1 Reborn(Most Heinous Act)

Hello you all. If this is your first time reading my novel, please read carefully;

I don't like the following plot. I hate to follow the plot! I don't see the point in fanfiction when MC just does nothing and gets stronger to do nothing. I don't care if there is a plot. MC lives, and that changes things. Even if MC does nothing, it will cause ripples. The term "Wings of Butterflies" means the smallest ripple can fuck up everything. And I like to fuck up everything big time. So! In this novel, get ready to see changes that will shock you in every chapter.

In this novel, I decided to write in First Person Perspective. Rarely I will use Third Person for other places, but you mostly read what MC does, and how he thinks. His thoughts are mostly mine, so yeah. Anyway, after reading the first chapter, see if you like it. If not, please don't force it. I don't want you to swear to my 7 generations in the 100th chapter why a character acts differently. It does because things had changed. Please read the auxiliary chapters to see what you should expect from this novel. I will add tags anyway; Skyrim System, !!!Heavily Altered Plot, Strong Romance, NO! Harem-R-18, Slow Pace, Strong but not Overpowered MC. Anyways, I hope you have fun and Peace.

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Evil characters cannot have a sad past.



When I arrived at the opening, the crying Itachi was jumping away and Sasuke collapsed onto the ground. I was still far away from them but I could see them as clear as day thanks to marking them on the map. Itachi went away, and I had only a small window of time.

I ran to the boy who collapsed to the ground and opened his eyelids. He was collapsed because of the torture and chakra exhaustion. But two blazing red eyes were looking at me back. I quickly removed them from their sockets and placed them into my inventory, before I killed the boy.

His name and red bar vanished as he died. So long, Sasuke!

When the red dot indicating Sasuke vanished, I left the Uchiha compound as fast as I could. In no time at all, I arrived at the house and slipped into my bed.

'Holy shit! That did happen, right? Right?!' My heart was beating like a galloping Kyuubi in my chest.

"No one saw me! I am sure of it!" I planned this for months. Hokage wasn't spying with his jutsu. If he did, he would know Itachi wasn't alone, but he didn't. It meant he wasn't watching. Anbu was also pulled from there, Root might be close, but not too close. They were waiting for it to end to collect their eyes. I did it in time!

I don't see any red dots on the map. So no one is targeting me. No one is after me. No one saw me!

After reasoning with myself, I calmed down and laid on my back. I opened the inventory and skipped the useless stuff. There at the bottom was a pair of Sharingan, one with two-tomoe while the other with one.

[Sharingan: Eye-type bloodline limit of Uchiha Clan. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu", the others being the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. While its powers originated from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rinne Sharingan, its independent form was first manifested by Indra Ōtsutsuki.

The pair has the incarnation of Indra and bestows the ability of Amaterasu on the left eye, Kagutsuchi on the right eye, and Susanoo on two.

Can be implanted.]

The fuck?

Can be implanted?

I looked at the last sentence while the use button was blinking. I absentmindedly brought my finger to press it, but at the last second, I stopped myself.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!"

"Hell to the no! Sharingan? I don't need that sick eye. It is a curse that is what it is. I don't want it. No! No universe, no gods, no to everyone. This is the second time I was offered this, but no! I don't fucking want Sharingan."

"No, no, no, no, no!"


"What is this?" asked the formless soul, drifting in the darkness.

"Where am I?"

"What is this warm feeling? I am… feeling it in my heart, not in my skin. This feeling is beyond physical. This secure feeling, this warm embrace is akin to a hug from a mother. I feel great."


"Hey, you!" A voice jerked me awake. I opened my heavy eyes and looked at the man sitting across from me. He had blond hair covered with dirt and mud. He was wearing a blue uniform. His eyes were looking at me lovingly. His hands were chained. "Finally awake."

I tried to turn my head to look around. I saw a carriage pulled by a strong-looking horse. It was easily pulling the carriage carrying 6 adults and the coachman. Its muscles were defined, and its eyes were red in color. It didn't look from Earth at all.

I lastly looked at the warm embrace holding me tightly. There I saw a beautiful woman with purple eyes and blue hair. She was looking at me lovingly just as the man did, nay, even more. I felt my heart tighten. I felt fear and helplessness in her eyes, hidden behind the unconditional love.

'Who are these people? How can they love me so much?' I thought as I gazed at my body. Unsurprisingly I was in a baby's body. Wrapped tightly by cloth, and hugged by two fair arms. My mother's arms.

"There there, baby. Mama will feed you pretty soon." The woman holding me said while looking at the other captives looking at the woman with pity and lust. She unwillingly pulled out one of her milk jugs and covered it with my face.

"We were trying to cross the border." The man across from me said while hot liquid filled my mouth. I tasted… nice, I guess. It was my first time tasting breast milk. Well, obviously not the first time, but it was the first time I was cognizant enough to remember it. "Walked right into the Shinobi ambush. Same as thieves over there."

"Damn you, tree huggers. Lands were fine until you came along." Said the man sitting next to my father. "Guards were nice and easy. They haven't been worried about you."

They talked while I was having a weird sense of Deja Vu. The conversation to some extent was too familiar to my ears, and the words. Tree huggers? I felt too familiar, but my mind was fuzzy. I couldn't remember where I heard those words before.

While I was busy with the vague memories I was trying to hold onto, the carriage stopped at an opening. I couldn't see much because my head was still pressed onto my mother's embrace, but I could still hear some of the conversations.

"Have you caught them all?" Asked an authoritative voice.

"Yes, sir. We caught them all." answered another. I tried to look but my vision was covered, and I could only see legs and feet. Most were wearing sandals while one of them was holding a cane.

We were lined up in a single row. The thief was in first, while my mother and I were in third. Father was just in front of us. There, two men were standing in front of us, one holding a piece of document. His face was covered with a mask that looked like an animal that I couldn't tell, while he was wearing gray clothes. There was a short sword on his back, and on his tight fastened knife holder.

"Step up, Ichijo Naokane." Man with the list said softly. His voice was void of emotion and cold.

'Japanese?' I thought to myself, as the man in the front row shivered in fright.

"You are making a mistake. I am not a traitor. I am just a thief." The man shouted in panic and ran away. "I am not a traitor."

"Halt!" Shouted the man beside the list holder. But the thief was fast on his legs. He ran away at a fast speed.

"Put him down!" Shouted the authoritative voice once again. With the order, a few waiting at the side removed star-shaped blades and threw them. They arrived at the thief and killed him in a matter of seconds.

"Anyone else feel like running?" Asked the voice, while no one answered.

"Wait, you there, step forward." Asked the list holder while looking at my mother. Father tried to hide her from his back, but the one next to the list holder pushed him to the ground. "Stay! In! The! Line!"

My mother stepped up while shaking in fear. She was holding me tightly in her embrace and patted my back to assure me everything was fine. But it wasn't. Everything was fucked up.

"Who is this?" He asked as he pointed at me and all of a sudden the world froze. My soul left my body and floated in the air. A silhouette of a grown-up teenager appeared in front of me. He had blonde hair and purple eyes. His skin color was tanned, while his muscles were lean. He looked handsome and slim.

Before I could wrap my mind around what was happening, a list appeared on the side of the teen. And a line on top of his face.

The line said; Race - Body - Head - Face - Eyes - Brow - Mouth - Hair

The sideline was showing a list of names.

Otsutsuki Clan

Uchiha Clan

Senju Clan

Uzumaki Clan

Hyuga Clan

Sarutobi Clan

Aburame Clan

Inuzuka Clan

Nara Clan

Yamanaka Clan

Akimichi Clan

Kamizuru Clan

Yotsuki Clan

Fuma Clan

Ketsuma Clan

Shokuta Clan

Uroko Clan

Hoshigaki Clan…

"These are…" I gasped as I looked around. Finally, I saw the people around. When I looked at the authoritative voice for the first time, I shiver went down my spine. In my soul form, I was scared to death. "Danzo?"

The man had a distinct figure. Wrapped arm with a white cloth. An X-shaped scar on the chin. One covered eye while the other one merciless gray. Holding the cane in his other hand.

"I am in Naruto World?" I looked at the ninjas holding us captive. "These are ROOT?"

"What is this interface then?" I looked at the obvious menu that appeared in front of the handsome teen. "The beginning of Skyrim!"

"This teen must be my future self if I don't make any changes. The race list shows no selected race. Let's select a few then." I thought and thought of the Otsutsuki Clan.

All of a sudden the teen's figure changed. White hair, a pair of strange horns protruding from the forehead. Eyes were the same but skin was bleach pale and most of the options locked.

"Can't change my physical appearance when I select this clan. Since Danzo is here, if I want to live, I can't select this clan." I moved down to Uzumaki Clan.

This time, the teen's hair dyed in vibrant red and horns disappeared. The skin colour was the same as before I selected the alien race. It looked handsome but there was this weird life force seeping out of the body.

"I can change the hair color and others but it has the life force of the Uzumaki Clan. Danzo wouldn't leave me if I had these features. Might even kill me or worse, enslave me."

Uchiha was the same. Hair and eyes turned black, but the fire inside was easy to feel. It didn't mean anyone could feel these, but the game was probably warning me. It was the same for most of the clans. I clicked the last clan on the unexpanded list, Hoshigaki, and shark-like features disappeared.

My original appearance appeared once again. Blond hair, purple eyes. No weird energy, no fire, no special eyes, no mutation, and no horns…

"I would rather live without any bloodline than be a slave of this cyclops." I thought and started to tweak a few things from my appearance. What? I can't select a bloodline, but I sure can select how I am going to look in the future right.

I added some muscles, fixed the hair to a cool style. Made it so, I wouldn't grow facial hair and increased the height. Eyes a little bit slanted, straight eyebrows and lips looking handsome. With it, I was done.

With it, a column appeared in front of me, asking me my name.

"What is my name?" I thought to myself. I couldn't remember my name from my previous life although I could remember I was reborn in this world. I remembered everything about Naruto and Skyrim, and of course other games and fiction too. But no memory of my previous life.


"Koushin" I entered and it appeared in the column. With it, I returned to my body, and the world, once again, flowed as it was.

"His name is Koushin. Please spare my baby. He is innocent." My mother pleaded while my father kowtowed towards the cyclops. I felt pain in my chest, but I was helpless. Cane hitting the ground reverberated in the opening, and the man approached my mother.

"Pass him." He ordered as he tore me from my mother's embrace. I shouted profanities but all it came out were cries.

"Nothing worth nurturing." He said after a while and threw me towards one of the figures at the side. "Take him to the orphanage after we are done."

"Yes, sir." A woman's voice answered. I was held in her embrace while they continued.

"Kami Hana, Kami Hiro. Step up." List holder ordered. My parents stepped up, hand in hand, and waited. "Guilty of treason."

They were taken to the side while looking at me with tears in their eyes. "Please take care of my baby."

With it, they were stabbed to death while I cried without knowing why.

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