Konoha: Sealing Jutsu Sensei of Ninja Academy

Natsuhiko Amou, A 15 years old transmigrator aims to be a Good Sealing Jutsu Sensei despite his young age. Even though he is a transmigrator, he still doesn't have any system. This is a story of Natsuhiko unraveling the secrets of Sealing Jutsu and unveiling it's true and undiscovered potential. Feel Free to support me on my Patreon. Advance chapters are up there. https://patreon.com/ReidAstrea?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink. patreon.com/ReidAstrea join my Discord server from the link below. https://discord.gg/DqxVD8JWdb

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Kushina's Victory Declaration

The next afternoon, in the Sealing Jutsu class, an exceptionally large auditorium was filled with nearly two hundred students, all in absolute silence. Their eyes were fixed on the empty space in front of the podium, fearing they might miss any detail.

A unique duel was taking place.



On the makeshift battlefield, two ninjas, both wearing black ninja attire with red layered armor on top and Konoha headbands, engaged in an intense battle. The ultra-high-speed Taijutsu exchange left the young ninjas in awe, their jaws nearly dropping.

Upon closer inspection, one had long black hair, while the other had a distinctive appearance.

They were none other than the legendary ninjas who founded Konoha: Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara!

Of course, this wasn't real.

The real Senju Hashirama had long passed away, and Uchiha Madara's whereabouts were unknown, possibly holed up in some cave. What the young ninjas were witnessing was a projection created by Natsuhiko in the duel arena.

Simultaneously, in the class, whether it was the students who had attended the first class or those attending for the first time, they all had a deeper understanding of Natsuhiko sensei's unconventional teaching style.

At the beginning of the class, Natsuhiko announced that he would demonstrate the use of sealing tags for practice. The young ninjas were initially puzzled about what was so interesting about demonstrating these tags. Little did they expect that Natsuhiko's idea of a demonstration was a public card game with his new assistant!

What kind of operation was this?

Moreover, both of them had strange devices on their wrists. Every time a card was placed on it, corresponding projections appeared on the battlefield—famous ninjas, various Ninjutsu, and Ninja Tools.

Though it seemed entertaining, the purpose of demonstrating the use of sealing tags was quickly forgotten.

Biwako Sarutobi, sitting in the last row with a frown, noticed that something was amiss. Natsuhiko had promised a demonstration of the use of sealing tags, but all she saw was a game being played. She couldn't comprehend the young ninjas' enthusiastic response to this seemingly poisonous game.

Nevertheless, she restrained her impulse to interrupt Natsuhiko's demonstration, remembering his tendency to spark interest through unconventional means.

Returning to the duel, the match had entered the final phase, reaching the ninth round.

Natsuhiko sensei and assistant Kushina, after a tense struggle, each summoned the ace card from their decks. The spectators eagerly awaited the moment when victory would be decided.

Among the onlookers, Obito from the Uchiha Clan found himself in a dilemma. The battlefield showcased the First Hokage he admired and Uchiha Madara, their clan's ancestor. Loyalty and filial piety were conflicting emotions for him. Obito didn't know whose victory he should root for.

If Natsuhiko could hear his thoughts, he might console him, saying, "Don't worry; no one will get hurt like this."

Back on the battlefield, Kushina, having just summoned Uchiha Madara, exclaimed confidently, "I'll activate Uchiha Madara's Great Fire Annihilation."

[Battlefield Rose · Uchiha Madara]

[Cost: 7, Attack: 9, Health: 7]

[Do You Also Want to Dance: Can Teleport, can attack immediately upon entering the field]

[Fire-Style · Great Fire Annihilation: Destroys all ninja units on the opponent's side with health below 4.]

[Introduction: Leader of the Uchiha Clan, co-founder of Konoha with the First Hokage Senju Hashirama. Together, known as legendary ninjas.]

After issuing the command, Kushina's illusory shadow of Uchiha Madara took a step back, hands rapidly forming seals. In the blink of an eye, the seals were completed, and taking a deep breath, the illusory shadow's mouth expanded.

Fire-Style · Great Fire Annihilation!

A torrent of flames engulfed the battlefield, consuming all of Natsuhiko's illusory shadows. The classroom transformed into a temporary sea of fire.

Some first-time attendees were frightened, standing up and attempting to flee, but those who had attended the previous class calmly held them back.

Soon, the sea of fire dissipated, revealing that only Senju Hashirama remained on Natsuhiko's side.

But it wasn't over yet.

Kushina didn't end her turn; instead, she pointed directly at Natsuhiko with her index finger.

"Next, I'll use Uchiha Madara's teleportation effect to attack you directly!"

"Do you also want to dance?"

Accompanied by grandiose words, Uchiha Madara's illusory shadow teleported in front of Natsuhiko, delivering a fierce whip kick towards his waist—

At this moment, Natsuhiko couldn't help but admire his own technical skills. The illusory shadow he created felt so real that, subconsciously, he wanted to dodge when Uchiha Madara's illusory shadow attacked. However, he resisted the urge, allowing the illusory shadow's attack to pass through.

Di di di! The numbers above Natsuhiko's head plummeted from 11 to a mere 2!

It turned into a precarious situation!

"Hahahahaha! Feel the pain! This is the strength of my ace, Uchiha Madara!"

Kushina, already got carried away, paid no attention to her image as she burst into laughter. It seemed as if Uchiha Madara's card had infected her, and she was infected quite severely.

It appeared that the ranks of the "Four Laughing Generals" were about to gain a new member.

From Kushina's confident demeanor, it was evident she came prepared today, putting in sufficient effort. This was also apparent from the large dark circles under her eyes. She must have stayed up till late last night.

But it was all worth it.

Kushina wanted to show Natsuhiko that she was no longer the rookie who suffered consecutive defeats yesterday.

To achieve this, after bringing the cards and duel disk home yesterday, Kushina underwent rigorous training. Not only did she memorise all the card effects through extensive card-making, but she also constructed a powerful deck under the guidance of Mito, a grandma with mysteriously strong card skills.

To catch him off guard, she intentionally chose "Uchiha Madara" as the ace of her deck, hoping to catch Natsuhiko completely unprepared.

Of course, this inadvertently set the stage for the Senju Hashirama vs. Uchiha Madara showdown.

Everything was going so smoothly.

The current situation was unfolding just as planned in the script Mito had written for her.

Step by step, they were pushing the inventor of the game, Natsuhiko, into a desperate situation.

Kushina seemed to have already envisioned the scene where Natsuhiko, defeated, lay on the ground with an unwilling expression.

Then, she would pounce on him and deliver the final blow, saying, "I've always wanted to see that expression on your face—the expression of jealousy."

Excited at the thought of claiming Natsuhiko's first loss, Kushina couldn't help but send a victorious declaration across to him:

"Hahahaha, Natsuhiko, your remaining 2 points of life are like a candle in the wind, with no chance of a comeback! No matter how you struggle, everything will end in the next round!"

(End of this chapter)

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