1 1. Damn I died

A normal Tuesday, walking home from school learning about the Roman battle formations during Cesars reign. Half way from school and my house I got hungry and smelled something delicious. I enter a restaurant called Linguini's. From what I heard this restaurant was the best in the world.

The owner moved from Italy to America during the Great War to escape persecution. After 70 years he created a restaurant empire. After looking through the owners history and rating. He was shipped to Germany and escaped a camp in 1943 to America and used his knowledge to make many 5 star restaurants. Later he made a few fast food chains to help the less able.

Since it was my first time going to the restaurant I got something I know is hard to fuck up. 5 minutes After I ordered my fetichini Alfredo arrived, it was the best food I ever tasted until some chicken got lodged in my throat. While I'm gasping for air everyone it the restaurant is freaking out not knowing to do the Heimlich to save me. After another 4 minutes which seemed like hours I died, embarrassed that I died at the age of 20 from choking. Well at least I wasn't caught with my pants down.

As my sight started to fade and the world became quiet, I saw a bright blinding light in front of me. The feeling of the light was blissful and called to me, as a walked to the light I saw a figure laughing hi ass of in front of a very old tv. What I saw of the tv was Larry, curly, and moe, hitting the shit out of each other. The figure in front of the tv heard me chuckle and said " oh shit, I wasn't expecting and appointment so soon." I replied, " What the hell you mean an appointment, and why the fuck it this room so bright."

After a long pause, he went to a filing cabinet that looked like it was from the beginning of time, rust all over it wooden doors full of paper and leather. He started to look through his unorganized mess mumbling letter and names. After 30 minutes of him cursing and scratching his head he turned to me and said," you died to soon and very pathetically, you was supposed to die at 80 in a car crash. But you didn't so I'll give you another chance at life."

All of a sudden a box appeared with the word wishes on it. I got excited thinking I could be the god killer kratos, Superman, Logan and have ungodly power to make my life easier. I reached my hand in the box and pulled an envelope with what felt like a die in it. I yelled, " what the fuck this is cheating, you bring my hopes up only to bust my balls." He laughed at me and said that if I opened the envelope that I would he the amount of wishes inside to help me in my next life. I opened the envelope and saw a die with all the sides with a number 4 on them and two pieces of paper one said erabor and the other said kratos.

The figure looked at me and said," wow you got lucky, you are in a land with weaker being then the other options and you are the strongest character in that world now. Since you got kratos you have all his powers, equipment,and memories, but you also have his rage and determination when he killed the other gods due to his own misfortune."

I replied that I don't need the wishes since I have immortality and god like strength. He replied," the wishes that you get are for the people you rule and your positioning the world, you would wish for immortality but your people would obtain it as well, but also make your population unstable. So you have to choose wisely on what you want your population to gain, but it can also be a form of a curse. For immortality , your people would watch all their friends die out side of your peoples race. You would even put live elves which is saying something. If you wished for wealth, you economy would crash and effect the world's economy to depression."

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