29 Chapter 28 - Ruler Skill.

Can I have your power stones?

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Now, I should wait for the other monkeys to return. I hope they all return okay with the information I'm seeking. 'But just to make sure I find the middle of the labyrinth...'

I should get more monsters.

And that's what I did.

I went after monsters and got several of them, 20 in total. Most were monkeys; the number of these guys is frightening; they seem to be everywhere and always hang out in groups.

'Right, find the middle of the labyrinth.' The various monsters left, and I returned to the snake side.

After that, I opened my system.

'What about buying one of the Seven Deadly Sins skills? Do I have enough points?'

I searched for the skills and found them. To my surprise, they weren't that expensive, each costing 1,000 points. But... I don't have 1,000 points. I need to level up a few more times.

'Leveling up slowly is bad because of that. I need more points to buy skills.'

Anyway, the cooldown will end soon so I can edit another skill. I will take one of the Seven Deadly Sins skills when the cooldown ends. I want to see what happens.

'The big problem is that I won't be able to keep the Seven Deadly Sins skills without buying it...' The skill will probably disappear when I deactivate the editing to edit another skill.

But I'll probably get the titles related to the skills... That may make the skills not disappear.

I'll know when the time comes.

Now, I will visit the surface of the labyrinth one more time and build up my army a bit.


After increasing my army by 20, I went down again and would now rest until the cooldown was over. There's still a little over 6 hours.

'What should I do? Kill monsters?'

No, I'm still feeling exhausted. Even though my SP had almost completely recovered, my body was still heavy and even a little sore.

Seriously, I overdid it.

'Editing three statuses to 20,000 was over the top. My Status didn't even seem to be at 20,000. It felt like I had a limiter holding me back.'

'All right, system, I won't raise three statuses to 20,000 for now, ~~.'

Now, let's rest until the cooldown is over.

'Hey, you, giant snake, can you stop staring at me like that? It's uncomfortable.' Even without one eye, his gaze was still awkward. 'Thank you.'



The cooldown was finally over! I can test a Seven Deadly Sins skill!

And, of course, the skill I want is the [ Pride ] skill. It's the best skill for me right now.

But before that, let's talk about the [ Dimensional Maneuvering ] skill I got using my ability to edit skills.

It's no longer here. It's disappeared.

If I had taken the tier 1 version of the skill and put it at level 10, I would have unlocked the [ Dimensional Maneuvering ] skill... And it would have remained in my Status. But I didn't because I needed the skill at the maximum level.

Next time, I'll get the [ Spatial Maneuvering ] skill to unlock [ Dimensional Maneuvering ] and keep it in my Status.

And now, let's get back to what matters.

'Let's edit the skill I use the least... Hmmm... Edit the [ Poison Synthesis ] skill to [ Pride ]!'

[ Skill "Pride" has been learned ]

[ The requirements have been completed. The title "Ruler of Pride" has been acquired ]

'I've acquired the title!!! But will I be able to keep it?' Well, that doesn't matter now.'

About the title.

[ Increases MP, Magic, and resistance stats. +Correction to mental skill proficiencies. Grants ruling class privileges. ]

[ Causes the user to see others as "EXP." And become obsessed with becoming stronger. ]

'It's a good effect, really. But will it make that much difference to me? Well, I don't think so.'

But honestly, the title doesn't matter. What matters is the [ Pride ] skill, which will greatly help me. It's so good that I'll keep it for a while to level up.

[ Experience points and proficiency gain will greatly increase, along with improved growth capacity for every ability. ]

'This is so good it makes me want to cry!!!!"

And while I was waiting for the cooldown to end, I was able to rest. Now, I'll move on to continue leveling up. 'I'm sure I'll level up faster now!!! It's impossible not to level up quickly with this skill.'

I left the snake behind and started to search for strong monsters to kill. 

'How convenient it would be if I met a dragon?


*Change of POV*

[ "Small Taratect LV5" became "Small Taratect LV6" ]

'Finally!!!!' Kumoko shouted happily. She had finally reached level 6, and the number of skills she possessed was also growing steadily.

'But it's taking too long. I feel like I'm not going to be able to level up again here...' Kumoko looked at the body in front of her and sighed. 'But who cares? It's time to eat.'

Kumoko picked up the toad's body and carried it to her house, which she had built a short while ago.

Once there, Kumoko could hear some strange sounds.

'It's those strange humans again!!!'


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