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As Eldest Young Lady of Hyuga Clan, Hinata feels that she has done very successfully.

Whether it is aristocratic etiquette, or Chakra, Gentle Fist training, Hinata believes that he has been impeccable.

Although hidden in this 5 years old little loli body, it is the soul of an adult.

After sneaking back home, Hinata immediately turned into a good girl, and every move, if you let others see it, would definitely be able to bear praise: Truly worthy of Hyuga Clan's Eldest Young Lady.

Walking on the wooden cloister with short legs, Hinata is preparing to secretly return to his room, a shadow dropping from the sky, which makes Hinata feel refreshed on this hot summer day.

You are a ghost!

Secretly ran out to play, and was caught by the old ghost Hyuga Hiashi.

Isn't Mother pregnant?

Haven't you always wanted to have a boy?

You don't go with Mother, staring at the old every day... what is the case of the old lady?

Are you a fetish?

Hinata was short, and he could not see Hyuga Hiashi's face anyway without looking up.

Hinata was about to go around, a big hand suddenly pressed on Hinata's small head, a majestic voice came from top to bottom: "Run out to play again?"

After all, it is Konoha!

The transmigrated Hinata is still curious about Hidden Leaf Village.

Especially, Ramen Ichiraku, a yellow-haired Naruto who advertises every day, does not know whether it is delicious or not.

"Ah! Father!"

Hinata's small face is as serious as Hyuga Hiashi's, and the etiquette is very standard. There is no embarrassment that she ran out to play secretly and was caught by her parents.


Hyuga Hiashi complied, looking towards Hinata who has not reached his waist, disappointed.

Of course he was not disappointed with Hinata. Since teaching Hinata Chakra and Gentle Fist training, Hyuga Hiashi has lamented more than once, how good Hinata would be if he were a child.

Yep! Hinata has thought about this problem more than once.

At the beginning of transmigrated, Hinata made 3 wishes to a God.

First, transmigrated to Naruto World.

Second, own Tenseigan.

Third, having a casual training, you can amazingly beat Uchiha Madara's super innate talent.

All of Hinata's wishes were undoubtedly fulfilled.

Came to Naruto World and became Hyuga Main House. As long as strength is enough, Byakugan can automatically evolve into Tenseigan. Training innate talent is even more explosive. Hyuga Neji, known as genius, is subordinate.

But it was transmigrated to Hyuga Hinata!


As for why I wish Tenseigan, instead of the more cool Sharingan and Rinnegan, it is of course because Tenseigan is more powerful.

Not to mention that Tenseigan has Byakugan's super clear Sight Ability, Tenseigan's various Dojutsu, and Tenseigan's Chakra mode.

Let's say Truth-Seeking Ball in Tenseigan mode is already invincible heaven defying.

End abuse Naruto and 2 less!

Hyuga Hiashi will not be too strict about Hinata sneaking out to play. Can he not know that Hinata sneaking out?

Every time I go out, it's a good way to be secretly protected by guards!

I am Eldest Young Lady of dignified Hyuga Clan, The head of the family in the future.

In this strength-respected world, innate talent can be arbitrary.

It is not the timid and timid waste material Eldest Young Lady in the original work, now the Hinata, but it is known as'Hyuga genius Eldest Young Lady'.

Seeing that her genius daughter was fine, Hyuga Hiashi walked past Hinata indifferently. He is going to accompany his wife, begging that the second child is a boy.

A solemn voice came softly: "After dinner I came to me."

"Okay, Father!"

son-of-a-bitch! This old bastard is going to abuse me this little pitiful again.

Humph! When I grow up, I have to let you know what a fist is like a sandbag.

Just after turning a corner, Hinata discovered that a little boy was hiding in the corner to peep.

Hyuga Neji!

Hyuga Neji is now Hinata's little guard with Benga. The relationship between the two is super good.

As for the Cloud Ninja kidnapping incident in original work, as a transmigrator, how can it be tolerated?

During the period when Hidden Cloud came to Konoha to negotiate, Hinata followed Hyuga Hiashi every day, fearing that he would be kidnapped.

From beginning to end, Cloud Ninja didn't even have a chance!

Cloud Ninja has kidnapped others. A little demon in Branch House hasn't grown a'caged bird'. It was originally taken out of Konoha, but was finally rescued by Ninja and Konoha Anbu of Hyuga Clan.

As for Hyuga Neji.

From the first meeting, he was sprouted by Hinata and became a loyal sister.

Hinata beckoned, Hyuga Neji immediately ran upside down, and thought: "Hinata Young Lady, Hiashi Lord did not scold you?"

Although I was a little dissatisfied with the name'Hinata Young Lady', the first time I heard it, the whole body had pimples.

After all, in the previous life of Hinata,'Young Lady' is not a good name.

But after so long, Hinata is used to it.

"It's okay!" Hinata raised her head and said with a smile: "Father won't eat me again."

Seeing Hinata's smiley face, Neji very red little face, murmured not knowing what to say.

Not saved, this child!

However, this should be the protagonist's due treatment!

Although... it's a female protagonist!

However, according to common sense, the treatment of female protagonists is that no matter whether it is male lead or male match, they have no brains to like female protagonist.

The female protagonist provokes trouble, and there are countless male leads and male partners to help deal with it.

Yep! I really was the life of a protagonist.

As long as it is a protagonist, even a female protagonist will recognize it.

It was almost dinner time, and Hinata said goodbye to Neji and returned to her little room, lying on the bed with her head, and relaxed all over her body.


Sure enough, this property is suitable for me. Save the world and so on, and let Naruto and 2 be better.

Little Hinata played soy sauce all over, and occasionally encouraged Naruto to wait for the world to be saved.

As long as Tenseigan is turned on, with the ability of self-preservation, who still cares about the Heaven and Earth turning upside down played by Ninja World!

The reason why Hinata ran out secretly was to find a small yellow Fox.

In original work, Hinata and Little Huang Mao are official CPs.

This life is nowhere to be found, so I have to compensate others.

Sakura followed 2 less, and now Hinata is gone, it is estimated that Naruto will fight for a lifetime bachelor in this life.

Anyway, Naruto's ideal is to become a Hokage man, Fifth-Hokage is not Tsunade! Become a Tsunade man!

'噔 噔 !! '

After spending an hour in bed with salted fish, a knock on the door rang.

"Come in!"

The maid pushed the door in, put Hinata's dinner on the table, and bowed: "Hinata Young Lady, dinner time is up."

Why does Hinata desperately act in front of Hyuga Hiashi?

Not for the sake of being an Eldest Young Lady.

Although sometimes training is quite tiring, when it is not training, it is really Princess treatment.

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