11 Uchiha Massacre

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Today there was a blood moon because today was the day of the Uchiha Massacre.

I thought a lot about what I should do with this, and I finally decided to be part of it. Not for preventing it, of course not, preventing had all the shitty downsides, but to encourage it of course. If there was something that could solve all my troubles, it was to make sure the massacre happened.

After I moved in together with Naruto life was better. Sadly there were no silly quests from the Matron but I could do odd jobs for people around the village to earn some cash and exp. My skills increased, and I was getting better each and every day.

When we were 5, we started the academy. Mostly to teach us how to read and beginner-level math, history, and stuff. Nothing ninja-y.

And now, we are 7 years old. Shisui died last year, and I was too weak to even interfere with that shit.

I liked Shisui, I really did. But I was too weak to even get close to such a character without drawing a target behind my back.

On the other hand, Itachi is a fool. He is cool and all but he is a fool nonetheless. He could have killed the black sheeps in the family, he could have killed Danzo, but no. Let's kill everyone, even the children, and make my brother hate me so he would grow strong and kill me, but I love him.

I don't even care if he dies at this point, and anyway, I couldn't save Shisui. But today, it was different. There were risks of course but I am confident in my abilities.

Chakra: 15

Genjutsu(Illusion): 0

Summon Jutsu(Conjuration): 0

Ninjutsu(Destruction): 0

Taijutsu(Heavy-Light Armour/Block): 20

Healing Jutsu(Restoration): 0

Henge(Alteration): 10

Fuinjutsu(Enchanting): 5

Smithing: 5

Bukijutsu(One-Two Handed): 15

Ranged: 20

Sneak: 30

Speech: 35

Alchemy: 0

Miscellaneous: 50

I am level 11 and have 11 perk points. I increased [Stealth] perk 2 times with points and increased with sheer hard work once. Now it is almost full and gives a 50% increase when I am sneaking. I would have used all the perks I have to cap it, but without increasing Sneak, I cannot get the perk further.

Most of my Skills increased thanks to books I found in the library. I wasn't sure if it would work before I visited, but after I read a story about a shinobi, it increased my Sneak ability. And boy, if the library wasn't filled with books about sneaking shinobi.

There were books about other Jutsu branches, but for some reason, I couldn't increase them just yet. My theory was, I had to activate them first before books worked. And I haven't learned those yet. Hopefully, they will teach us soon in the academy.

I also activated another perk, [Muffled Movement] decreasing the sound I make when I am moving. Since Shinobi are paranoid monsters that can hear anything, I had to activate this perk too.

I am now near Uchiha Compound, scanning the area with the map in the corner of my visage. I can't see the people hiding, but it is still giving me some sort of ability to see around.

Oh yeah, unlike the HUD in the game, I have a small map in my vision all the time instead, though I can toggle it off. Although enemies aren't showing up before confronting, just like in the game, it is still good.

As I was waiting, screams reverberated beyond the walls. I already discovered a weak entrance a week before and am waiting nearby. When I saw Sasuke running in, I sneaked in as well from the weak entrance I found.

[Sneak increased to 31]

[Sneak increased to 32]

Holy shit! Sneaking onto full-fledged shinobi increases mastery blazing fast.

When I arrived at the opening, the crying Itachi was jumping away and Sasuke collapsed onto the ground. I was still far away from them but I could see them as clear as day thanks to marking them on the map. Itachi went away, and I had only a small window of time.

I ran to the boy who collapsed to the ground and opened his eyelids. He was collapsed because of the torture and chakra exhaustion. But two blazing red eyes were looking at me back. I quickly removed them from their sockets and placed them into my inventory, before I killed the boy.

His name and red bar vanished as he died. So long, Sasuke!

When the red dot indicating Sasuke vanished, I left the Uchiha compound as fast as I could. In no time at all, I arrived at the house and slipped into my bed.

'Holy shit! That did happen, right? Right?!' My heart was beating like a galloping Kyuubi in my chest.

"No one saw me! I am sure of it!" I planned this for months. Hokage wasn't spying with his jutsu. If he did, he would know Itachi wasn't alone, but he didn't. It meant he wasn't watching. Anbu was also pulled from there, Root might be close, but not too close. They were waiting for it to end to collect their eyes. I did it in time!

I don't see any red dots on the map. So no one is targeting me. No one is after me. No one saw me!

After reasoning with myself, I calmed down and laid on my back. I opened the inventory and skipped the useless stuff. There at the bottom was a pair of Sharingan, one with two-tomoe while the other with one.

[Sharingan: Eye-type bloodline limit of Uchiha Clan. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu", the others being the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. While its powers originated from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rinne Sharingan, its independent form was first manifested by Indra Ōtsutsuki.

The pair has the incarnation of Indra and bestows the ability of Amaterasu on the left eye, Kagutsuchi on the right eye, and Susanoo on two.

Can be implanted.]

The fuck?

Can be implanted?

I looked at the last sentence while the use button was blinking. I absentmindedly brought my finger to press it, but at the last second, I stopped myself.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!"

"Hell to the no! Sharingan? I don't need that sick eye. It is a curse that is what it is. I don't want it. No! No universe, no gods, no to everyone. This is the second time I was offered this, but no! I don't fucking want Sharingan."

"No, no, no, no, no!"


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