1 Chapter- Light in the sky

'I wish to be free.. free from this world, the light, and everything I hate..'

Long ago, before the world had actual form, before time was a concept to humans, when survival was all that humans wish for. The dark clouds of the endless sky would crack open. The light so beautiful that came from the sky, it drew many in its hypnotic glow that blotted out the darkness. Two lights fell, one of vibrant and beautiful green. The other was brilliantly white and oppressive, crashing to the earth below as tribes of men sought out the green sky fire.

'It hurts.. It hurts.' In the wasteland of nothing but grayish rock, black water, and never-ending storms. A figure could be seen moving, their feet unbalanced, shaking as they fell to their knees, pulling out a stone knife from their stomach as they groaned in pain.

"Water.. I need water." The beings hands pressed into the dirt, squeezing it while the clumps of sand stuck underneath their nails, the swaying of their long black hair mixed with the darkness of the sky while they pushed themselves from the ground to find something to fill their thirst.

The steps within the mud of the ground, stretched out in a staggered line of footsteps, the beings will pushing them forward, yet each step was more painful than the last. The cracking of wind splitting the being's lips as they tried to lick them, Heat seemed to rise from the ground as their sweat built up along the beings forehead until they could no longer walk. Falling to the ground, the world a myriad of Darkness, their head hitting the sand below with a splash.

"Water..WATER!!" The mud covered the blackness of the person's hair, messy and loose it was as they laid within a large pit. The stinging of his lips began to soften, his tongue falling out to the muddy liquid below his cheek, his mouth falling as he pressed his face into it, lapping up the disgusting dark water.

The bottom of his jaw was covered in mud, dripping equally with the dirt covering his hair, the air being pulled into his lungs halted for a moment as he looked out in front of himself. His eyes looked at a vast space, which his eyes had never seen the like of before but at its center, there was a small lagoon, the stress of his pupil tightened as he looked out with reverie, his knees sliding along the ground as he pushed his face into the water.

Minutes seemed to move like hours, his mouth unendingly moving to bring more water in, almost as if to drown himself within the liquid heaven. Still no matter how much he drank, his thirst was never satisfied, his throat never finding solace in that this was enough. His mouth letting out pained crys, his eyes looking at his stomach that seemed to have opened, now to the point that his guts would fall out. The world around him fading in and out while his head tried to lean forward once more, only to fall back into the muddy hell behind himself.

"Haue ahht urva" (Water, it is found) The world that seemed black, blurred the sides of the man's vision, his mind working overtime as he could hear the faint whispers of men around him.

His back still laying in the mud as he tried to move his head, the pain throughout his body gone, but the weakness of his limbs still carried the weight of mountains. Pushing himself to lift his head, looking at the source of the sound, at the shore of either side of him, men in bear cloaks, squatted down as they looked at the water.

"Yov haoke untra." (You've done well rat.) The man heard another voice, this one closer than the others as his eyes looked up, they fixed onto a bald muscular man with a thick black beard, one of his eyes was missing with a long scar, and his skin was now aged beyond his youth, but he still gave off a superior air. The man's hand rubbing through the young mans hair on the ground as he spoke.

"Au muha alava ura" (Now go back, tell them I have saved the village.) The man had a serious face, standing as he kicked the young man on the ground slightly, giving him an order while he walked to the other men.

'It is more of the same.' The man found more strength, hearing the words of this bald man, his body lifting as he thought on the matter.

The bald man was a warrior, known as thragg, also the young man's father. The man had lusted in a raid, and r*ped his mother, having him before she was used by the other men in this tribe until taking her own life. He had beat, cut, and even tried to kill the young man many times. Taking claim over his kills, his woman, and his strategies many times over. The very reason why the young man was laying in the dirt now, was because of him using the man as live bait.

'No more..' The young man thought, lifting his body to sit as he watched the men drink and laugh. Their hands having left their spears on the ground, while the young man's muscles seemed to flex, the world moving as if a blur as he launched towards them.

"Erah!" (What!) One of the men yelled, his face covered in blood as he watched a spear come from the back of the man's head next to him. His body tried to fall back, only for a grip beyond his understanding to hold the back of his head, slamming it into the spear through his eye.

"So you lost your mind. Still that was pretty impressive, rat." The man thragg, spoke to the young man, his body already moving a good distance away as he looked at the men dead on the ground. His hand dragging the spear lightly into the mud, his face full of amusement as he looked on at his son.

The young man said nothing, his eyes looking at his hands. They were now caked in blood, but that's not what he was truly looking at. From a young child, he was never the strongest, even if he had more stamina than anyone in the tribe, it was the very reason he was looked down on by his tribe and his own mate.

His hands did not shake, for some reason they were calm, his eyes did not stress, they were focused, the pounding within his chest he used to feel was now calm, and still something deep down was not satisfied. It was calm to the point of chilling as he ripped the spear from the back of the man's skull, swiping it low as his father struck at his back while he turned away.

A groan left the man's lips as he was cut in the leg, his spear lashing out at great speed, ignoring the pain, and stepped into the young man's guard. His spear aimed for the young man's heart, but was caught by him instead, thragg's eyes widen from being unable to pull the spear from his grip. His eyes popping ever so slightly as a pain shot through his neck. The distance was to close for a spear now, the young man without remorse took advantage of this, pulling his father close as he latched on to his neck with all his strength.

Thragg felt fire enter his veins, the gushing of his blood pulsed out from his neck, but his eyes could only watch as the flesh was dug into deeper, his fist punching at the young man, the sound of the strikes thundering across the ground. Yet no matter the force the crushing continued, until the young man twisted, the sound of a sickening crack rang out as thragg's neck was twisted out of place.

"A waste of flesh.." The young man said, his eyes looking at his father who fell slowly, the blurring of bloodshot edges could be seen looking back at him for a moment. Shocked seemed to be the look on thragg's face, unable to the end to know how this happened.

Still, it didn't stop, his mouth full of blood that made him spit, falling to his knees once more, his hands cupping the water slowly as he brought it to his lips. The darkness of the night set in even more, the fatigue of killing slowly seeping in, his eyes growing heavy as the world became black once more.

'You are weak.. but you did good, keep drinking, you may have my power.. or be consumed by it.'

The sounds of whispers wrapped within the wind, spoke out as the young man laid in the mud, disappearing with a laugh as it faded into nothingness.

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