10 Chapter 9 - Queen. Another evolution.

Warning: I don't have much experience in writing fight scenes, as you may have already realized, so I hope you won't be too hard on me


Raising my resistance to 5.000 was enough to make my defense impenetrable to weak monsters like these. That's incredible.

I have to be careful, though.

High Finjicote LV4

HP 226

MP 121

SP 220


Offense: 134

Defense: 84

Magic: 78

Resistance: 82

Speed: 178

'There are some High Finjicote and probably some more evolved races. Let's go in.'

There was a hole in the nest.

It was a beehive, and the queen was hidden inside. Of course, the queen wasn't alone. There were many Finjicotes inside the nest. There were monsters inside the nest, and the monsters outside started to come in.

I used my poison and my legs to blow their heads off. It is effortless when you don't take damage.

After a few seconds...

[ "Small Taratect LV3" became "Small Taratect LV4" ]

'My level is up!' My SP was restored. And, of course, I took advantage of the large amount of bodies of those I killed to block the path. The nest was narrow, so using the bodies is a good move.

However, more and more enemies appeared.

Then, I came across one of the generals.

General Finjicote LV2

HP 365

MP 287

SP 353


Offense: 187

Defense: 145

Magic: 142

Resistance: 150

Speed: 213

Fortunately, it was a low-level general. I'm getting closer to the queen.

'I'll remove the edits in my speed and edit my strength. Let's raise the strength to 2,000.'

After doing that, everything became easier. I didn't even need to use my poison. With just my "fists," I could kill all the monsters. Their HP wasn't high, and their defense couldn't withstand my attacks.




Every punch I threw with one of my legs was a kill.

[ "Small Taratect LV4" became "Small Taratect LV5" ]

[ "Small Taratect LV5" became "Small Taratect LV6" ]

[ "Small Taratect LV6 became "Small Taratect LV7" ]

[ "Small Taratect LV7 became "Small Taratect LV8" ]

'That's what I call exp farm! Where are you, queen?!'


Finding the queen after killing some of the generals wasn't difficult. The queen was hiding from me. The queen is scared. 'Haaa~~ There are still a lot of monsters here.'

'They keep getting in my way!' But even though I found the queen, it's hard to attack it when so many monsters are in my way. I continued to kill them, but the number of monsters didn't decrease.

The number of generals also grew, and they set up an extensive line of defense so that I couldn't get close to the queen.

But since my defense was very high because of the editing I'd done, I decided to dive towards them and just hit them with all my strength.

And that's how I easily broke through the generals' line of defense.

[ "Small Taratect LV8" became "Small Taratect LV9" ]

I used my legs to punch them towards the queen. However, the queen managed to protect herself from the bodies of her subordinates and remained intact. The generals' bodies broke in half because of my attacks.

So, the queen decided to make the easy choice. She realized she couldn't face me, so she ran away.

Of course, I won't let that happen.

I threw my web towards the queen and grabbed her, then I pulled with all my strength, and she couldn't resist. Seeing that she was going to be killed, the queen tried to attack me, but to no avail.

Her sting couldn't hurt me. I then bit her and injected my poison. 

The queen held on longer than the other monsters but soon died.

'Ah, but I didn't level up. However, my skill has gone up a level.'

[ Skill proficiency achieved. ]

[ The skill "Poison Fang LV8" became "Poison Fang LV9" ]

[ Requirements complete ]

[ The title "Poison Technique User" has been received. ]

[ Skill "Poison Synthesis LV1" and "Poison Magic LV1" have been acquired. ]

'Ohhh! New skills! Besides, it won't be long before the "Poison Fang" skill reaches the maximum level!'

I smiled with satisfaction and noticed that the surrounding monsters had finally panicked. With the queen's death, they no longer had anyone to follow and didn't know what to do. I had to take advantage and gain more experience.

However, now the Finjicotes were spreading out across the big hole, it would take a lot of work to hunt them.

It took a long time, but after throwing myself over the walls, trapping some of them with my webs and a lot of quick punches, I managed to kill them all. And then, I got the notification I'd been waiting for.

[ "Small Taratect LV9" became "Small Taratect LV10" ]

[ Able to evolve ]



I had to get near the bottom and make my new home. And that's what I did. After eating a bit, I continued to use my web to go down little by little.

And then I got close to the bottom.

At the bottom, there was nothing but rocky ground; the dragon wasn't there. It must be hiding somewhere.

'All right, let's make a small house. I don't need to exaggerate. All right, just like that.' I quickly built my home, creating a layer of thick webbing to protect me from any enemies that might come near.

It wouldn't protect me from the dragon, but I doubt the Araba dragon will attack me.

'Right, now I can choose the path of evolution.'

[ Taratect ]

[ Small Poison Taratect ]

'Yes, that's it. I probably unlocked this path of evolution because I've upped my poison skill a lot.'

I used it a lot.

'I wonder if I would release this path of evolution if I didn't keep using my poison. I don't think so.'

Right, the time has come!

'I choose Small Poison Taratect!'

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