1 [1] Wujo Wu Template, Taking Over The Seventh Class.

The sun is scorching, and the sky is sunny.

The Land of Fire, Konoha Shinobi Village.


"It shouldn't be a problem to put it here, right?" Uzumaki Naruto stood on the chair and put the blackboard eraser between the cracks of the door, after completing a small trap.

Uzumaki Naruto covered his mouth and smiled secretly, "As the teacher of the seventh class, you dare to be late, see how I teach you!"

"Naruto, what are you doing, we, as members of Class 7, have to make a good impression on the new teacher!" Haruno Sakura stood up and accused Uzumaki Naruto of his behavior.

In fact, she secretly rejoiced in her heart.


Well done Naruto, better put some more blackboard erasers and teach me a lesson, this late new teacher!

"Boring behavior, most of the people who lead the team are Jōnin-level powerhouses, how could they fall into your low-end trap?" Uchiha Sasuke sat on a chair, crossed his hands on his chin, and glanced at Uzumaki Naruto coldly .

The graduates form a team of three, and most of the captains who lead the team are Jōnin from Konoha Shinobi village.

How could Tangtang Jōnin fall into such a low-level trap?

Uzumaki Naruto put his hands on the back of his head, and said with a smile, "Sasuke, although you say so, I see that you are also looking forward to it. Will the trap work?"

"How could I be like you, the super idiot?" Uchiha Sasuke snorted coldly.

"What did you say!" Uzumaki Naruto's smile disappeared, and he grabbed Sasuke's collar angrily.

"Naruto, let go of Sasuke!" Haruno Sakura stopped Uzumaki Naruto in a panic.

"Little Sakura... I'm obviously the one who was being scolded." Uzumaki Naruto yelled.


The classroom door was slowly pushed open, and the whole classroom was silent for a while, Uzumaki Naruto and others looked at the slowly opened door.

What catches the eye is a man wearing black sunglasses. His black hair is slightly messy, his skin is fair and his face is handsome. He is wearing relaxed black clothes and has a very slender figure.

He is Yagyu Satoru, a time traveler.

"This teacher is so handsome." Little Sakura covered her mouth and looked at Gojo Satoru who was standing at the door with love in her eyes.

"It feels like he's more attractive than Sasuke, and you'll see him soon!" The vortex Naruto snickered, looking above the crack of the door, and slowly smashed down on Bai Chen's blackboard eraser.

Uchiha Sasuke said that he was not interested, but he was actually staring at the scene where the blackboard eraser fell.

In full view, the blackboard eraser fell on Bai Chen's head.

After a second.

The blackboard eraser and chalk dust were suspended in the air, only an inch away from Bai Chen's head.

Everyone in the audience was slightly stunned, and everyone looked at the blackboard eraser and chalk dust that stopped an inch away from Bai Chen with disbelieving expressions on their faces.


This is how the same thing?

"It's fake!" Uzumaki Naruto rubbed his eyes, then opened them abruptly, and saw the blackboard eraser still in the air.

"Is this the strength of Jōnin?" Uchiha Sasuke raised his mouth slightly.

Seems like it will be interesting later.

"So handsome...more handsome than Sasuke." Little Sakura put her hands together on her chest, looking at Yagyu Satoru with a nympho.

"Hello, I'm Yagyu Satoru. From today onwards, I will be the teacher of your seventh class. Please give me your advice, you annoying brats." Yagyu Satoru grabbed the blackboard eraser and threw it at Uzumaki Naruto slightly.

"Crack" The blackboard eraser flew over and hit Uzumaki Naruto hard on the face. His whole body was thrown into the air, and he rolled on the ground for a few times before stopping.

Yagyu Satoru smiled and said, "In short, I am the teacher of your seventh class, let's get along well in the future."

"Bastard, I'm going to kill you!" Uzumaki Naruto got up, with a big red mark of blackboard eraser on his face, like a cat whose hair was blown, he threw himself at Yagyu Satoru fiercely.

Yagyu Satoru pressed the whirlpool Naruto to the ground, then sat on Uzumaki Naruto, crossed his legs, and said with a chuckle, "At seven o'clock tomorrow morning, gather at the seventh training ground."

Uzumaki Naruto lay on the ground, feeling the weight around his waist, his face flushed with anger, and he growled viciously, "Bastard, I will definitely kill you!"

Haruno Sakura was speechless, this is the so-called getting along well?

"The reaction and speed are very fast, this man is a bit powerful." Uchiha Sasuke rested his hands on his chin, and looked at Yagyu Satoru seriously.

"Remember, don't eat tonight until tomorrow morning," Yagyu Satoru said.

Uchiha Sasuke asked coolly, "How about eating?"

"It will be dangerous." Yagyu Satoru smiled faintly, with a hint of danger attached to his smile.

"Is it related to tomorrow's event?" Uchiha Sasuke frowned slightly, and a coolness gradually appeared on his back.

It should be related to tomorrow's activities at the seventh training ground. After all, after becoming a Genin, being in the ninja school is two different worlds!

"See you tomorrow." Yagyu Satoru didn't answer, but waved his hand and disappeared out of thin air.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh teacher, I want you to look good tomorrow!" Uzumaki Naruto got up, clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

"You super idiot, what right do you have to be angry when you failed to set a trap?" Uchiha Sasuke snorted coldly, got up and left the classroom.

"Tch, a bunch of stinky farts." Uzumaki Naruto made a grimace, then looked at Haruno Sakura, and said with a smile, "Little Sakura, let's go eat ramen, I have a discount coupon."

"Stupid Naruto, didn't you listen carefully to what Teacher Liu Sheng said? Forbid eating tonight and tomorrow morning, otherwise tomorrow will be very dangerous." Haruno Sakura gave Uzumaki Naruto a blank look.

"Especially you Naruto, don't steal it, or you will be in danger tomorrow, but no one cares about you." After finishing speaking, Haruno Sakura chased after Uchiha Sasuke full of expectations.

"Okay..okay." Uzumaki Naruto chased after Haruno Sakura.

"Little Sakura, wait for me, let's go together."


"She chased him, and he chased her. It's too easy for a kid nowadays to fall in love early." Yagyu Satoru sat on the roof, looking bored at the three of Uzumaki Naruto walking on the street.

He, Yagyu Satoru, is 20 years old and 185 in height. He likes older mature women and usually spends money to find women to drink.

Chakra is all attributes, and the amount of Chakra is the tail beast level.

He traveled to this dangerous ninja world eight years ago and became the only orphan of Liu Sheng's family.

There is no system after time travel, let alone a natural Rinnegan, but on the second day after time travel, a pair of six eyes were opened.

After the six eyes are opened, the five attributes of Chakra are awakened.

Then he was adopted by Tsunade who traveled around the world.

Through the passage of time, Yagyu Satoru learned the art of no lower limit through the six eyes.

This is the so-called power of stopping, all people and things close to him will slow down infinitely, and eventually they will stop.

As long as Yagyu Satoru wants to, no attack can touch him.

Of course, no lower limit spells also have weaknesses.

That's all poison, but currently no one, knows about Yagyu Satoru's unlimited weakness.

He also learned.

Reverse spell.


Positive and negative power.

It is equivalent to having the strength template of Gojo Satoru.

Yagyu Satoru is currently the Elite Jōnin of Konoha Shinobi Village.

He is not interested in conquering the world, nor is he interested in doing things everywhere, he just wants to live in peace and stability.

He is currently on a mission from Tsunade to educate the Nine Tails Jinchūriki to prevent Uzumaki Naruto from perishing.

By the way, watch Shimura Danzō, the leader of the living root, in case he uses the cells of the First Generation to do whatever he wants.

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