KnB: Template System

A man transmigrated into the world of Kuroko's Basketball with a System. ================================ Hello readers. It's my first time writing something so expect a lot of mistakes and error as I improve my writing skills along the way.

sixT9 · Anime & Comics
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Hello guys!! Author here.

Thank you to all your support. I'm grateful for your support since day one. Especially since this was my first ever book. So Imagine my shocked when all of the sudden, my story, which I only do for fun became so popular to you guys that I even make it to the top 20 or 10 of the power rankings. So for all of that, I deeply appreciate the love and support that you guys bring to my book.

But sadly, with me being busy with my work, I don't have anytime to write. And even if I have some time after work, but it's not really enough for me to be able to continue writing since I'm already tired after that.

Even though I hate to say this but sadly for me, this book will be on an indefinite hiatus. I don't know if when will I resume or even if I can continue this book.

I'm just grateful for the opportunity you guys given me to be able to present you a story that I have concocted in my head. Even though I know some of you was already getting bored of reading my book, you still continues to do so. For that I'm thankful.

Just know that I didn't stop this book because of the criticism that I received. It's just that I just didn't have more time to be able to give you guys a satisfactory story. And I don't know if you guys noticed, but my last chapters wasn't really thought out. I just write what comes to my mind without even thinking about how the story will progress.

It's not really my intention to write the complete match between Seirin and Too. But maybe I unconsciously write the whole game because at first I wanted it to be a learning experience for Seirin after their match with Too just like in the anime. But I want it so that in the last minutes of the game, Kagami will be able to at least have the concept of the Zone so that they would be able to bring it to the Interhigh Tournament.

My plan on the Interhigh was that Seirin will matchup against Rakuzan and I will make so that Kuroko will develop his Quasi Emperor Eye before the Winter Cup. Actually the arc I was so excited to be able to write was the Winter Cup. My plan was that tge Interhigh Tournament will be a learning phase for all the teams involved so that when it comes to the Winter Cup they would be on their best possible state.

I even plan to make Ichigo injured in the Interhigh as they go against Murasakibara and his team. And it will be the same as in the anime where Too and Rakuzan will meet again in the finals. That will be a game that will be the turning point for the whole story. Because it won't matter who wins that game, it will be an learning experience for both Aomine and Akashi.

But sadly, I don't know of I can get to that point. But if I can have more time next year, I may rewrite this story. I'm not really happy with how I paced my story. So if I have the time, I will rewrite the book. But I won't make promises, I don't know if I can have the time and motivation for that. But I still love writing so there's a high chance that I will get back to writing.

And that's all it was there is to it, I still don't know if I can continue the book or I might rewrite it. But for now, it's still in the air if I will be able to write again.

But if you wante to continue or rewrite the whole story, just comment here and I will try to read all you comments.

Even though I won't be sure if I can write again, but in the chance that I'm going to get back to writing, your comments will have a big influence in my decision.

That's all. I appreciate all the love and support that you gave me and my book. But unfortunately it will be discontinued for now.

sixT9 here saying goodbye and see you next time!!🤗🤗🤗