Kiss Me Not

Excerpt: "Just strip, will you.." Hearing her command, he smiled viciously. Stepping closer to her, he whispered, "Why don't you do the honors and satisfy yourself? This body and my whole existence are now all yours!" *Book 1: Kiss Me Not, My Prince* (Completed - Chapters 1 to 273) Brione Yu was a successful model/actor with philemaphobia (fear of kissing). She had everything one could ever dream of, but her world crumbled when she lost the most important person in her life. He was not only her best friend but also the man she loved with all her heart. While she spent her days missing him and longing for him, she had an unexpected encounter with a recluse Prince who resembled her best friend substantially. Though their characters were contradictory, he reminded her of the man she loved every time she set her eyes on him. Was fate playing some kind of cruel game with her? Or was she being played by the Prince? ********************************** Book 2: Kiss Me Not, My Princess (completed - Chapters 274 to 382) “You took all my firsts, so take responsibility for it.” Did she hear it right? This was the height of shamelessness! “Your firsts? What about me then? You took all my firsts away!” “And I’m willing to take responsibility, my Princess.” he firmly stated with a devilish smile on his face. Kimmy was a Princess who ran away from an arranged marriage her mother set up for her. Years passed, and she came home with a broken heart. On her return home, she met the man she was supposed to marry. The man who surprisingly could make Kimmy's body tremble with desire for him. But, what would happen if the first love she used to chase before showed up before her just as she was about to move on? Who would the Princess choose to spend the rest of her life with? =========== Other Books: The Crown's Entrapment (in writing) The Untamed: Game of Hearts (completed) The CEO Who Hates Me (completed) The General Who Hates Me (completed) The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed) The Law of Attraction (completed) contact me at: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PNGkTUy twitter: @EUSTOMA_reyna instagram: eustoma_reyna Facebook Page: @eustoma.reyna **** PS: Commissioned Book Cover owned by the Author! Do not use it!

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382 Chs

Isn’t just a simple request

At Derhan Palace.

Will felt tired after having done an overtime meeting with Gavin and the rest of his constituents. He looked at his wristwatch and sighed.

"Dinner?" Gavin asked. 

Will shook his head as he politely refused, "I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but I need to go home."

Gavin gave him a teasing grin, "Looks like you're really taking it seriously… Hmm, I haven't  seen you this dedicated ever since I knew you, Will."

Will frowned as he looked around. Upon making sure that everyone in the room had already left except for him and Gavin, he mumbled, "This is Brione's fault. Why are you teasing me about it? How many times do I have to say that I'm only doing Olivia a favor?"

Gavin chuckled, "And why are you so defensive? I just said that you're too dedicated to honoring that favor. I honestly admire and salute you for that…"

Will pouted. He was sure that Gavin was teasing him like Brione, even though he wasn't the one who started it.