5 Strange Dreams

I sat in the corner of the couch, staring at the Skill Trees and Perks in my system. I hadn't activated any of them yet, but I was eager to see what kind of abilities I could unlock. Leaf Concentrating exercise and Tree-walking are not that hard. Perks require a crazy high number of Perk Points, and I still don't know if there is a way to acquire them besides leveling up. If not, then this shitty system will only allow me to choose a path and focus on that one. Why cruel fate, why? What have I been reincarnated to become? Some worthless side character with one mastery only? Even without a cheat system Naruto and Sasuke became gods of Shinobi. Madara and Hashirama even more so. Yup, whatever you may think, I am not taking it back. Madara was better than Sasuke and Hashirama was better than Naruto, period.

"Let's see here..." I mumbled to myself, scrolling through the various trees. "Chakra Control... Speedy Hand... Novice Illusionist... Novice Shinobi... Elemental Affinity... Iron Muscles... Curing Hand... Who am I?... Perfect Calligraphy... Armsman... Aim... Stealth... Backstab... Summoning... Fuinjutsu... Shurikenjutsu... Speech... Alchemy... Nature Chakra..."

I whistled, impressed by the sheer amount of options. "Damn, this is just like the game but adapted to the Naruto World. Interesting, really! I gotta start prioritizing which ones to unlock first though. Can't just go willy-nilly with this shit."

I tapped my chin, deep in thought. "Well, obviously I gotta get my Chakra Control up. That's like the foundation of everything, right? But instead of using perk points from the get-go, I should focus on training it by myself at first to see if I can acquire these perks without using Perk Points. If I can, that would be extremely delightful. And then I gotta work on my elemental affinity. Can't be a weak-ass Shinobi without an element! Who am I, Iruka? Sakura? Neji? Tenten? Wow, lots of shitty characters in this world."

I scrolled further down, eyeing the Bukijutsu and Shurikenjutsu trees. "Ooh, now we're talking. I gotta get some sick weapon skills. Maybe I'll specialize in shuriken, be like Itachi. Hey, he may be a fool but he is a fool with insane Shuriken skills. Yeah, that sounds badass."

I glanced over at Naruto, who was napping in a nearby corner. "Hey, do you think I can charm Tsunade if I focus on improving my skills? Gotta be able to talk my way out of trouble, you know?"

Naruto snorted in his sleep, causing me to chuckle. "Who is Tsunade? Ramen Chef?"

"She is a beauty but a bit old." I chuckled as I shook my head.

I continued scrolling, my eyes widening at some of the more unique trees. "Summoning? Fuinjutsu? Alchemy? Holy shit, these perks require lots of Perk Points. Maybe I'll save those for later."

"Oh, oh! What is this?"

Fuinjutsu Perks are amazing! The Perfect Calligraphy perk will let me make intricate seals with ease. And with Disenchant!!! Holy shit, that's amazing! It allows me to disenchant seals and learn them. Although it is fucking expensive as hell, it is worth it. I can disenchant Flying Thunder and learn it! I need to increase this Perk 5 times, to max, to be able to disenchant an SS-Rank Seal, which will cost me about 200 Perk Points, but still. Amazing!

I scratched my head, feeling overwhelmed by the choices. "Man, this takes longer than Naruto picking his favorite Ramen. But I'll figure it out. Gotta make sure I don't waste any of those precious Perk Points."

Under the Bukijutsu Skill Tree, I notice the perk "Sword Saint." Nope. No. Hell no. What is this? A shitty wuxia novel? I don't want to master the sword. Swords are lame. I wanna fire jutsu from afar to incinerate my enemies to ashes. Thank you very much.

"Oh! Skill Tree adapted to my wishes. Of course, there are tens of different weapons I can use in this world unlike the game and all have different styles. If the skill tree focused on all of them, it wouldn't make sense." I exclaimed as the tree changed itself into a staff.

"No staff." I reprimanded the interface, "Bad system. You are a bad system. Do I look like a monkey to you?"

"No Bow. Nope. No spear. Come on. Oh, what is this? Gauntlet? That seems interesting. If I combine this with Taijutsu perks, I can get a double result. Yep, let's keep it like this for now." I smiled at the fist shaped sky.

Fist of Iron: Your gauntlets are so strong that they can shatter rocks and even break through metal with ease. Enemies that block your attacks with their own weapons will quickly find themselves disarmed. 15 Perk Points!

Quick Draw: You can draw and strike with your gauntlets at lightning speeds, catching enemies off guard and leaving them no time to react. 25 Perk Points!

God damn it! What the hell is this? How can I spend 40 levels worth of Perk Points for two perks? Even if there is no upper level cap, it would still be impossible for me to activate them all.

Flash Step: You can use your gauntlets to propel yourself forward in a quick burst of speed, allowing you to dodge enemy attacks or close the distance between yourself and your target. 40 Perk Points!

And what is this? Am I in Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Naruto World? Huh? I know they are strong, but how am I going to get so many Perk Points? There has to be some other way. There must be!

Damn! Moving on to the Shurikenjutsu Skill Tree, I see "Sharpshooter" and "Boomerang Shuriken," both of which would be incredibly useful for a ninja who specializes in ranged combat. I may activate this in the future. They sound interesting.

Under the Sneak Skill Tree, I find "Silent Movement" and "Vanish," which would be great for sneaking around undetected. Although sneak may not be valuable in the future due to special eyes popping out like damn mushrooms. I need to test it.

"Man, I wish I had more Perk Points. I want to unlock all of these perks! But I guess I'll have to prioritize which ones to get first. Maybe I should start with Chakra Control, because that's the foundation of all jutsu. And then maybe I can work on my Taijutsu and Genjutsu skills. But hey, there's no rush. I'm only five years old, after all. I have my whole life ahead of me to become a badass ninja!"

I yawned, feeling my eyes droop. "Guess I'll take a nap. I'll figure out my Skill Trees later. Just gotta make sure I don't use up all my Perk Points on stupid things."

I curled up in the corner of the couch, my eyes closing as I tried to sleep. In the next second, I found myself in a bizarre Naruto-themed amusement park, with endless perk points raining from the sky like confetti. I was ecstatic! I collected as many as I could, activating every single perk I'd ever dreamed of having. I transformed into the ultimate god of Shinobi, sporting an outrageous neon outfit with a custom-made headband that read "Shinobi Supreme."

As I strutted through the park, I encountered various characters from the series, all of them in hilarious situations. I saw Kakashi trying to read his favorite romance novel while riding a merry-go-round with lightning blazing sword in his hand, and Jiraiya dressed as a giant toad holding Sai's hand, taking pictures with excited fans. I even stumbled upon Orochimaru, who was managing a cotton candy stand, hissing and offering his snake-infused cotton candy to wary customers. What was weird about him was, his hair was orange.

Hinata was trotting around riding the giant Kurama, but strangely white in color. Shikamaru and Choji were running around, while Ino was chasing them, riding a giant bear, and Shino was flying in the air with wings that looked like coming from his back.

I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all, feeling invincible with my new powers. That is, until I suddenly found myself face to face with Naruto, clad in a dazzling white Susanoo. He challenged me to a duel, and despite my over-the-top abilities, I was no match for his overwhelming power.

With one final blow from Naruto's White Susanoo fist, I was sent flying through the air, crashing back down to earth with a painful thud. Just as I was about to admit defeat, I woke up with a start, my laughter turning into a groan.

Rubbing my sore body, I looked around and realized it was all just a dream. My endless perk points, and my flashy ninja outfit were all gone. To make matters worse, I found Naruto standing on top of me, shaking me awake.

"Hey, you were laughing in your sleep!" he exclaimed, clearly amused. "You must've had a pretty funny dream, huh?"

I grumbled in response, still disappointed that my ultimate Shinobi powers had vanished with the dream. But deep down, I couldn't help but chuckle at the memory of my bizarre and humorous adventure. At least I had one hell of a story to tell.

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