1 My Bunny

Sehun is a jealous gang leader and doesn't like anyone touching his bunny.




It was a Friday night, Sehun and his gang were at the bar they owned. Sehun sat on the couch as he watched his boyfriend throw down a shot and then continue to dance. He bit his lip as he watched Suho's hips move, his ass moving from left to right and he swayed his hips to the music. He smiled when he saw Suho look over at him, with a drunken smile he stumbled over to Sehun.

"Wow you're drunk bunny." Sehun said with a laugh as he looked at his boyfriend.

"hehe only a little." Suho said with a cute voice, then he showily straddled sehun.

He looked the gangleader in the eyes, his dark orbs looking back. Suho wraped his arms around his boyfriends' neck. He leaned down and slowly nibbled on his neck. Sehun ran his hands up Suho's thighs and made his way to his hips. Suho moved and licked Sehun's jaw line, he moved his way up and leaned down to kiss his boyfriend but Sehun moved his head and looked at his bunny.

"Did I say you could kiss me bunny?" sehun said as me raised his eyebrow.

Suho rolled his eyes.

"I'm way too drunk for you little games, you brought me here and got me drunk so it's your fault I'm like this, so shut the fuck up." Suho said, then he smashed his lips against the gang leaders. 

Sehun was surprised by the sassiness of his boyfriend, he didn't mind it, it was hot.

He let the bunny have what he wanted and he wanted. Sehun pulled him closer on his lap and then pushed his hips down. Suho let out a quiet moan between the kiss as he started to move his hips down.

"Turn around bunny." Sehun said

Suho obeyed and turned so he was facing the crowd. Suho slowly grinds his ass on Sehun's  clothed member. The gang leader let out a little growl at the feeling.

It felt like it was only them in the club, it felt like no one else existed.

Suho's eyes were closed when he felt a hand touched his cheek, he opened his eyes to see two men standing in front of him, the man moved his had to grab Suho's chin and moved it up so they made eye contact.

"Hey cutie, when you finish with this guy how about you come with my friends and I and we will make you feel really good." The man said and he look at Suho.

Suho didn't respond, he just looked at the guy.

Slowly a hand snaked up suhos shoulder and quickly grabbed the wrist of the guy. Sehun peeked his head over suhos shoulder. The guy froze when he saw who it was.

"Give me a second bunny, let me deal with these guys ." Sehun whispered In suhos ear.

Suho whimpered as he got off Sehun's lap and sat on the black leather couch.

Sehun kept a tight grip on the man wrist and he got closer to him.

"Do you know who I am?" Sehun asked as he shot daggers at the guy, "Do you know who owns this bar?" the man nodded.

"WHO." Sheun raised his voice.

"Y-you." the man said weakly.

Sehun let out a little chuckle and pulled his pistol quickly and put it on the man's temple.

"So if you know who I am then why are touching what's mine huh?" Sehun said with a growl.

"i-I didn't k-know h-he was y-yours." The man said as he shook.

"You must be new here, I guess I should make things clear with the other new comers." Sehun said as he pointed the gun to the celling and pulled the trigger, the loud pop drew every one's attention.

"Listen up, if your new here let me tell you some information." Sehun yelled.

"This is MY bar, so don't try anything stupid" Sehun said,

"And most importantly, see that adorable boy on the couch, he's mine, my bunny, Which means don't touch him, if you do-" Sehun moved the gun back down to the man's head.

"-my men and I will tear you apart." Sehun's gang members started to cheer.

"Do I make my self clear?" Sehun said to the man.

"y-yes sir." The guy quickly nodded.

"Good, now go so I can get back to my needy bunny." Sehun said as he let go of the guy, he watched the man walk off quickly, he put the gun back in his pocket.

He felt two hands run up his arms, Sehun turned around, he met Suho's lustful and needy eyes.

Before Sehun could speak, Suho stood up on his tippy toes and pulled Sehun's neck down and connected their lips. Sehun smirked and kissed back. He moved and sat back down on the couch and Suho crawled back ontop of him, straddling his thighs.

Suho was drunk, horny and needy, he wanted the gangster so bad. He grinned down on Sehun's lap, he wanted friction.

"S-sehun please, I need you." Suho said as he whimpered.

Sehun smirked, he loved it when his baby bunny begged for him.

Sehun leaned up and started to suck on the boys neck, marking him with red marks.

Suho let out at little moan as he felt the gangster's tongue on his neck.

Sehun slid his hand into his boyfriends jeans and squeezed his round ass. Suho squeaked.

The gangster started to circle the boy's entrance with his finger. Suho let out a little moan.

Suddenly Sehun pushes two fingers deep inside his boyfriend.

Suho let out a moan, his sweet moan filled the bar. No man could resist the moans that came from the boys mouth, they wanted him to make those noises for them. Sehun growled when he felt all the eyes watching them, he hated that all the other men were listening to his bunny's sweat moans, he was only allowed to his noises.

Sehun pulled his fingers out, Suho let out a whine at the loss of feeling.

"S-Sehun, please." Suho cried out.

"I don't like these people listening to you bunny." Suho said and he narrowed his eyes at the people looking over.

"Then fuck me in the lounge, p-please I need you now." Suho said with a whine. "If you won't I will just go ask the guy from earlier, him and his friend's will take care of me." Suho began to get off the gangster lap

He stood up but he was stoped by a strong hand gripping his waist.

"That's not a funny joke bunny." Sehun growled into Suho's ear.

"Then how about you fuck me, let everyone hear how good you make me feel." Suho warped his arms around his boyfriends neck

"show them I'm yours." He said with a smile.

Sehun let out a little chuckle and then picked Suho up.

"God your sexy when your needy." Sehun said with a smirk.

Suho giggled when his boyfriend began to carry him the lounge.

"Don't let anyone in." Sehun Said to his gang members, they nodded.

Thy walked in and Sehun sat Suho down on the couch and instantly pulled his jeans off and threw them to the left.

He crawls between Suho's legs and bit his inner thigh.

Suho let out a moan. Sehun began to teasingly lick Suho's thigh.

"Ah~ Sehun please, just fuck me." Suho Said with a whine.

"Needy bunny tonight." Sehun said as he removed his boyfriends boxers.

He slid off his leather jacket and took off his shirt. Suho bit his lip as he looked at the gang leaders' body, slim but ripped, it turned him on every time.

Sehun undid his belt and unzips his jeans, then he moved between Suho's thighs agin.

He took the boys shirt off and started sucking on his nipple, licking the bud.

Suho let out a moan.

The gangster nibbled and sucked on the boys nipple, driving Suho crazy.

"Sehun, please, fill me up." Suho begged.

Sehun did what his bunny told him and grabs the lube from the table and but some on his member. As he did he watched his needy bunny squirm, in need of his touch.

Sehun smirked and quickly rammed into his boyfriend and began to thrust hard and deep.

Suho screamed at the quick movement.

"Ahh~ Sehun to much." Suho said as tears filled his eyes.

"You wanted me to fuck you bunny, so here you go." Sehun said through his thrust.

Suho threw back his head from the pleasure, squeaking with each thrust. Sehun was showing him no mercy, but this is what he asked for.

Sehun love the boys sounds, it's was like music to his ears. He loved his little squeaks, like a bunny.

"Fuck bunny you're so tight." Sehun said with a moan.

Suho threw his head back on the leather couch.

Each thrust was so deep and powerful, it felt so good.

"Sehun m-more, please." Suho screamed.

Tears of pleasure ran down his red cheeks.

Sehun gripped his boyfriends thighs tightly and thrusted in harder.

He wanted to satisfy his bunny, he wanted him to scream his name so that everyone knows who he belongs to. He never wanted anyone else to touch what's his agin.

"On your hand and knees bunny,

Ass up." Sehun said as he pulled out.

Suho obeyed and got on his hands and knees. In a split second Sehun rammed right back into Suho. The boy let out a loud maon, Sehun was so deep.

"S-sehun, s-so deep." Suho managed to choke out. His nails dig into the leather couch.

"I know bunny, you feel so fucking good." Sehun said as he thrusted deeper.

Suho screamed and arched his back when he felt Sehun hit his prostate.

"Found it." Sehun said as he rammed in harder, hitting his boyfriends spot over and over.

Suho was crying from the pleasure. He loved the gang leader, and every thing he has done for him, helping him get out of the sick playboy prostitute business, giving him a home, friends and all the love and affection he could ask for, plus the sex was amazing. Suho belonged to Sehun and always will.

Sehun gripped his boyfriends waist tighter and he slammed into his bunny. He leaned over and kissed the boys back. He grabbed the boys face and turned it and connected their lips. Suho moaned into the kiss as Sehun kept up his fast pace. Their tongues danced as they kissed passionately. Sehun smacked Suho's ass. Suho let out a little squeak. Sehun began to bite his boyfriends shoulder as he rammed into him.

Suho felt a familiar feeling in his stomach.

"S-sehun I'm close." Suho cried out.

"Hold on a little longer bunny, I'm almost there." Sehun said as he thrusted faster, biting his lip as he watched himself thrust in and out of his bunny.

Suho bit his lip and he took Sehun's hard thrust, He was shaking from the pleasure.

With a few more thrusts Sehun was close, he rammed in hard so he would hit Suho's prostate.

"Fuck bunny, im close." Sehun said through with a moan.

Sehun thrusted a few more times then Suho let out a scream as the came. Sehun came deep inside suho, filling him up. The gangster laid his head down on the boys back as he catches his breath. Suho let out small moans as he came down from his high. Sehun pulled out and stood up, he grabbed his shirt and slid it on, using it to wipe off the sweat from his forehead.

Suho spotted his jeans and attempted to stand but his legs were weak and he collapsed, he whined when his knees hit the cold tile floor, his back hurt and he couldn't walk. Sehun walked over to his boyfriend on the floor, he reached down and picked him up.

"I need help." Suho said with a whine.

"It's ok bunny." Sehun said as he covered Suho up with hid leather jacket and kisses his head then carried him out of the lounge.

Everyone looked at the weak, tired and half naked boy in the gangster's arms. Sehun held Suho closer and growled at the people looked at his bunny. Everyone turns away when the saw the anger in the gang leaders eyes, it's like they almost turned red.

Sehun carried suho out of the bar and to the car.

The driver rolled down the window.

"Take us home." Sehun said and the man nodded.

The gangster opend the car door and climbed in. He heled his exhausted bunny in his arms.

He watched as he drifted off in to a deep sleep, he smiled and leaned down and kissed suho.

They drove off as the sweet bunny slept in the scary gangsters arms.


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