Konoha's entry-level ninja! (MTL)

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Blue Flame Sky Blade

After realizing the most critical point, Kurama Sanyo asked: "Teacher Minato, according to what Shuichi said, we can't lose, so as the vanguard team, we should have a very important mission, right?"

Namikaze Minato nodded: "Of course!"

"Our first mission is to take over the town in front of us, and someone will come to replace us later."

"The second step is to go deep into the River Country, disrupt the current deployment of the Sand Ninja in the River Country, and attract the troops of the Sand Village to create opportunities for the subsequent teams!"

"So, this is an A-level mission!"

Uchiha Shisui and Kurama Sanyo immediately looked more serious than ever after hearing this.

Not only because of the evaluation of the A-level mission, but also because of the danger of going deep behind enemy lines.

But Hoshita Shuichi was thinking that even if this mission was completed, it would be difficult for Konoha to win.

Especially if there is no full-scale war.

So what is the key?

"The Daimyo of the River Country?"

"No, it's the Third Kazekage of the Sand Village!"

"However, if we attack the Third Kazekage, there will be a risk of a full-scale war, so it's still the Daimyo of the River Country?"

Hoshita Shuichi grasped the key, but it had nothing to do with their current mission.

"Next, our shadow clones will sneak into the town to obtain intelligence, find the Sand Ninjas, and get rid of them as quickly as possible."

Minato Namikaze's plan was simple and crude.

The four of them each sent out their shadow clones.

After approaching the town, Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha turned into a wild cat and a raccoon cat respectively, and entered the town without attracting any attention.

As for Minato Namikaze and Sanyo Kurama, they used Flying Thunder God to take Sanyo Kurama into the town after Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha entered the town.

Then the four of them split up and went through the streets and alleys to look for traces of the Sand Ninjas.

Suddenly, Hideichi Hoshita stopped walking because he saw a shadow flash by.

He immediately jumped up and came to the roof. Sure enough, he saw a figure jumping and walking in the direction he came from.

Sand Ninja!

However, Hideichi Hoshita did not follow him. The trace of this Sand Ninja was too obvious.

And he was not good at illusion. The most suitable people to take action were Uchiha Shisui and others.

However, he could follow the trace of this Sand Ninja in the reverse direction to see if he could find other Sand Ninjas or the base of Sand Ninjas in the town.

Sure enough, after a while, Hideichi Hoshita determined that the base of Sand Ninjas was the manor in front of him through the traces and the conversations of some people in the surrounding towns.

This place happened to be in the center of the entire town.

Immediately, Hideichi Hoshita released the shadow clone.

Outside the town, when Hideichi Hoshita got the memory of the shadow clone, Minato Namikaze had already responded.

The Sand Ninja he had seen was the one captured by Minato Namikaze and Sanyo Kurama.

Now the intelligence is correct.

Without waiting for the response from Uchiha Shisui's shadow clone, Minato Namikaze put his hands on Uchiha Shisui and Sanyo Kurama, and Shuichi Hoshita also put his hand on Minato Namikaze's arm.

The next moment, the four disappeared from the spot, and when they reappeared, they were already in a woodshed, next to them was the Sand Ninja captured by Minato Namikaze, who had been dealt with, and next to them was the Flying Thunder God Kunai.

According to the intelligence, there are two Sand Ninja teams in this town, one led by a Jonin, and the other three are all Chunin.

The other is led by a Chunin, and the other three are all Genin.

The Jonin team is stationed in the manor and patrols regularly.

The Sand Ninja is out on patrol right now.

And the Chunin team was scattered in four directions of the town, guarding the four main roads.

At the same time, they were dressed as people of the town, not as ninjas.

"Leave the Sand Ninja's Jonin team to me. Shisui, Shuichi, and Sanyo, you are responsible for the Chunin team."

"Shisui is in charge of the Chunin, and Shuichi and Sanyo are in charge of the three Genin."

"Once I take action, there will be a lot of noise. At that time, the Chunin team will definitely make some moves, and then they will definitely be exposed."

Namikaze Minato gave the order.


Hoshita Shuichi and the other two nodded in unison, and then the four of them disappeared from the spot one after another.

After Hoshita Shuichi left, his figure immediately split into two, heading north and west respectively.

He had to deal with the two Genin in these two directions.

Soon, Hoshita Shuichi and the shadow clone arrived at the destination, and in the form of wild cats.

Looking around, he soon locked onto the target.

But Shuichi Hoshita did not move, but waited quietly.

After a while, a roar suddenly came from the center of the town.

The two people who were stared at by Shuichi Hoshita reacted immediately. After jumping onto the roof and seeing the billowing smoke in the center of the town, they immediately ran away.

Shuichi Hoshita and the shadow clone also took action immediately, suddenly rushing out from the side at a faster speed.


Blood splattered, and the two Sand Ninjas fell down with their necks covered, and they couldn't even see Shuichi Hoshita's face clearly.

After solving the two enemies, the shadow clone was immediately released, and Shuichi Hoshita went straight to the center of the town.

However, when he arrived, Minato Namikaze had already solved the battle.

Soon Uchiha Shisui and Kurama Sanyo also arrived, and they all successfully completed their respective goals.

"The next target is Shanliao Town!"

Ignoring the town in chaos, Minato Namikaze led Shuichi Hoshita and the other two to the next target.

When they arrived at Shanliao Town, Shuichi Hoshita and the others sneaked in in the same way to obtain intelligence.

Unlike Hegu Town, Shanliao Town has three Sand Ninja teams, all led by Jonin, and distributed in three locations in the town in the shape of a finished product.

And these three Sand Ninja teams set up the highest observation point to assist the patrol.

Shuichi Hoshita and the other four observed that even if they could quietly capture a patrolling Sand Ninja, they would be discovered at a very fast speed.

And if they raided one of the bases, the other two bases would react quickly and would definitely arrive within one or two minutes.

Obviously, the two teams deployed in Hegu Town were for early warning.

Now Shuichi Hoshita and the other four were facing at least three Jonin.

After finding out the external intelligence, Minato Namikaze hid in a room and ordered: "Next, split into two groups, Shisui, you and Shuichi; Sanyo and I will be together."

"Sanyo and I will raid the Sand Ninja team in the east, Shisui, Shuichi, you will be responsible for intercepting the Sand Ninja team coming from the north."

Hoshita Shuichi and the other two nodded in unison: "Understood!"

This is going to be a blitzkrieg!

After the order was issued, the four people immediately split up.

Hoshita Shuichi and Uchiha Shisui used the transformation technique to transform into stray dogs and stray cats and came to the ambush site, and squatted by the garbage dump and waited quietly.

In less than three minutes, an explosion was heard from the east, and the people in the two Sand Ninja strongholds in the north and south moved suddenly and rushed to the east.

Hideichi Hoshita, who had turned into a stray dog, immediately stretched his body. When the Sand Ninja Team jumped over his head, he also moved suddenly, flying over the eaves and walls, and regained his human form the moment he jumped into the air.

Fire Style - Great Fireball Technique!

This was a fireball with a diameter of more than 5 meters, heading straight for the back of the Sand Ninja Team.

Almost at the same time, Uchiha Shisui, who came out from the right, was also a great fireball, and his great fireball was even bigger than that of Hideichi Hoshita.

"Be careful!"

The two Sand Ninjas at the end turned around, but the distance was too close, and it was too late to perform ninjutsu.

But they were not panicked, they swung their arms, and the kunai flew out with a detonating tag on it.


The detonating tag exploded, exploding the two great fireballs.

But the explosion at close range, the hot shock wave threw the two Sand Ninjas behind and fell to the ground, and another one also fell on the roof in a mess.

And the front ninja also stopped at this moment.

But the prepared Hoshita Shuichi and Uchiha Shisui were faster. Hoshita Shuichi used the chakra burst technique taught by Tsunade to kill the Sand Ninja who fell to the ground and cut off his head with a knife.

Uchiha Shisui's instant body technique was faster. The Sand Ninja who had just turned over met his eyes and was stunned for a moment. Then the knife flashed and a blood line appeared on his neck.

"Shuiyi, be careful!"

Uchiha Shisui shouted.

After Hoshita Shuichi killed one person, he looked up and saw that the Sand Ninja ninja finished the seal from above, his cheeks bulged, and he opened his mouth and spit, and a violent storm rose.


The friction of the airflow made a loud noise. There were wind blades hidden in the storm. Wherever it passed, whether it was soil or wooden walls and buildings, it left traces like the falling of swords.

Hideichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha quickly dodged and hid behind the building.

The storm passed quickly, and a figure fell from the sky, slashing with a long sword, directly hitting Hideichi Hoshita's head.

At the critical moment, Hideichi Hoshita leaned aside to avoid the knife and drew his sword from his waist. He lowered his body and moved like a rabbit. He pounced out and swung the sword horizontally from right to left, directly hitting the enemy's abdomen.

At the same time, the blade of Hideichi Hoshita's Ame-no-Mura sword began to be quickly covered by blue light from beginning to end. The terrible high temperature distorted the air and light, and the extremely fast speed of swinging the sword caused a series of distorted afterimages.

The secret of A-level swordsmanship, Blue Flame Sky Blade!

The blue light covering the blade of the Ame-no-Mura sword is actually a high-pressure and high-temperature flame formed by the change of the nature of the fire escape chakra, with a temperature of up to 4000 degrees, which is also the limit of what Hoshita Shuichi can do at present.

At this moment, the Sand Ninja put away his sword to block, but because of the distortion of air and light, he misjudged the position of Hoshita Shuichi's blade.

The tail of the Ame-no-Mura sword cut through half of the blade of the Sand Ninja Tachi and swept through, then cut open the vest worn by the Sand Ninja, cut open the skin, internal organs, and spine, and split the waist in two.

Because the speed of the sword was too fast and the temperature of the sword was too high, no blood flowed out, and the Sand Ninja's body did not fall in two, but stood still with the sword.

Hoshita Shuichi did not look back and rushed straight to Uchiha Shisui.

At this moment, Uchiha Shisui used his unique instant body technique to deal with the Sand Ninja Jonin.

Seeing that Shuichi Hoshita came so quickly, the Sand Ninja Jonin was surprised: "How is it possible?"

Under the cover of his wind escape, Sunasuke, as a senior Chunin, completely took the initiative, but was defeated by this Konoha brat so quickly.

"These two Konoha brats are not simple..."

The Sand Ninja Jonin acted decisively, retreated and jumped into the sky, and quickly completed the seal, his chest bulged, and blew.

Wind escape-big breakthrough!

This is pure gust of wind, unlike the previous attack with wind blades.

There is no time to use complex seals in such a short time, and it will be interrupted.

Uchiha Shisui's instant clone is not afraid of such an attack, but the real body hidden in it is not, and it is blown away from the roof, so that other instant clones are also destroyed.

Hoshita Shuichi's chakra bursts under his feet, and he kills on the roof against the gust of wind.

The Sand Ninja jonin, whose figure was falling from the air, quickly formed a seal, but before the seal was completed, Shuichi Hoshita had already opened his mouth and spurted out a line of fire, and the flames expanded to form a flame bomb.

"This guy didn't form a seal!"

The Sand Ninja jonin was shocked again, but had to give up the seal and drew his sword. Wind escape chakra appeared on the blade and split the flame bomb.

However, Shuichi Hoshita raised one hand, and two shadow clones appeared, each holding a sky bush sword, and they all killed the Sand Ninja jonin who fell to the ground.

Uchiha Shisui also rushed up again, and the shuriken flew out with a whirlwind, interfering with the Sand Ninja jonin.

The Sand Ninja jonin blocked with his sword, and then fought with the three Shuichi Hoshita.

His speed was undoubtedly very fast, faster than Shuichi Hoshita, and the sword covered with wind escape chakra was also sharp and unmatched.

But at this moment, the Sand Ninja jonin felt very uncomfortable. His moves were obviously faster, but they were all blocked or avoided.

"Damn brat!"

The Sand Ninja jonin gritted his teeth, exposed a flaw, and took the opportunity to blow up one of Hoshita Shuichi's shadow clones. He then used the armor on his shoulder to block another clone's sword, but kicked the clone to pieces.

His left hand's wind escape chakra surged, and he actually caught Hoshita Shuichi's Ame-no-no-katana with his bare hands, and his right hand's katana went straight for Hoshita Shuichi.


Uchiha Shisui came to kill him, and this sword was blocked.

And Hoshita Shuichi's Ame-no-no-katana was quickly dyed with blue light at this moment, reflecting the faces of the three people into a light blue color.

Blue Flame Sky Blade!

The scorching temperature distorted the air, and the pupils of the Sand Ninja Jounin dilated rapidly. Just as he was about to retreat, the Ame-no-Mura sword had already broken the wind escape chakra on his hand and cut his palm in half.

Screaming, the Sand Ninja Jounin retreated, but Uchiha Shisui and Hoshita Shuichi rushed in one after another, with continuous sword flashes.

Ding-dong-dong, sparks flew everywhere.

After blocking several swords of Uchiha Shisui, the Sand Ninja Jounin's sword was split in two by the Ame-no-Mura sword.

Uchiha Shisui took the opportunity to cut the vest of the Sand Ninja Jounin with a sword in the chest, but he was also kicked away by the angry Sand Ninja Jounin.

Ignoring Uchiha Shisui who flew backwards from his side, Hoshita Shuichi rushed in and cut off the short sword that the Sand Ninja Jounin blocked again with a sword, cut off his right arm, and then cut his throat with a sword.

The Sand Ninja Jonin stared at the panting Hoshita Shuichi with wide eyes, fell down unwillingly, and his body was split in two.

"Shisui, are you okay?"

Hoshita Shuichi turned his head and asked.

Uchiha Shisui shook his head while holding his stomach.

The kick just now almost made him suffocate. At that time, his eyes saw the action clearly, but the speed was too fast, and he couldn't avoid it because of the knife.

As expected of a Jonin!

At this time, Namikaze Minato appeared with Kurama Sanyo, but he used the Flying Thunder God Kunai on Hoshita Shuichi and others to teleport directly.

Seeing that the enemies were all solved, Namikaze Minato was surprised at first, and then praised sincerely: "Well done!"

"But, Shuichi, your chakra..."

Hoshita Shuichi put away the knife, and then made a seal with both hands: "Don't worry, Minato teacher, it's not a problem!"

As soon as the voice fell, he untied the Yin seal that had not been completed.

Chakra stored for half a year flowed out from his forehead, moistening his dry body.

But this also meant that the Yin Seal that Shuichi Hoshita had worked hard for half a year was gone, and he needed to start over.

But he used the Yin Seal just for this moment, so he didn't feel sorry at all.

"Teacher Minato, the Sand Ninjas are coming!"

Kurama Sanyo reminded.

Shuichi Hoshita and others looked up and saw four Sand Ninjas chasing them.

The Sand Ninjas' rescue speed was faster than expected. Minato Namikaze and Sanyo Kurama had dealt with the enemy before, and the Sand Ninja team in the south arrived.

Because he was worried about Shuichi Hoshita and Shisui Uchiha, Minato Namikaze and Sanyo Kurama retreated after just a brief encounter with the enemy.

However, when the Sand Ninja Team approached and saw the situation here, the leading jonin ordered without hesitation: "Retreat!"

Both teams were eliminated in such a short time. The strength of this Konoha team is far beyond imagination!