Kingdom of Isles: Mark of the Dragon Book

novel - Fantasy

Kingdom of Isles: Mark of the Dragon

Nia Lesk

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  • 50 Chs

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‘Dragons round the wold shall fly till two born marks see eye to eye’ Tris knows the prophecy all too well. The Kingdom of Isles is no stranger to dragons, but she doesn’t see a reason to fear them like everyone else does. In fact, Tris feels drawn to the powerful creatures. If only Prince Dominick, her childhood friend and boyfriend, felt the same. While Tris wants to protect the creatures, Nick has been raised to destroy them. After finding a baby dragon, Tris is introduced to an Isle full of them. She also discovers that some are actually shifters; humans with the ability to turn into dragons. Amid the confusion of discovery, Queen Sandra is plotting to overthrow the Kingdom by using the creatures’ powers in her favor. Will Tris be able to save the Kingdom while keeping the love of her life safe? Will she stay by Nick’s side as secrets of his family are revealed? Kingdom of Isles: Mark of the Dragon is created by Nia Lesk, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.