6 Audacity of the Bitch

It was the first day of the academy, and I walked alongside Naruto towards the building. I looked around and observed my surroundings, taking in the sight of the other kids walking around in their little cute ninja outfits, how pathetically adorable. I had been waiting for this day for a while now, after all, this was the start of many things.

Naruto looked up at me with a big grin on his face, "Kou, I can't wait to become a ninja!"

I smiled down at him, ruffling his hair, "Me too, Naruto. We're gonna be the best."

It was the first day of the academy, and the students were buzzing with excitement. They had all been looking forward to this day for as long as they could remember, eager to take their first steps towards becoming ninja.

As the clock struck 9, the door to the classroom opened, and a man with spiky hair and a forehead protector entered. "Good morning, class," he said, his voice firm but friendly. "My name is Nagane Yugai, and I'll be your instructor for the next few years if nothing goes wrong."

He scanned the room, taking note of the eager faces before him. "Before we begin, let's all take a moment to introduce ourselves. I'll start."

Yugai took a deep breath before continuing. "My biggest dislike is people who give up too easily, and my dream is to see all of you become great ninjas one day."

We students listened intently, each of us waiting our turn to speak. First up were some of the unimportant characters that wouldn't matter in a few years. There was a couple from the orphanage where me and Naruto used to live but both sides ignored each other conveniently. They didn't like Naruto, and of course by proxy me, and I didn't like them. After that was Sasuke, the brooding and serious member of the class. He introduced himself succinctly, stating only his name and his dream being great ninja, bringing honor to his clan, how he simped his brother and everything.

Next was Naruto, the hyperactive and boisterous ball of sunshine. He announced his name with a loud shout and declared that his dream was to become the Hokage. Unlike in the original series, he was a lot more decorous. He wouldn't jump at every opportunity to embarrass himself, but his dream hadn't changed, fortunately neither did his positive outlook in life.

Sakura, the pinkett and confident member of the class, introduced herself with a smile. She revealed her love of fashion and her dream of becoming a powerful kunoichi, and gazed at certain someone from time to time.

Ino, the bubbly and outgoing girl in the class, gushed about her love of shopping and her dream of becoming a ninja like her father. What drew my attention was, he wasn't simping over Sasuke, nor was she fighting with Sakura over emo dude.

Choji, the chubby and food-loving boy in the class, proudly declared his love of eating and his dream of becoming a great ninja like his father and grandfather.

Shikamaru, the lazy but intelligent member of the class, spoke in a bored tone about his love of strategy and his dream of living a peaceful life without too much effort.

Shino, the quiet and mysterious boy in the class, spoke softly about his love of bugs and his dream of becoming a great ninja like his father. Shino is such a badass even when he is five. I really like this dude.

Kiba, the energetic and hot-headed boy in the class, declared his love of dogs and his dream of becoming a strong ninja like his mother. He wants to be an alpha. Tough shit dog-ass.

Hinata, the shy and gentle girl in the class, spoke in a soft voice about her love of drawing and her dream of becoming a ninja who could protect her loved ones.

Finally, it was my turn. I stood up, my eyes shining with determination. "My name is Koushin," I said confidently while beaming a smile. "I like training and hanging out with Naruto. I dislike evil characters with sad backgrounds, and my dream is to be the best version of myself so I wouldn't fail myself. My famous quote is 'Evil characters cannot have a sad past!'"

Yugai smiled at me, "Whose quote is it?"

"A wise man." I declared.

The class was now fully introduced, and Yugai began the first lesson.

I sat down next to Naruto, and we both looked at the chalkboard in front of us. Yugai cleared his throat and began his lesson, "Today, we will be learning the basic principles of chakra theory."

I listened attentively, already knowing most of the material from the knowledge stored in my mind, but I didn't want to be arrogant and show off. Instead, I helped Naruto understand the concepts better, answering his questions and explaining things in a way that he would understand.

As the day went on, I found himself enjoying the academy more than I thought he would. I made friends with some of my classmates. Though, they were still a little apprehensive when it came to Naruto. After all, they had seen him in the park before, and most parents took their kids away from the little blonde.

First day came and went like the wind, and it was kinda fun? I don't know. I guess I miss being in a school environment. Did I die when I was a student? Nah, if I was, I wouldn't miss school, unless it was summer! You miss school in the summer, right?

As I walked into the classroom on the second day of the academy, I felt a sense of excitement and anticipation. I wanted to interact with others more. It was fun. Naruto was a tad earlier today for some reason, so when I entered, I started to look around. But as I made my way to my seat, I felt a sudden jolt as Naruto accidentally bumped into me.

Before I could even react, Sakura was on her feet, her eyes flashing with anger. She was about to hit Naruto's head, but I quickly stepped in, blocking her path. "What do you think you're doing?" I asked, my voice stern and unyielding.

Sakura glared at me, her fists clenched at her sides. "Who do you think you are, stopping me like that?" she hissed. "Naruto bumped into me, and he deserves to be punished!"

Now, I always try to be objective. This wasn't a novel, manga or anime. These people were real, and they were alive. The keyword is try though, there are some things I did and will do to make things easier for myself, sadly, approaching Sakura and trying to like her is not one of them. No scratch that, not sadly. Fortunately. I don't like her. I hate her guts. There.

Ever since we were small, this little piece of shit acted like the Konoha was her father's. In the park, she would terrorize Naruto over nothing. She and her clique that she called the fan club would gang up on anyone standing in their way. I usually didn't pick a fight with toddlers but now it was different.

I could feel my blood boiling as Sakura's arrogance and entitlement hit me like a wave. Who was she to decide what punishment Naruto deserved? And how dare she think that she had the right to hit him in the first place?

I stood my ground, my eyes fixed on Sakura's. "Beat it forehead or I will draw your family history of yours there. It will fit, I am sure of it, not because your forehead is massive but because your family history is shorter than you," I said with a smirk. "Just because he bumped into you doesn't mean you have the right to punch him. This is my first and last warning. If you try to hit either me or one of my friends, I will punish you so badly, you will not be able to cry Sasuke's name."

Sakura's face twisted in anger and shame, and I could see the hatred burning in her eyes. She was so used to being one of the cool girls in the classroom, and the head of Sasuke Fan Club. How dare two unimportant characters argue with her?

She was about to retort when a few girls started giggling and whispered to each other. She suddenly felt apprehensive. True, she was the head of Sasuke Fan Club, but it wasn't the only club in their age group. She could pick a fight against Naruto but not everyone.

But she still wanted to get her way with Naruto. "Fine, whatever," she huffed, her arms crossed over her chest. "But don't think I'm going to let this go, Naruto. You'll get what's coming to you."

I could feel the tension in the air as Sakura stormed back to her seat, and I knew that this was the end of it. She was just trying to claim some of her pride points, as if I cared. Little bitch.


You started the academy to become a full-fledged Shinobi. Your path is dangerous. You should pass through the fire and swim through hell. But when you do, a new dungeon will appear for you!

-Finish with the highest score to be on the same team as your brother

-(Optional) Learn an Elemental Jutsu those taught in the academy

-(Optional) Learn two other mandatory branches ( Fuinjutsu - Healing Jutsu)

-(Optional) Steal the bells

-(Optional) Impress your Jounin Sensei

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