Konoha's entry-level ninja! (MTL)

Good news: I have traveled through time! Bad news: I have traveled through time to a world of Naruto full of perverts and cheaters. Good news: The entries are blessed, and they can also be combined. [Student]: When studying, the concentration is 100%! [Self-discipline]: Diligence can make up for shortcomings, and efforts will be rewarded, even if they are insignificant, but without accumulating small steps, one cannot reach a thousand miles. [Strong and strong]: Strong and vigorous, recovery ability increased by 100%, resistance to injuries increased by 100%, and physical talent increased by 100%! [Ninjutsu Master]: Any ninjutsu seal can be shortened to two seals, and ninjutsu talent increased by 100%! Ninjutsu doctor, transformation expert, transformation master... Looking at Uchiha and Otsutsuki, Hoshita Shuichi sneered: Cheating? Pervert? You have more cheats than me? Are you more perverted than me? • • Warning! This is a machine translation, made by Google Translate, so there will be mistakes and names changed! • Original Author: Soybean Master Original Name: 火影:正派的我成了幕后黑手!

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1000 taels per sheet, and it's such a small sheet.

Hideichi Hoshita remembered that there were also larger detonating tags, and the price might be even more expensive.

It's worthy of being a military weapon!

Hideichi Hoshita suddenly thought of Konan's hundreds of billions of detonating tags, where did they come from?


"I'm afraid it's related to Konan's own secret technique."

Hideichi Hoshita secretly guessed: "I'm afraid the money earned by Kakuzu was used by Konan to buy paper or materials for making paper."

Paper that carries ninjutsu and chakra is obviously not ordinary paper.

Just like the ninja world has unique chakra metal that can conduct chakra.

"It seems that the summer plan needs to change..."

Hideichi Hoshita has already made a decision in his heart.

The reward of 200 taels per sheet is a good amount of money.

And he was not lying when he said that he had the chakra attributes of fire escape and wind escape. He had bought chakra test paper before to test it.

Reaching out to take the detonating talisman, Shuichi Hoshita immediately entered the state and stared at the detonating talisman in his hand.

In the middle of the talisman paper is a "explosion" character surrounded by talismans.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this talisman is just a ghost painting, and there is not much pattern to speak of.

But for Shuichi Hoshita, who has learned all the basic talismans by himself and put them into his mind, it is not the case.

These talismans are full of beauty and have unique rules.

But at the same time, the seemingly short talismans actually contain a lot of information.

"Based on the sealing talisman, the seemingly simple talisman is actually condensed."

Shuichi Hoshita frowned slightly.

It is difficult to reverse the complete, non-simplified technique from the completed detonating talisman.

But it is not impossible to complete.

Because there are actually only two types involved, one is sealing and the other is fire escape.

Hideichi Hoshita naturally had not learned the art of sealing, but the foundation of the art of sealing is actually the spell.

The ninja school's textbook on spells lists the nine most commonly used basic sealing spells.

Similarly, there are examples of fire escape spells.

The detonation talisman is easy to activate, and the gesture is the right half of the "Wei" seal.

Hideichi Hoshita clearly saw from Uchiha Obito that there are six seals in the Great Fireball Technique, and the second seal is the "Wei" seal.

In addition, the first seal of the Fire Release Ninjutsu-Flame Bomb, which he got from his father, is also the "Wei" seal.

Hideichi Hoshita analyzed with full concentration, and a lot of knowledge was retrieved from the memory palace.

After a while, Hideichi Hoshita took off his schoolbag, took out paper and pen from it, and then quickly drew spells under Tianyun's shocked eyes.

"Wow... so amazing!"

Tianyun covered her mouth to prevent herself from exclaiming.

But when Xingxia Shuichi was about to finish, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, not all of them were correct.

But it was already very shocking!

This little brother really didn't lie, he is really an incredible genius.

Although Konoha is rich in geniuses, it is still amazing!

And at this moment, Xingxia Shuichi tore off the paper covered with talismans and quickly formed seals with both hands.


Tianyun exclaimed, but it was too late to stop it.

Xingxia Shuichi finished the seal and pressed his right palm on the paper covered with talismans on the floor.

The next moment, with the injection of chakra, those tadpole-like talismans seemed to come alive, quickly moving around, gathering around Xingxia Shuichi's palm as the center, and surrounding it.

"Be careful!"

Tianyun shouted, stretched out his hand to grab Xingxia Xiuyi and pulled him into his arms, and landed on the counter with a nimble leap.

The next moment, the talisman paper ignited without fire with a hiss.

On the counter, Tianyun, who was holding Xingxia Xiuyi, was holding an unfolded ninjutsu scroll in his left hand, which was a water escape scroll.

Seeing that it ignited naturally without exploding, Tianyun did not activate the water escape sealed in the scroll, and breathed a sigh of relief.

If it exploded, it would be bad.

After collecting the ninjutsu scroll, Tianyun took Xingxia Xiuyi out of his arms.

Xingxia Xiu took a big breath.

Being suffocated.

But before Tianyun could speak, he hurriedly said: "Sister, I didn't inject a lot of chakra, it won't explode."

Even if it exploded, it would be at most equivalent to a firecracker, and there would be no danger.

He won't risk his life.

Tianyun blushed and immediately flicked Xingxia Xiuyi's forehead and argued: "That's not allowed!"

"This is very dangerous."

Come down from the counter, Tianyun put Xingxia Xiuyi down, looked at the latter touching his forehead, and smiled again: "Well, although your spell just now was wrong, it's still very powerful, so sister decided to hire you!"

Xingxia Xiuyi was overjoyed and bowed quickly: "Thank you sister!"

"I will never let you down!"

Tianyun asked with a smile: "Then , little brother, shouldn't you tell me my name? "

Hiroshita Hideichi hurriedly said: "Hiroshita Hideichi, sister can just call me Hideichi!"

Half an hour later, Hideichi Hoshita walked out of the store, muttering to himself: "Tianyun... won't he have anything to do with Tiantian?"

Just now, he got the complete detonating talisman spell and the sealing talisman spell from Tianyun, and agreed to come here every afternoon at this time to learn how to make detonating talismans from Tianyun, and the consumables would be provided by Tianxiang store.

Yes, this store is called Tianxiang.

Looking back at the store sign, Hideichi Hoshita quickened his pace to go home.

When he got home, he washed up first, and then Hideichi Hoshita didn't rush to make dinner, but came to the study to modify his summer plan.

According to the plan made before, in this summer, he must first complete the training of treading water, climbing trees, and climbing cliffs.

And this is only part of the chakra control training, the goal is the medical ninjutsu left to him by Yakushi Nono.

The second is the clone technique and the substitute technique.

Then he is familiar with the distribution of buildings in the entire Konoha Village, and put the entire Konoha Village into his mind, which becomes the main structure of the memory palace.

Finally, he will learn as many medical ninjutsu as possible.

But now because of the detonating talisman, Xingxia Shuichi feels that he needs to master a fire escape ninjutsu first, so that he can better use the nature change of fire escape chakra.

In fact, after trying the detonating talisman today, Xingxia Shuichi has a certain grasp of the fire escape ninjutsu of the flame bomb.

However, learning and using it skillfully are two different things.

The next day, at 9 o'clock, Xingxia Shuichi, Kai, Kakashi, and Shizune, the four of them gathered together with their bags on their backs, and then set off for the village training ground.

The location is next to a mountain, and there happens to be a river.

Climbing trees, treading water, climbing cliffs, all are possible. It is a good place for training.

You can catch fish and grill them when you rest.

After arriving at the destination, the four of them took a short rest and began to practice.

Hoshita Shuichi, Kai, and Shizune all chose to start with treading water, while Kakashi climbed the cliff directly.

Obviously, Kakashi had already completed training such as treading water and climbing trees.

At this moment, a figure was looking at them in the woods not far away.

Tsunade folded her arms across her chest, looked at Hoshita Shuichi, and curled her lips: "This kid doesn't seem to be very special!"

Having heard the name of Hoshita Shuichi from Shizune many times, they have agreed to practice together. Although Kakashi, the son of Konoha White Fang, is with them, Tsunade still plans to come and take a look.

Seeing that Shuichi Hoshita and the others were practicing peacefully, Tsunade turned around and prepared to leave, but just as she was about to move, she stopped and looked towards a certain place in the woods with a frown.

"Anbu... Root!"

Tsunade turned her head again and looked at Shuichi Hoshita who was training in the river. She already knew in her heart: "That guy Danzo... Humph!"

With a cold snort, Tsunade disappeared from the spot.