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In Hokage's office, four old people were sitting.

"What do you want, Danzo?" asked Hiruzen, the old monkey.

"I just want to discuss these decisions you took." Danzo tersely said, as he showed the new laws Hiruzen signed.

"Old age got to you huh, Danzo?" Hiruzen said with oozing sarcasm. "I am Hokage! I don't discuss. I implement."

Danzo's face was livid, but he had to do his best to keep his calm. A while longer.

"Yes, you are. But we are still the elder council. We have some say in the rules you lay down." The female old goat, whose name the author long forgotten, said.

"Yes, but those on Danzo showed no, you have not." Hiruzen said with a stern voice indicating he wouldn't let the other three meddle into this.

"Fine, but I still want Kyubi's host." Danzo, with no other choice, brought the subject to the Hokage's soft spot.

"You shall never have Naruto! You hear me?" Old Third answered with a shout. "I told you nth time, Naruto is a fine Shinobi-to-be of Konoha and not a weapon. I still regret presenting him as the Jinchuriki. I shouldn't have done that. People of this village are so stupid."

'Says the most stupid.' Three other old goats thought at the same time.

While the council of useless and old were being useless and old, the Uchiha massacre ended.


Meh, I killed Sasuke so there would be less trouble that came with him, and the system wants me to become the new Indra Incarnation? No, thank you. I don't want my friendship with Naruto to be complicated. I like it when he is stupid little brother, not when he forgets everything to come after me to save me from my hatred.

Really though, who would be stupid enough to use those eyes? Not only is it annoying as bitch, it will also turn me into an emo. For real? I will become an edgelord. The idea makes me shiver. No thank you. I am good as I am. Killing Sasuke and removing him from the whole plot was the best thing I could do though.

I did it to prevent Naruto from chasing, hell even be friends with the stupid emo kid, but still. Sasuke is bad news. Orochimaru comes because of him, Naruto almost dies several times because of him. Now that he is dead, things will turn for the better… I hope.


The funeral was sad. Although it was for all Uchiha Clan, mainly everyone was there for Sasuke. After all, he was famous in the academy.

Even Naruto was devastated. They still had this rivalry thing going on, although not fully developed. Sakura, and many other girls looked like zombies.

"C'mon Naruto, let's go," I said while dropping the flower we bought. I was not going to spend my hard earned money to buy a second flower. Buying together with Naruto would suffice. Not like they meant anything to me.

"Why would someone do such a thing?" Naruto asked.

"We cannot understand crazy people, Naruto. We cannot even imagine their state of mind." I sighed as I put my arm around his shoulder. "We should grow strong to avenge him."

"You are right! I will be Hokage in the future. I will get so strong and bring his brother back to the village, so he can apologize to Sasuke!" Naruto said with newfound ambition.

"You sure will, buddy."

As we were walking back, suddenly a crow appeared in the sky. It was huge. On top it was… Itachi?

With his crimson eyes fixed upon the graveyard, his face contorted and his expression twisted into a bloody visage. A killing intent, so heavy and foreboding, seeped from his very being and radiated from his gaze. For a brief, heart-stopping moment, I felt as though I might keel over and die from fear. But then, with a thunderous roar, he shouted another name, shaking the very earth beneath us.

"DANZO!" He shouted on top of his tongue. "COME OUT NOW!"

The people had already recognized him and drew their weapons. ANBU from every corner jumped out and started to evacuate the civilians. Jounin filled the cemetery. And from two sides, two elders walked into the center. Hokage and Danzo.

Danzo's face was ugly. It looked like he was frightened and edgy. Hokage on the other hand looked sad and determined.

"Itachi, why did you come back?" He asked.

"We had a deal, Third! You had to protect Sasuke!" Itachi said between his tears.

"What are you playing, you traitor?" Danzo shouted.

"You ordered me to massacre my family! I agreed with you. You promised to protect Sasuke!" Itachi was mad.

"Stop, spouting bullshit. You killed everyone in your family and stole your brother's eyes. You dare to put the blame on me?" Danzo said righteously.

"Today, you die, DANZOOOO!" Itachi's voice boomed through the air as he materialized near the man, his crimson eyes blazing with intensity. Danzo was quick to react, flickering away before Itachi could even touch him. But Itachi was no ordinary ninja, he was a genius for a reason. In a flash of black feathers, a crow clone appeared behind Danzo and plunged a sharp blade into his chest.

Danzo's form dissolved into smoke and a wooden log took his place. Itachi whirled around just in time to see the real Danzo charging towards him, a deadly wind-covered kunai aimed straight for his heart. But Itachi was no pushover either. In a blur of motion, he transformed into a flock of murderous crows, appearing in front of Danzo just as the elder's blade whistled through the air.

Danzo's eyes widened in shock as he gazed upon the crimson-eyed Uchiha. A moment later, he crumpled to his knees, overwhelmed by the sheer force of Itachi's killing intent. Itachi raised his hand, ready to deliver the final blow to the man's skull, when a staff suddenly appeared before him.

It was the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, who had entered the fray. "Stay out of this, Hokage," Itachi snarled, his gaze fixed upon the old man. "Or I swear I will raze your precious village to the ground."

But Hiruzen was resolute. "I can't let you kill an elder of my village," he shouted back, his body already in motion as he engaged Itachi in combat.

Jounin and ANBU appeared in droves, their weapons flashing as they clashed with Itachi. But the rogue Uchiha was far too strong for them. Danzo, due to not having the opportunity to harvest and implant the Sharingans to his arm yet, wasn't at his peak. He had only one Mangekyou Sharinga, stolen from Shisui, but he couldn't even use that at the moment.

Chunin scrambled to evacuate the area, forming a human shield between Itachi and the vulnerable civilians. Naruto and his friend watched from a safe distance, their eyes wide with shock and awe as Itachi battled half the village's forces. Gai was nowhere to be seen, while Kakashi was deemed too weak to take on Itachi alone. Only two old men posed a challenge to the rogue Uchiha, but they too were struggling to keep up with his unrelenting assault.

"HIRUZEN! DON'T FORCE MY HAND!" Itachi's voice boomed with an intense, bone-chilling killing intent that sent shivers down the spines of all who heard it. His right eye twitched with barely suppressed rage and a powerful jutsu, the dreaded Amaterasu, threatened to erupt from within him.

Hiruzen, one of the very elders who had ordered Itachi to slaughter his own kin, refused to back down, determined to face the consequences of his past actions. Danzo, on the other hand, prepared to unleash his own fearsome power, his right eye beginning to open.

A sudden explosion of movement, and Itachi's eye burst forth with a gush of blood as black flames consumed Danzo. The elder screamed in agony, frantically trying to extinguish the unquenchable inferno that threatened to consume him. But the Amaterasu was relentless, burning hotter and brighter with each passing moment. When all hope seemed lost, Danzo suddenly disappeared, replaced by a summon that continued to burn in his place.

Itachi glared at the summon with a seething hatred that seemed to scorch the very air around him, and he unleashed the full might of his Tsukuyomi on Danzo, who appeared in front of him. Hiruzen moved to intervene, but Itachi's Amaterasu stopped him in his tracks, the flames roaring to life once more.

In a desperate bid to protect his leader, an ANBU leapt between Hiruzen and the deadly flames, sacrificing himself to save his village. But it was too late for Danzo. Itachi's blade sliced cleanly through the traitorous elder's neck, and his head tumbled to the ground, lifeless.

With a cold, calculating precision, Itachi removed his best friend's Sharingan from Danzo's corpse, then collapsed to the ground, laughing maniacally in a haze of relief and exhaustion. His voice echoed through the opening, where the still-burning elder's body convulsed on the ground, promising to kill anyone and everyone who had hurt his beloved brother, Sasuke.

"I will kill you all! I will kill everyone that hurt my brother! This village will burn to ashes!"


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