Kpop BxB Oneshots

Author: Shay_uwu21
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What is Kpop BxB Oneshots

Read Kpop BxB Oneshots novel written by the author Shay_uwu21 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering r18, bl, smut, bts, kpop. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


~smut, fluff, angst etc. ~strong language ~some topics might be triggering ~only gay ships

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a very ugly cockroach abomination with the ability to use radiation akin to a 100 year old radioactivated plastic,he had goldfish intelligence thrashed by everyone in the village,with his younger brother as a 2 year old multiversely recognised as devil terror with a system now was killed by his aunt which made her a phycho and she planted a bomb on the cruise their family was to attend. Raju's bullies were also there just for fun,they threw him in the water at 8 seconds before the bomb blasted.Raju's favourite toy was on the ship when it blasted,this thing with goldfish IQ could not understand that his family was obliterated and he even saw his aunt plant the bomb on the ship but this "SUPERHUMAN" THOUGHT IT WAS A DECORATION!!!!!!. Now he only had the urge to take revenge from his aunt for destroying his favourite toy. he lost consciousness and floated to an shut down nuclear powerplant and started absorbing the radiation.he trained there for 13 years and he got some nice abilities like making his body look like his past or future self(young and old)so he the dumbthing didn't learn to swim instead jumped his was through the power plant to the town because there was another drowned 11 years after the first one so a newspaper floated over the power plant and when he saw it his blood boiled again it was said that his aunt became the leader of a pycho organisation and commited crimes for fun and no one was able to catch her. after this news he went straight to his town 2 years later but when he defeated all the members of the organisation . he left one to speak to him laterand asked whe was his aunt the member laughed uncontrollably then said didn't you see the newspaper a month ago!?! .Raju asked "just what was in it ?" the member replied she hit her head on the stairs by the orange peel which fell from the dustbin and she immediately died there.we were just going to select the leader tomorrow and you are the best candidate.this goldfish IQ agreed like getting a 10$ candy for free by a stranger at 12O clock without any sense of security by that shady stranger.tommorow he was declared the leader.COMING SOON NEXT PART

depth_of_drakness · Realistic
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Transmigrated as a Fat villain: All heroines are after me

I AM EDITING IT'S FIRST VOLUME~~~ "Y-young master, the Lord is requesting your presence." I looked at myself in the mirror as a maid's voice, laced with trepidation, reached my ears. "Tell him I'll be there shortly." "I understand, y-young master." I paid no mind to her quivering presence, my gaze fixed on my reflection. And this is exactly why I despise this character, Yes, He is a villain with my name but does it matter, no, the problem is this guy's weight he is so heavy that this tub of lard is weighing me down, literally. For someone who prides themselves on muscle, nothing's worse than "fat," and this guy before me? Well, he's a prime example of that. "I suppose I need a workout." Reaching the door, exhaustion gripped me and I found myself gasping for breath. It was unbelievable – this body was so darn heavy. After an arduous struggle, I finally made my way out of the room, causing servants carrying a litter¹ to scurry over. They lowered it, creating a path for me to step onto it. I tried to ignore the spectacle – it was this pampering that turned this fatty into a giant tire. Pushing the annoyance aside, I began to move, managing only about 10 steps before my legs gave out. Damn it. Seriously? I collapsed, leaving the twenty servants to hastily lift me and place me onto the litter. For me, it felt more like a stretcher. There I was, sprawled on it like some mountain, panting heavily. "You damn god! I hope the protagonist of your favorite novel gets NTRed!" . . "We're here, young master." Can you believe it? his father's office is just thirty steps away from this pumpkin room, yet he insists on using a litter. "Give me a hand." I ordered while cursing this hefty body under my breath. "Oh, come, come, my dear child. How was your day?" I glanced at the middle-aged man, his face exuding warmth and care. As for my feelings? This old man right here is the reason this chubby exists. Not that I give a darn about my indulgent father. "I'm alright, Dad." Yes, imagine this: as a noble, this old man spoiled this pumpkin so much that he thinks he can go around scolding the mansion's maids and servants. "Take a seat. Hey, fetch his chair!" You might wonder why he doesn't sit on a regular chair. Well, that's because the chair is custom-made to accommodate this hippo-sized frame. "What's going on, Dad?" Seriously, why would he summon this big old hippo over to his quarters? There's gotta be a reason for it.... "Your fiancee is coming tomorrow" ~~~~~~~~~ Join Discord for Faster Update notification:: https://discord.gg/QZnWtQARft NO YURI NO INCEST NO NTR --- This story doesn't carry any of these things. ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE ~ you can expect some errors

A4KL · Fantasy
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