Konoha: Sealing Jutsu Sensei of Ninja Academy

Natsuhiko Amou, A 15 years old transmigrator aims to be a Good Sealing Jutsu Sensei despite his young age. Even though he is a transmigrator, he still doesn't have any system. This is a story of Natsuhiko unraveling the secrets of Sealing Jutsu and unveiling it's true and undiscovered potential. Feel Free to support me on my Patreon. Advance chapters are up there. https://patreon.com/ReidAstrea?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink. patreon.com/ReidAstrea join my Discord server from the link below. https://discord.gg/DqxVD8JWdb

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Extracurricular Guidance in the Principal's Office?

Several hours later.

Natsuhiko, supporting his old waist, emerged from the Principal's office looking fatigued.


No matter who it is, if he sits attentively and listens to someone lecturing them for several hours, they would end up looking like Natsuhiko.

"No wonder she's the wife of the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Both husband and wife are so eloquent."

Natsuhiko couldn't help but silently curse in his heart.

I really want to witness a scene of them arguing...

Looking through the corridor window, Natsuhiko saw the sun casting its warm glow as many students with backpacks slung over their shoulders, left the Academy in groups of three or four.

It was already time for school to end.

Another wasted afternoon.

Natsuhiko helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

Who told you to be just a workaholic?

Next, Natsuhiko walked towards his office, humming a song faintly.

"We, the working class..."

Not long after, Natsuhiko returned to his office.

Upon entering, he was slightly taken aback.

The lingering sunlight seeped through the window, illuminating a red-haired girl sitting in front of the desk. She calmly held a brush and meticulously crafted cards for students' practice.

The yellowish halo graced half of the girl's face, giving her features a three-dimensional quality. She no longer retained the slight baby fat, revealing her future stunning beauty before Natsuhiko's eyes.

Like an elegant and beautiful oil painting.

The girl noticed the movement and lifted her beautiful eyes. Seeing Natsuhiko, a joyful smile immediately appeared on her face.

\(@^0^@)/"Natsuhiko, Natsuhiko, you're finally back! Come play a few rounds with me; I'm dying for a game of Geki-nin."

Hearing Kushina's enthusiastic plea, black lines instantly appeared on Natsuhiko's forehead.

Okay, all the elegance is gone.

Natsuhiko turned his head, glanced out of the window, and felt that the wind today was particularly noisy.

"Now it's the end of school time, Kushina. Why haven't you left yet?"

After alleviating the embarrassment in his heart, Natsuhiko casually asked while walking towards the table, picking up a card Kushina had just made to inspect.

Judging from the large pile of finished cards on the table, she had been working for quite some time.

This made Natsuhiko somewhat puzzled.

Someone actually stayed after work and voluntarily worked overtime?

Do you have to be so dedicated?

Could it be that Kushina has set her sights on... the position of Sealing Jutsu sensei?

Thinking of Neji's hereditary ability and the popular trend of apprenticeship in the Ninja World, Natsuhiko couldn't help but feel worried.

Can't let Kushina ride on my head.

Hmm, but it doesn't seem that bad...

"Oh, about that..."

Kushina didn't know how many strange things Natsuhiko had imagined, but upon hearing his question, she restrained the urge to play cards and began to explain.

"Just now, Natsuhiko, didn't you ask me to stay in the classroom to supervise everyone using the Duel Disks?"

"But I found that the consumption of cards may be faster than we expected. So, I thought I'd make more cards while there's time, just in case."

"Of course, it's also to play cards with you when you come back."

Natsuhiko ignored Kushina's last crazy hint. Hearing about the rapid consumption of cards, he was somewhat surprised.

"Oh? So, there are already so many students who can complete a full deck?"

Natsuhiko knew that some high-level students should have the ability to do this, but it shouldn't threaten the inventory of cards, right?

Did I underestimate everyone's level?

However, Kushina quickly shook her head, denying his speculation.

"It's not like that."

As she spoke, her expression suddenly became a bit strange.

"Rather, it's quite the opposite. Although some high-level students can barely complete a deck, they need to try repeatedly to succeed once. Because of too many failures, they end up depleting their chakra and can't gather a complete deck in the end."

Natsuhiko's mouth twitched.

So, it's not that I underestimated everyone, but I overestimated their abilities.

Thinking of Ebisu and the others who looked confident just now, Natsuhiko felt a bit embarrassed for them.

Hah, it turns out they are just a group of scrubs!

"So, the consumption of cards is..."

Natsuhiko asked again.

Hearing Natsuhiko's question, Kushina couldn't help but feel a bit proud. With both hands on her hips, unconsciously thrusting out her chest, Natsuhiko subconsciously took a glance... Wow, that's impressive.

Then he heard Sylvester Stallone... No, it was Kushina, proudly explaining:

"In fact, it's quite simple. I set two Duel Disks to the spectator mode, letting them take turns using it."

"So, firstly, even students who have only painted one card can see the results of their efforts. Everyone can be happy!"

"So, that's how it is."Natsuhiko nodded. Although he still couldn't understand what was fun about the spectator mode, he decided not to dwell on it.

This may be because he has used the projection technique too many times in the past, resulting in a high threshold. Simple projection is no longer enough to capture his interest.

It's like between a man and a woman; at the beginning, even just holding hands would make one blush and have a fast heartbeat, but after a long time, it becomes "Come on, don't pity me just because I'm a delicate flower!"

Although Natsuhiko doesn't understand where everyone's pleasure points lie, he was generous in giving his approval to Kushina's spontaneous adaptability.

"Well done. As for what's good... yes, everyone being happy is good. After all, the most important thing in life is to be happy."

Well, Natsuhiko didn't figure out from which angle he should praise her.

Fortunately, Kushina seemed to resonate with Natsuhiko's perfunctory words and nodded repeatedly.

Then she suddenly thought of something and said to Natsuhiko:

"By the way, Natsuhiko, there are too many students who want to test the cards. Even if we give each person only one minute, the queues are still very long. So, everyone suggests that we should set up a few more Duel Disks..."

"I was prepared for that," Natsuhiko waved his hand. "But for now, I can bring out at most four more. Any more, and our Principal-sama will probably have another heart-to-heart with me."

Kushina was initially happy to hear that her suggestion was adopted, but she became a bit worried after hearing the last part.

"Did Biwako-sama ask you to go to her office just now because she has objections to this game?"

Her concern was not unfounded.

After all, even someone obsessed with Geki-nin like herself felt that Natsuhiko's novel teaching methods seemed a bit too radical.

Not to mention someone like Biwako-sama, who is conservative and traditional.

She could even imagine a heated argument between Natsuhiko and Biwako-sama in the Principal's office...

"Natsuhiko, stop using your methods to teach students. Teach them properly!"

"Wait, I actually think..."

"That's enough! I don't want your opinions. I want mine. Remember, I am the Principal!"

"Biwako-sama... you will regret this!"

And it all ends with Natsuhiko slamming the door and leaving...

(End of this chapter)

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