1 Chapter 1 Countdown To Time Travel, Four Out Of Sixteen Cheats

"Countdown to time travel: ten days."

"Through Cheat: Four out of sixteen."

"Traveling time point: The default is that Konoha was born in the forty-eighth year, you can choose to change the time point according to Cheat."

"Crossing location: The default Konoha, you can change the faction according to the Cheat selection."

"Traveling through the identity: An orphan with a clean background can choose to change his identity according to Cheat."

In a rental house, Xia Feng looked at the illusory panel that suddenly appeared in front of him, and was stunned for a moment.

He thought it was a hallucination, but after blinking hard, the illusory light curtain was still there, very clear, and the text was constantly extending.

"The first batch of Cheat choices, choose one of four."

"The first type: disciples of Ichiraku, enjoy the inheritance rights of Ichiraku ramen restaurant, and all the network resources of Ichiraku."

"The second type: You can choose the birth force at will, and choose the birth time at will (limited to Konoha 42 to Konoha 48)"

"The third type: the second personality, the Host is random (the talent ranks in the top 500 in the ninja world), and you awakened as the second personality at the age of six."

"The fourth type: the noble son of the big clan, born into the direct line of the Konoha clan."

"Within two days, the selection is completed, and the second round of Cheat selection will be opened after the selection."

At this point, the illusory panel completely dissipated in Xia Feng's eyes.

However, this dissipated, reappeared in Xia Feng's thoughts.

This tells him that he is not dreaming, and this crossing the panel is not an illusion.

"I really want to travel into the world of Hokage. I can only remember a rough outline of the plot of the world of Hokage."

Xia Feng said helplessly.

Hokage has been over for several years, and the incombustibles that follow are so tucked, he has almost forgotten the details of Hokage.

The characters can be remembered, and the general plot can also be remembered, but this kind of reserve is simply not enough in the Hokage world.

Not to mention that as an animation work, the original description of the world is not complete, only the approximate power can be known, not to mention that there are still many holes in Hokage that are not filled.

But this anxiety is only for a moment.

Xia Feng is not at all repulsive to travel to the world of Hokage, and even looks forward to it.

In addition, there is Cheat, four out of sixteen, no matter how you look at it, it is a cool start.

"It's better to make up the anime and manga from beginning to end first."

Xia Feng thought to himself.

Since time has been given to time travel, knowing the plot will do him no harm to the person who is about to travel.

However, the time limit for this first batch of Cheat selections is only two days, and two days are not enough to go through the plot, let alone some details excavated based on the plot.

To be honest, these four cheats are all identity-related cheats.

Xia Feng just glanced at it roughly, and he valued the fourth identity, Cheat, the noble son of the big family.

The start is powerful, with resources, bodyguards, and status. In any case, it is a perfect start.

However, since the system has released all four options, Xia Feng is not in a hurry to make a decision. He does not have a thorough understanding of Hokage now, and he is afraid of stepping into a pit.

After thinking about it, Xia Feng simply typed the question on the computer.

Then I asked a question on the pokemon.

"Travel through the world of Hokage immediately, choose Cheat in advance, how should I choose, wait online, and ask for answers."

In addition to being forced, Xia Feng also copied and pasted this question and posted it to Hokage, Hokage's fanfiction, and some posts related to Hokage.

He is not a long-time fan of Hokage, and he does not know much about the details of Hokage.

But there is no need to think for yourself. Netizens are very powerful. They completely understand Hokage, and even extend it, even Kishimoto is far behind.

Let them choose Cheat, and definitely want more comprehensive than oneself.

But Hokage has been over for several years.

The popularity of the post bar is not too high.

Xia Feng didn't care either and went straight to the plot.

Netizens don't really care about this. If there is really no useful advice at that time, Xia Feng will just click and choose the first Cheat.

The sun slanted west, when Xia Feng turned on the lights in the room.

The Hokage plot on the computer has already seen the Chūnin exam chapter.

This progress has been very fast, Xia Feng opened the double speed to see.

According to this progress, in ten days, he is enough to complete the story of Hokage.

After stretching, Xia Feng remembered the question posted on the Internet.

After such a long time, there are many more replies below his post.

"The landlord's idea is good. For so long, I have seen people who said they have crossed into the world of Hokage. I really haven't seen the time travel and I knew it in advance."

"Cheat choice, is this the material for a new fan fiction? It feels quite interesting."

"I can understand wearing Tang Dynasty, wearing Daming and asking for help. After all, you need solid modern knowledge to pretend to be in ancient times. You are a person who has traveled through the animation world.

"Upstairs, do you think Hokage's plot is simple? If you don't ask, you won't know how he died."

"Appeared, the classic hot-blooded conspiracy theory."

"What are the choices for these four cheats? I feel that the choice is already obvious. It shouldn't be fishing, right?"

"The four cheats of the landlord are actually quite interesting. If you don't analyze them carefully, you may fall into the pit. Of course, we are discussing and playing, you can choose anything, but really in the world of Hokage, these four identities The difference is still quite large."

"The one upstairs has already entered the play, so let's analyze it quickly."


To be honest, a lot of the Internet is a lot of fun, and there are very few really useful suggestions.

However, the reply from the buddy whose ID name Kishimoto knows a fart is still very useful. This is obviously a senior Hokage fan, and he has thoroughly understood the details of Hokage's plot.

And Xia Feng scrolled down a paragraph and found a large section of his reply.

Just looking at the first sentence, Xia Feng couldn't help being a little surprised.

"Whoever chooses the fourth identity is not a senior Hokage fan at first glance. The fourth identity looks good, but it is actually a big hole."

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