Konoha: Sealing Jutsu Sensei of Ninja Academy

Natsuhiko Amou, A 15 years old transmigrator aims to be a Good Sealing Jutsu Sensei despite his young age. Even though he is a transmigrator, he still doesn't have any system. This is a story of Natsuhiko unraveling the secrets of Sealing Jutsu and unveiling it's true and undiscovered potential. Feel Free to support me on my Patreon. Advance chapters are up there. https://patreon.com/ReidAstrea?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink. patreon.com/ReidAstrea join my Discord server from the link below. https://discord.gg/DqxVD8JWdb

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Special Training Ends

"Sensei, how do you use this thing?" Obito asked impatiently.

He felt he could soon surpass Kakashi with tight clothes and the Divine Item card assistance.

Guy also looked curious, nodding in agreement.

"I've already witnessed the magic of tight clothes just now, so I have no doubt about the effectiveness of this item," Guy commented.

"Look at the character in the middle of the card. Just inject chakra to trigger it, and it will operate automatically," explained Natsuhiko while giving the card to Guy.

The guy took the card, and Obito also got one from Natsuhiko.

Impatiently, Obito urged Guy, "Guy, give it a try quickly!"

"Okay!" Guy complied. Following Natsuhiko's instructions, he infused chakra into the large "音" character in the middle of the card.

Soon, a faint sound emanated from the card, gradually growing louder. A previously unheard OST began playing with the lyrics' Oshiete Oshiete,' a melodic and uplifting tune that made their blood boil.

However, Obito's expression was peculiar.

"Sensei... You're saying this song can increase training speed by fifty percent?" he questioned.

"Yes, don't you feel the urge to move?" Natsuhiko earnestly nodded, pointing at Guy. "But the effectiveness varies for each individual. It seems quite effective for Guy, doesn't it?"

Obito turned to see Guy rhythmically nodding and soon moving to the music. He couldn't help but follow Guy's movements involuntarily. Initially, he wanted to scold Guy, but as he moved, he found the music somewhat captivating, making him feel like running fifty laps around the training stadium just for the sake of fun.

If Natsuhiko could hear his thoughts, he wouldn't be surprised. After all, it was the famous National anthem of O.G. anime fans, 'Unravel' by 'Ling Toshite Sigure.'

Even those unfamiliar with the series had likely heard the music elsewhere. It was considered a must-have for training sessions.

However, Natsuhiko relied on more than just the song. He applied basic Genjutsu techniques, subtly incorporating psychological triggers into the music to enhance the blood-boiling effect.

Although Natsuhiko only had a superficial understanding of Genjutsu, it was sufficient to influence the two five-year-old little demons.

Under the influence of the music, Obito and Guy felt an inexhaustible energy rushing into their bodies, making them eager to unleash their Power of Youth and sweat.

After a hand signal from Natsuhiko, the two rushed into the training stadium like unleashed wild dogs, freely expressing their carnal desires amidst the music.

Amused, Natsuhiko laughed and left.

Several hours later, Natsuhiko returned to the training stadium, where he found the two lying on the ground.

Obito appeared exhausted and drained of energy, while Guy was a fish out of the water, continuously flopping around.

He was still shouting, "Obito, help... help me up, I can still train..."

Obito weakly responded, "You have to stand up on your own first to motivate me to stand up, and then I can help you by training besides you…."

Hearing this, Guy stopped flopping and got into a deep contemplative state.

"Why do they look so miserable….?" Natsuhiko hesitated for a moment, then walked over.

Seeing their sensei, Obito was on the verge of tears. "Sensei... you finally came back... you didn't tell us how to turn off that music..."

"That music is too strong..."

"Guy can't stop at all!"

Whether it was the music or their bodies shivering in pain and fatigue, Natsuhiko scratched his head helplessly, the corner of his mouth twitching.

The music effect was too good, which was not a good thing.


Obito, a student, ended his first secret training to defeat Kakashi with this memorable display of Power of Youth alongside Guy.

After Natsuhiko taught them how to turn off the MP3 card, the two rested briefly before barely recovering.

Then they went to the restroom to change their tight clothes and return the clothes and MP3 to Natsuhiko.

Natsuhiko, holding the wet, tight clothes with a disgusted expression, sealed them in the card with a peng sound.

"Let number three wash them."

The two, now back in their clothes, surprisingly felt slightly uncomfortable.

These clothes feel so restricting!

This is especially true for Guy, who, having experienced the pleasure of the tight yellow clothes, found that his tight green clothes could no longer satisfy his needs.

He was wearing his beloved tight green clothes but could not help thinking about the tight yellow clothes.

However, the green tight clothes have been with him for many years, like a childhood sweetheart. How could he abandon them for a momentary physical pleasure? (..

….. There are 5 authors)

Guy, torn apart emotionally, consoled himself repeatedly.

"It must be just a temporary discomfort from the switch. As long as I wear them for a while, I'll quickly get used to it."

So, when Natsuhiko announced the dispersal, and they both prepared to go home, the exhausted Guy was still planning to do additional training for himself.

"I'm going to hop like a frog all the way home. If I can't do it, I'll do ten laps around Konoha on my hands!"

Hearing this, Natsuhiko also felt nostalgic because he used such methods to discipline himself in his past life.

"After this game, I'll sleep. If I can't do it... then I'll stay up all night!"

Oh, Natsuhiko seems to have suddenly remembered the cause of his death in his past life!

When Guy, with a determined look, squatted down to hop home, Natsuhiko stopped him again.

"By the way, Guy, is your father at home now?"

"My father? He's usually on missions during the day and comes home very late. Sensei, do you need him for something?"

Guy asked curiously while standing up.

"Oh, I see..."

Natsuhiko pondered, took out a card, and handed it to Guy. "I have a job I want to introduce to your father. Here's the address. If he's interested, he can find me here."

"What? A job for my father? Very good! I'll go find him now!"

Guy said excitedly, taking the card and running wildly instantly.

Leaving Natsuhiko behind, who was utterly speechless, he weakly said:

"Hey, I haven't even said what the job is..."

Natsuhiko wanted to introduce Might Guy to a job - a server, bartender, janitor, bodyguard, and the ultimate battle weapon for his ninja pub.

After all, his ninja pub differed from ordinary ones, housing many valuable machines that required someone to look after.

And this person needed to be strong and trustworthy.

Among the many candidates Natsuhiko considered, Might Duy stood out for his unique and unmatched advantage - cheap!

Might Duy still be an unknown Genin who had yet to stage the scene of single-handedly turning the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist into lucky charms?

No one knew how terrifying the power within this seemingly ridiculous Eternal Genin was.

Natsuhiko, familiar with the work's original plot, would naturally take such an opportunity.

He originally planned to set various barriers in the pub and usually left a Shadow Clone to oversee it. If he added Might Duy, the humanoid nuclear bomb, the pub's defense system would be considered preliminary complete.

Everything was ready, just waiting for the "eastern wind"!

(End of this chapter)

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