Lady Boss Finds Love...

Author: Ishaisa
Contemporary Romance
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What is Lady Boss Finds Love...

Read Lady Boss Finds Love... novel written by the author Ishaisa on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, ceo, possessive, sweetlove, fatedlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Only God, my dear, can love you for yourself alone and not the looks you wear." Bai Shihan replied whenever she was asked about her love life. She was a perfect example of beauty with brains. She used to think every single thing occurs for profit. So she just could not believe in loving someone except oneself. But you do not believe something, until you experience it.... A famous young lady who knows nothing about love and a famous actor and singer, who is well known for his charm, cross path. They initially resist but slowly open up to each other and begin to fall in love. As two people who are always being watched, can they protect their love from evil sight and persevere for success in both love and life...

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Hi Isha! What can I say but awwww 😀😀😀 I feel that the couple is destined to meet and fall in love. The female MC is a young and beautiful CEO of a successful company who simply cannot find someone who loves her for her inner qualities, which I can guarantee you is more than enough to fall in love for! Sigh the men, LOL. Thankfully we have the main lead who is a successful actor who is still single despite his family's, I mean, mom's continuous urges to get married. Naturally heaven hears their pleas. Or their families' and friends' pleas and grants them chance to meet. I won't spoil more but the story is getting so sweet that I need to visit my dentist soon 😉😉😉 I have a feeling that a love rival will soon come up. I sensed something in the first chapter 👀 If you really want to know, you should read the novel! ☺️❤️ Contemporary romance fans especially girls who have yet to find their soulmates, do give the novel a try!


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I always prefer sweet simple love stories....and it is one of them... I really like the chare ter bai shihan... She is lowerful , beautiful and everything a man wants in his lover... Keep going author...l can see a great future ahead of urs...


The name of this story is impressive. The main characters are good. it is also a bit comic. unique storyline. keep it up author I love 💘 ❤ it and waiting for the next. And keep it in my library as well.


I always love novel with bold MC, the one where FL is not cry baby but a strong independent woman. This is a great book which keeps its readers hooked. Keep up good work author!!


love the way this story is going and the plot and character development is great I'm definitely adding this book to my library, keep up the good work author❤️


Great work author, interesting plot, and amazing character design, I really like the fact that Bai Shihan's character is not like the typical helpless and dependent FL, even though the book is still in its early stage and I just started reading, I can already see its potential, so keep up the good work author, I'm rooting for you 🙌🙌🙌 and I will be waiting for your updates.


Iam already in love with the MC,its always fascinating to see people from different worlds meet,the anticipation of the kind of relationship they might develop is always great for a reader.keep writing


Finally found a bold female MC. The starting and the plots are very interesting. When different personalities meet and attract each other on their first meeting.....it making me curious to know more. Waiting for more updates.


I love this book already. Although it presents one of the many themes used today, the Author weaved it into a unique plot which makes it irresistible. The opening chapters are great, I hope you keep on uploading.


I am an author who is reviewing his own book. It is because I want to let you know that this book is worth reading. You are going to really enjoy it when you read it. You will fall in love with MCs. It has a very practical, strong and sensible female lead and a male lead who is charming, attractive and a smooth-talker. Check it out to see how two important people from the business world and entertainment circle walk together on the path of love..


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