21 Truths

Sebastian's POV

I sat on the floor and rested my naked back against the cold wall. Sweat trickled down my body and my throat hurt from screaming. I had just gone through my main fears ... disappointing my parents, rejection from Mark and losing Jane.

I hit the back of my head against the wall repeatedly to get rid of such thoughts, eventually, a warm sticky substance ran down my arms. Blood. I didn't even care, my head was throbbing but the pain numbed my mind. A flash of light appeared and Enits stood on the opposite side of the metal bars. Blue eyes, blue hair, blue clothes, beautiful light brown skin and a bright white smile. Enits was perfection and with another flash, she was near me.

"Sebastian." She whispered and tears filled her eyes. I had no voice, my throat was too painful so instead, I weakly touched her hand.


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