Kingdom: Dragon General of Heaven

Follow trough the journey of Long Lingxu to become a dragon among mans to conquer China

Dragonic_Tamer · Anime & Comics
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33 Chs


Hey beautiful and Handsome reader, its me Dragon_Tamer, I've been busy for the past 2-3 days and haven't been able to wrote anything, trying to, but my mind has been bundled up together.

I've been getting f'up with the Collage exams and IDK the english word but its called "skripsi" in my language so there is that.

And I also did a part time job which making it more and more harder for me to spend some time to sit my butts down and wrote something I can even call decent

so I decided to take some full month hiatus until my end year something in english idk skripsi end and have more time to wrote down anything else

Sorry for the late notice, I will try my best as to not dissapoint you guys like any other Kingdom fics so yeah

Danke, thanks, Terima kasih, Arigatou, Xiexie to all the readers who have been supporting me

Dragon_Tamer, Kingdom: Dragon General of Hevaens will be on hiatus until 18 of June 2024