Konoha's entry-level ninja! (MTL)

Good news: I have traveled through time! Bad news: I have traveled through time to a world of Naruto full of perverts and cheaters. Good news: The entries are blessed, and they can also be combined. [Student]: When studying, the concentration is 100%! [Self-discipline]: Diligence can make up for shortcomings, and efforts will be rewarded, even if they are insignificant, but without accumulating small steps, one cannot reach a thousand miles. [Strong and strong]: Strong and vigorous, recovery ability increased by 100%, resistance to injuries increased by 100%, and physical talent increased by 100%! [Ninjutsu Master]: Any ninjutsu seal can be shortened to two seals, and ninjutsu talent increased by 100%! Ninjutsu doctor, transformation expert, transformation master... Looking at Uchiha and Otsutsuki, Hoshita Shuichi sneered: Cheating? Pervert? You have more cheats than me? Are you more perverted than me? • • Warning! This is a machine translation, made by Google Translate, so there will be mistakes and names changed! • Original Author: Soybean Master Original Name: 火影:正派的我成了幕后黑手!

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Looking at the retreating Sand Ninja team, Minato Namikaze gave the order.

Hideichi Hoshita and the other two immediately used the instant body technique to chase them, and when they got close to a certain distance, they threw Minato Namikaze's Flying Thunder God Kunai with all their strength.

The fleeing Sand Ninja Jonin looked back, adjusted his body shape, and easily avoided a kunai.

But the next moment, he saw a figure in front of him from the corner of his eye.


The Sand Ninja Jonin was startled, and before he could react, the Rasengan in Minato Namikaze's hand had already smashed down and hit accurately.


The Sand Ninja Jonin's body fell into the air, creating a big pit and raising dust.


The other three Sand Ninjas exclaimed and stopped immediately.

Hideichi Hoshita and the other two rushed forward.

Instant body technique!

Dance of the Three Moons!

Illusion-This is not the right technique!

Kurama Sanyo assists, illusion group interference.

Uchiha Shisui's instant body technique fights the enemy in a group and kills the enemy in an instant.

Hoshita Shuichi is also three to one, a little slower, but he also kills the enemy with one move.


Namikaze Minato ordered, taking Hoshita Shuichi and the other two out of the town and resting temporarily on a mountain.

Eat soldier pills to replenish physical strength and drink water to replenish water.

The four of them rested separately and did not talk.

Hoshita Shuichi lowered his eyes and reviewed today's battle.

The Blue Flame Sky Blade is not surprisingly sharp, because its extremely high temperature can melt steel in an instant.

"But my speed is much worse."

Hoshita Shuichi knows where his shortcomings are.

Or compared to the level of the senior ninja.

He does have an amazing nerve reaction speed and dynamic vision, which is extremely convenient in close combat.

But it is not omnipotent.

Uchiha Sasuke of the Mangekyō also has dynamic vision, and the powerful insight of the Sharingan, and can also see Killer Bee's movements, but he is still suppressed by Killer Bee's swordsmanship.

Because Killer Bee's attack speed is fast and the frequency is extremely high, the eyes and brain react, but the body moves slowly.

Facing the Chunin, with the strange chakra burst method learned from Tsunade, Shuichi Hoshita has no defects in speed and explosiveness, coupled with high nerve reaction speed, the advantage is huge.

But facing the Jonin, his speed is not fast enough.

Or the attack speed is not fast enough!

If it weren't for Uchiha Shisui, he would definitely not be able to kill the Sand Ninja Jonin before.

"Speed, in addition to training and pure chakra burst, lightning escape can be improved."

Shuichi Hoshita first thought of the activation of cells in the whole body by lightning escape.

Because of his fast nerve reaction speed, his attack speed is actually outstanding among the Chunins, and even in Tsunade's opinion, it is no less than some Jonins.

But people are always dissatisfied.

What's more, on the battlefield, Chunins will not only fight Jonins!

Shuichi Hoshita certainly hopes that he can face Jonins, even if he can't win, he has the ability to escape.

"Can fire escape increase speed?"

Shuichi Hoshita's attention quickly returned to fire escape.

Because among all kinds of escape techniques, he has the highest talent for fire escape and is the easiest to achieve results.

"Fire escape also has the characteristic of explosion. The explosion produces shock waves, which can indeed form a driving force..."

Shuichi Hoshita brainstormed.

An hour passed in a blink of an eye, and the rest was over.

Taking advantage of the night, Shuichi Hoshita and the other two rushed to the third town.

And from here, Minato Namikaze changed his combat style.

It was no longer an infiltration-style extermination war, but an infiltration-style attack. They took advantage and ran away, and then continued to attack the next place.

In one night, Shuichi Hoshita and his four men fought in four towns, making the northern part of the River Country a mess.

However, the power of the Sand Village was also mobilized, and it was unable to take care of the two towns of Hegu Town and Shanliao Town close to the Fire Country.

These two places were also successfully occupied by Konoha's subsequent ninja teams and became the rear of the Minato team.

In addition, with the Minato team's attacks in all directions, the mobilization of many Sand Ninja teams to encircle and suppress, and also made many small towns and villages in the northern part of the River Country empty, allowing Konoha to quickly infiltrate its power.

There is no doubt that the tactical goal has been initially achieved.

It was dawn.

In a cave, Shuichi Hoshita opened his eyes.

After three hours of rest, he has recovered.

Uchiha Shisui, who was not far away, also woke up soon after.

The two of them left the cave, found a spring to wash their faces, and then took over from Namikaze Minato and Kurama Sanyo.

However, without the exquisite perception ninjutsu of Namikaze Minato, Shuichi Hoshita and Uchiha Shisui needed to expand the scope of their alert.

Two hours passed in a blink of an eye.

Standing on the top of the tree, Shuichi Hoshita found that there were ninjas coming from the lower reaches of the river.

The Sand Ninjas are coming!

Shuichi Hoshita immediately retreated, and after joining Uchiha Shisui, he found that there were also Sand Ninjas in the west.

He returned to the cave to wake up Namikaze Minato and Kurama Sanyo. The former immediately performed the perception ninjutsu, and after a moment, he said: "Not only the south and west, but also the north and east. There are enemies."

Shuichi Hoshita was not surprised.

Although Namikaze Minato had Flying Thunder God, his chakra did not allow him to fly around with Shuichi Hoshita and the other two.

Since they left traces, it was inevitable that they would be tracked down.

Needless to say, this was also planned.

The mission of their team was to disrupt the Sand Ninja's deployment and mobilize its forces.

The Sand Ninja must have seen this, but they had to encircle and suppress the Minato team.

If they didn't encircle and suppress the Minato team, they would not be safe when fighting against Konoha's subsequent forces, especially since the Minato team showed amazing combat power and destructive power.

"Minato teacher, our mission goal has been achieved, so should we break out to the east next?"

Aramama Sanyo asked.

Namikaze Minato said: "Based on the current perception, the power in the east is indeed weaker."

"But do the Sand Ninja want to force us back, or do they want to surround and kill us?"

Uchiha Shisui said: "If I were the commander of the Sand Ninja, I would definitely leave this team behind."

"This is not only to avenge the companions who died in the battle, but also to show the River Country."

Kurama Sanyo was shocked: "Shisui, do you mean there is a trap in the east?"

Uchiha Shisui shook his head: "Can't be sure."

Namikaze Minato asked Hoshita Shuichi: "Shuichi, what do you think?"

Hoshita Shuichi thought: "Teacher Minato, since the perception cannot reach such a long distance, then we must confirm whether there is a trap. , we can only try. "

"Use shadow clones!"

"My chakra is still sufficient. Create three shadow clones. Two of them transform into Shisui and Sanyo. Together with the teacher's shadow clone, we go east."

"As for how we go, it's up to the teacher."

Minato Namikaze is a decisive person. He immediately said, "First, follow the plan that Shuichi said."

"Second, break out to the south. The power in this direction seems to be the strongest, but it also means that there is a high probability that you will not encounter strong resistance after breaking out."

Kurama Sanyo couldn't help asking, "Minato teacher, what if there is no trap in the east?"

Minato Namikaze smiled and said, "Of course, we will go back to help!"

Kurama Sanyo nodded.

"The enemy has already gone up the mountain, move!"

Minato Namikaze ordered.

Hideichi Hoshita immediately formed three shadow clones, two of which turned into Uchiha Shisui and Kurama Sanyo, and together with Namikaze Minato's shadow clone, the four figures immediately used the instant body technique to leave and broke through from the east.

The Sand Ninja obviously also had a perception ninja, and did not change the direction of the enemy's search in the four directions, but instead accelerated to the top of the mountain.

This sign seemed to have explained something.


Namikaze Minato gave the order again.

The four of them went down the mountain to the south after leaving the cave, Namikaze Minato in front, Kurama Sanyo in the middle, Hoshita Shuichi holding a thousand books and Uchiha Shisui at the back, one on the left and one on the right.

When they reached the mountainside, the enemy was already in sight.

Hideichi Hoshita and Uchiha Shisui accelerated together to surpass Kurama Sanyo, and lined up with Namikaze Minato on the left and one on the right.

Uchiha Shisui began to seal when he accelerated. At this moment, he opened his mouth and spit out fire lines, forming a huge fireball.

Hideichi Hoshita on the left symbolically sealed three seals, also the Great Fireball Technique.

Minato Namikaze in the middle also completed the seal, wind escape - a big breakthrough!


The fireball turned into a rolling fire wave, sweeping the forest in front.

The opposite Sand Ninja also completed the ninjutsu at this time. The three jonins who rushed to the front were all wind escape, forming a terrible storm, flying sand and rocks, and destroying the trees.

Then the fire wave collided with the storm, and the air collided and rubbed violently, erupting with a terrible roar.

Then the rolling heat wave swept around.

Whether it was Shuichi Hoshita and the other four, or the Sand Ninja, they all stopped at this moment and hid behind the tall trees.

When the heat wave passed, Shuichi Hoshita and others who rushed out again all moved their hands together and threw shurikens and kunai.

Ding ding dang dang!

Or blocking, or countering with the same shurikens and kunai, or dodging.

This round of ninja tool throwing did not achieve any success.

But Namikaze Minato's figure suddenly disappeared.

He suddenly appeared behind a Sand Ninja who was rushing in the front, holding the Flying Thunder God Kunai with his left hand, and a Rasengan appeared in his right hand.


The Rasengan hit the back of the Sand Ninja hard, causing the rocks on the ground to collapse and explode directly.

At the same time, Uchiha Shisui, who opened his Sharingan, had used his unique instant body technique, and a large number of instant body clones appeared, surrounding the other two Sand Ninjas who were rushing in the front.

Following Uchiha Shisui was Shuichi Hoshita, who performed the Three Moon Dance and rushed into the battlefield with the cover of Uchiha Shisui's many instant clones, and directly killed a Sand Ninja.

Behind him was Kurama Sanyo, who did not rush into the battle circle, but used illusion to interfere with the two Sand Ninjas fighting with Shuichi Hoshita and Uchiha Shisui.

In front of Shuichi Hoshita, after killing a jonin with a Rasengan, Minato Namikaze flicked his hand in the ninja bag and a large number of Flying Thunder God Kunai flew out.

The next moment, Minato Namikaze disappeared, and the dozen or so Sand Ninjas behind him could only see a flash of yellow light.

That was the color of Minato Namikaze's hair!

The continuous screams made the Sand Ninjas fighting with Shuichi Hoshita uneasy.

When the screams disappeared, Minato Namikaze suddenly rushed into the battle circle, and then the two Sand Ninja jonins groaned and flew backwards.

Hideichi Hoshita seized the opportunity, and the chakra under his feet burst out. The Ame-no-Mura sword in his hand was covered with blue flames, and the blue light lit up in the forest.

The reaction of this Sand Ninja jonin was very fast. He immediately turned over and held the kunai to resist, but the kunai was cut off by Shuichi Hoshita's Ame-no-Mura sword, and then the vest was broken. The hot blade cut diagonally from the right shoulder to the left, almost splitting the man in two.

At the same time, another Sand Ninja jonin was also killed by Minato Namikaze.

From the beginning of the ninjutsu battle to the end now, the battle took less than 3 minutes.

It's not that the Sand Ninja is too weak, but that Minato Namikaze is too fast.

And Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha also have extraordinary talents, and with the help of Kurama Sanyo's illusion, they held back the two Sand Ninja jonin.

The best way to deal with Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha is actually long-range and large-scale ninjutsu, but unfortunately the Sand Ninja has insufficient information about them.

Once they fight at close range, there is no chance to seal and use ninjutsu.

Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha didn't even give Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha a chance to escape and use ninjutsu.

After the battle, Shuichi Hoshita and the other four immediately put away the Flying Thunder God Kunai and continued to move south.

Because the Sand Ninjas from the north and west came to kill them, especially the Sand Ninjas from the west, which were closer.