious flower, the skolor, that bloomed for the shortest period of time in the Marvinus Empire, and Lady Bringston represented her family with a sword. Lady Divar had the laurels to symbolize victory.

"Lady Grochester, the announcement please."

And Patrizia had chosen lavender. Asked by the Duchess of Efreni to explain why Patrizia replied with insincerity.

"I want to become someone who brings fragrance to His Majesty like lavender."

Because the answer was so short and simple compared to the other ladies, the Duchess of Efreni gave her a look that seemed to ask if that was all, but Patrizia looked up wistfully, nodding her confirmation. The Duchess of Efreni, with a tremulous look, returned to her duties and requested an explanation from Lady Arzeldo.

During that time, Patrizia spaced out. There was no particular reason why she chose lavender. No decent subject came to mind, and then she recalled the lavender-scented perfume that Petronilla was always sprinkling on.

She always put on that perfume, so Patrizia always remembered Petronilla when she saw lavender. It would become difficult if she showed too much sincerity anyway. She thought she had behaved well.

The Emperor did not know what Petronilla had gone through. So he wouldn't even know the meaning of the lavender she had embroidered. Even the fact that it was Petronilla's favorite flower.

And then she remembered that there was a great variety of meanings from lavender. Fidelity, hope, silence, abundant scent, please respond to me, etc… Patrizia laughed wryly as these words matched the end of her sister perfectly. To the end, her sister did not let go of her fidelity and hope towards the Emperor's spirit. Her sister who wanted her Husband's answer and scent.

"You worked hard. The Queeness may all return."

Patrizia turned towards the door at the Duchess of Efreni's words and thought, 'she wouldn't.' Even if she, unfortunately, became the Empress, she would not keep her fidelity to the Emperor and hold on to hope as her sister did. She would do so even if this meant this would end as a comedy.


Patrizia stopped walking at the familiar voice. She smiled brightly as she turned around to see a smile reflecting hers on the woman's face. Patrizia called out the woman's name.

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