1 Konoha Hypocrite Chapter 1: Through the Naruto Inheritance System

Konoha Village.

   The edge of the Uchiha clan.

   Six-year-old Uchiha Tunan knelt and sat at the door, looking at the setting sun.

The clothes on    were messy and dusty, and there were even a few shoe prints on his back.

   Uchipotunan is a traverser, and it has been three months since he traversed.

   The soul of the original owner may have been swallowed, or he may have gone to the Pure Land.

  The awakening golden finger is called the inheritance system.

   As long as the person who agrees with him dies, he can inherit all the abilities of the other party.

   There are many ways to identify, such as strength identification, emotional identification, ideal identification, etc...

   can be traversed so far, the system prompts that only Uchi Hatunan's parents have met the standard. 

Uchibotunan's parents are both members of the Konoha Security Team, and they are both talented and awakened to Ergoyu's writing round eyes.

   As for Uchiha Tunan himself, he also started learning to refine chakras under the guidance of his parents.

   But Uchiha Tunan's aptitude is too bad. If you continue with this progress, I'm afraid that the highest achievement in your life will be a forbearance.

   If you can't open the writing wheel, it depends on chance.

   "Don't blame me, I can't help myself."

   Uchibotunan murmured, then lowered his head, made a frustrated expression, and waited for his parents to return home.

   after a while.

   Uchiha Tunan's parents, Yonbu Uchiha and Nanako Uchiha returned from outside.

  As soon as they arrived at the door, the two saw the beating marks on Uchiha Tunan's body.

   Uchiha Nanako looked at Uchiha Tunan with a distressed look, but the Uchiha clan has always been a man who has the final say, especially regarding the education of the next generation.

   Uchiha Nanako also only stood there quietly, waiting for Uchiha to speak.

   Uchiha Yanbu frowned slightly, and said indifferently: "Are you bullied by your classmates?"

   Uchibotunan nodded dullly.

   Uchiha said with a stern tone: "Then work hard and then fight back. There are no weak people in the Uchiha clan."

   then walked straight by Uchiha Tunan and entered the house.

   Uchiha Nanako tried to reach out and lift her son, but Uchiha's anger came from inside the house.

"Leave him."

   Uchiha Nanako hesitated, had to retract his arm and head to the kitchen to cook.

   Uchiha Yanbu entered the house and poured himself a glass of sake.

   "That Kakashi is too hateful." Uchi Hatunan's whimper sounded outside the door.

   Uchiha Yanbu paused when he heard the words, took a sip from the wine glass, and said in a gentle tone:

   "Kakashi? The son of Lord White Fang, it's normal that you can't beat him. Because of this, you should try to catch up with him.

   By the way, why do you guys fight. "

   Uchi Bo Tunan stood up, nodded dullly, then wiped his tears with his hand, grieving:

   "Today I said that my father and my mother are members of the security team and the pride of guarding the village.

   As a result, Kakashi said in front of me that you are cowards, afraid to go to the battlefield, and only dared to hide in the village and bully the civilians.

  The powerful Uchiha people are on the front line, and only waste will choose to stay.

   I didn't hold back it..."

   "Crack!" Uchiha said he smashed the wine glass in his hand, and the mood of drinking disappeared.

   took a deep look at Uchiha Tunan, then slowly got up and walked to the bedroom.

   "I will go to the yard to practice throwing skills after I have eaten."

   Uchiha Tunan nodded with tears on his face.

   After dinner, Uchiha Tunan took kunai to the yard and practiced throwing techniques at the target hung on the tree trunk.


   I never hit it.

   In the bedroom, Uchiha Yenbu and Uchiha Nanako are sitting on their knees, and the atmosphere is slightly solemn.

   "Did you really decide, the battlefield is very dangerous."

   "I always felt that Tunan had poor talent and lack of equipment, and lost the face of the Uchiha clan.

   I didn't expect that as a father, I would be a waste in the eyes of others.

   Tomorrow, I will report to the elders and go to the front to fight.

   As a father, you must lead by example. I want Tunan to know that his father is not a coward, nor is it a waste. "

   "I will go with you."

   "You stay at home and take care of Tunan."

   "No, as a member of the Uchiha clan, he should also learn to be independent."

   At this time, Uchiha Tunan threw kunai while turning his eyes to the house, and said in his heart.

   Sorry, you are not dead, it is difficult for me to take the first step Isn't the Will of Fire paying attention to dedication, then you should give your life for me.

  Although I am not your child, I will sleep with a few more genetically superior female ninjas to pass on the blood of this body.

   Go down early and be company with your children. It is better to die at the hands of the enemy than to die at the hands of the tribe in the future.

   It's a bit bad. It's only been a few months since it has taken other people's bodies, and they have to let other people's parents die. How come they are becoming more and more like a ninja.

   then throws Kuunai out of an elegant parabola, and then falls heavily.

   miss the target.

   In the bedroom, Uchiha Yanbu heard the continuous sound of suffering falling from the outside of the house, and his determination to go to the battlefield increased a bit.

   The next day, Ninja School.

   Today is the end of the semester, and students have to take a half semester exam.

  The examination time is uniformly arranged in the afternoon.

   The morning was when Naruto-sama preached the will of fire.

All the students of    Ninja School came to the playground to gather.

   Sarutobi Hitizan stood on the podium and scanned the students below.

   then cleared his throat and began to speak...

   Just said a few words, Sarutobi Hizaki realized something was wrong.

Most of the students below    looked at themselves with a look of admiration.

   But there is a first-year student with deep doubts in his eyes.

   Sarutobiji frowned, and after recollecting what he had just said, he found that he had not said anything wrong.

   Maybe it's because this kid has a poor understanding, don't you understand.

   Then he stopped thinking about it and kept on talking.

   When halfway through, Sarutobi Hitizan suddenly discovered that the doubt in the student's eyes had disappeared. UU Reading www. uukanshu.com turned but suddenly realized the expression.

   Sarutobihiro nodded slightly in his heart, very good, it seems that this kid is listening very carefully.

   The voice of the speech was a little louder.

   At the end of the talk, Uchiha Tunan has changed to a look of worship, no different from the others.

   But Sarutobi Hisaki knows that Uchiha Tunan's worship is different from others.

   Others worshiped their own identity, and Uchi Hatunan was really convinced by the truth he told.

   Thinking of this, Sarutobi Hizen nodded with satisfaction.

   If this kid can grow up, it would be a profitable tool.

   At the end of the speech, Sarutobi Hizaki left amidst the farewell voices of the students. Before leaving, he gave Uchiha Tunan a meaningful look.

   At this glance, Uchiha Tunan immediately trembled with excitement.

   At noon, Uchiha Tunan returned home.

   Unsurprisingly, the family has gone to empty the building, leaving only a table of food and a note.

   The handwriting on the note looks a bit delicate.

   is obviously written by Uchiha Nanako.

   roughly means that the two have already set off for the battlefield, hoping that Uchiha Tunan will take care of themselves.

   Study hard, practice hard, and strive to be a strong ninja in the future.

   There is enough money left in the bedroom, but I still hope Uchipotunan will not spend money lavishly.

   Various precautions have been said a lot.

   Only the last line of text revealed the tone of Uchiha's words.

   The Uchiha clan has no cowards and no waste.

   After reading it, Uchiha Tunan sighed and put the note away.

   a good journey, don't come back alive.

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